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End user compute

Choosing the best devices for your users should be a big decision, not a difficult one.

End user compute

Choosing the best devices for your users should be a big decision, not a difficult one.

All roads lead to Rome

In any business, each role is different and every person unique. Giving your users the most appropriate technology for them is hugely beneficial to all involved, as it allows them to stay productive while ensuring you get maximum ROI from devices. Modern workplaces are home to products from all manner of manufacturers, and with hybrid estates increasingly important, it’s vital to ensure every device is fully secure and managed properly – giving your business a cohesive approach to deployment, integration and supervision. We work with partners including Apple, HP and Microsoft Surface to deploy secure devices that protect your users and your data, meaning you enjoy not only great technology but also peace of mind.

The flexibility you need

Our Device as a Service offer makes it easier to get the equipment, services and support you need on terms that suit your business. In one package, you get to take advantage of an opex friendly purchasing model that frees up your working capital while paying less up front to invest in amazing devices like Mac notebooks. It’s a unique solution with built-in flexibility, allowing you to scale your estate up or down as you need while also avoiding technology obsolescence. 

The perfect technology makes the perfect investment

By picking technology products with higher residual values, you can reduce your total cost of ownership as well as getting the most out of them during their lifetime. Apple, Microsoft Surface and HP Elite series devices, for example, can offer big savings through things like extra longevity and increased reliability to help improve the total economic impact of your business’s IT estate. Our specialist consultants can work with you to find the perfect technology, both for right now and to provide the most value when it’s time to responsibly retire and recycle them later.

Ready to scale

As your business grows, your technology should grow with it. And when big projects end or your priorities change, it’s good to be able to adapt. We can help you scale your IT up or down, with everything from consultancy on what technologies to adopt to device management across your whole estate. Thanks to our strong relationships with partners, we can provide the solution you need at speed – and scale.

The services to match

It’s one thing getting the best tech. Having the best support is essential for every business. We can provide it all as one, with a wide range of services to add value to your deployment. From hardware maintenance to keep your devices running smoothly to device management and ITIL services, our experts combine their passion for business technology with the knowhow that comes with nearly 30 years’ experience.

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Ready to get productive?

Our team of tech experts is here to help.

Ready to get productive?

Our team of tech experts is here to help.