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Smart workplaces

Make the most of your space – and your teams – with our innovative digital office solutions.

Smart workplaces

Make the most of your space – and your teams – with our innovative digital office solutions.

It’s your office. It should work for you.

Let’s face it: space is expensive. You don’t want to be paying for offices you don’t need, meeting rooms that stand empty or even desk space that’s not being utilised. That’s where the Jigsaw24 AV team come in. We can help you optimise your systems and spaces to support not only the functionality you need, but the narrative you’re trying to deliver. We’ll work with interior design, furniture and fabrication partners to take a holistic approach to developing your environment – whatever’s needed to help you and your company communicate with creativity and clarity, even when you’re supporting a mixture of in-office and remote workers.

Because our expertise encompasses large-scale networking and infrastructure, cross-platform integration, and cutting-edge media solutions, we’re able to provide solutions for a wide range of scenarios. These include: meeting room AV, collaboration systems, immersive spaces, unique large-scale displays, event and ‘town hall’ meeting spaces, remote video workflows, acoustic design and studio AV, colour accurate projection, and networked display systems. Whatever you need to make your spaces work harder and smarter, we’re here to help.

Improve room utilisation with smart booking and tracking

Our intelligent solutions for room booking, usage tracking and desk assignments can help you ensure you’re getting the most out of every space you own. From digital receptions that show new arrivals where they can find a free hot desk, to in-room controls for everything from catering to cleaning, right through to bespoke video conferencing solutions to ease collaboration with remote teams, we can help you make your spaces safe and efficient.

Our unique, modular system is designed to ensure you get all the functionality you need on a single, integrated system, with one point of contact for all your billing and support. Rather than juggling multiple vendors, you can rely on our experienced team for solutions including visitor management, room booking, way finding, hot desk booking and management, networked signage and smart lockers. Don’t need all that functionality yet? Don’t worry – you can start small and add additional features as your business expands.

Bring people closer with video conferencing tailored to your team

Video conferencing has become an indispensable part of the way we do business. But the quick fix you found at the start of lock down is unlikely to be a solid long-term fit – instead, you need a solution that matches your company’s culture and specific needs. Are your calls between individuals or groups? Do you need to handle huge amounts of media? Will key projects require advanced security?

In the past, finding a partner to guide you through this process has been a struggle, as traditional IT companies rarely understand how to deliver audio and video, and media companies can lack networking expertise. Our engineering team includes veterans from both the media and corporate IT worlds, and can work with you to deliver audio and video over IP to any platform you require.

Share data more beautifully with networked digital signage

Our approach to networked displays is unique. Because of our long association with Apple technology and the media industry, we’re perfectly equipped to offer a new perspective on your approach to signage, using technologies you may not have previously considered to create a solution that’s engaging but cost-efficient.

We have automated tools that allow you to visualise your data sources – social media feeds, statistical data, sales figures, intranet content – so that you can communicate challenges and successes to your whole business. Engaging employees from all the teams across your organisation not only helps them pull together – it also means that there's relevant info on the screens all the time, rather than a loop of outdated promo.


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Ready to get connected?

Our team of tech experts is here to help.

Ready to get connected?

Our team of tech experts is here to help.