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Solutions & Services

Whether you’re looking to deploy Apple in your business, increase digital collaboration in your workplace or improve your IT infrastructure, our solutions have got you covered. They’re delivered by experts who’ve worked in your field and are passionate about helping your business meet its objectives with technology. Read more


We help businesses, creatives, educational institutions and public sector bodies to improve their performance through better sustainable technology and expert services, support and sales. Find out more about the people and organisations we’re proud to work with. Read more


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Better technology to help your employees do their best work.

From A to Z for your company IT

The world of workplace technology never stands still. Neither do we. By providing the right equipment, software and services, we can help equip your teams with the perfect tools and give you everything you need to boost productivity, improve collaboration and enable more efficient working. It’s something we’ve been doing for nearly 30 years.

View of people working in an office with computer equipment

End user compute

End user computing is at the heart of our business, just like always. Because we believe choice is paramount, we offer solutions across every platform. Apple remains our most common deployment, with Mac, iPhone and iPad incredibly popular – but we are also experts when it comes to all things Windows, and partnerships with the likes of HP allow us to enable employee choice in your organisation. Our managed services can take care of every aspect of your device deployment, administration, management and support, and our experts can consult on new projects, help orchestrate an integration into your existing estate, or make recommendations on common end user groups, too.

User productivity

Our experts have the knowhow to help you find the right software to reduce inefficiency and improve your bottom line. Whether you want to digitise paper-based processes or harness new ways of working, we can provide tools from the likes of Microsoft and Adobe that make collaboration and day to day tasks a dream. Our ability to deploy these tools as part of a complete solution alongside the devices that run them best is unrivalled.

Enterprise mobility

Remote working has become incredibly widespread of late, but we anticipated its rise long before the name COVID-19 had even been coined. It’s why we have comprehensive experience of delivering the best mobility setups that make the out-of-office experience as seamless as work on the premises while also ensuring devices remain entirely secure. From providing zero touch deployment of portable notebooks, tablets and smartphones to integrating leading device management and identity solutions like Jamf and Okta, we can do it all – and we have for years.


Powerful devices provide the pure performance your users need. We sell tailored, high-powered machines from Apple, HP and Dell, and we can tie in the software and services that help you maximise their value with ideal professional workflows. Our cost-effective solutions are perfect if you need the quickest, most dependable machines available with expert support that makes maintaining them simple.

Digital workplaces and collaboration

Our specialist audio visual team can create the ideal AV setup for your office locations. By combining our hardware, software, networking and cross-platform computing expertise, we can help you provide user-friendly environments with robust functionality. And if you’re currently enabling remote working or using a hybrid setup, our services can ensure you make the most of the very best equipment and software to improve video calls, meeting room setups and digital collaboration across your organisation.

Device as a Service

Our unique Device as a Service packages make it’s easier – and more affordable – to enjoy all the best technology, services and support your business needs. Flexibility is built in so you can scale your estate up or down as required, meaning you can always provide the right number of devices for your users. And with an opex friendly purchasing model that frees up your working capital, you can reduce your total cost of ownership and maximise your return on investment, too.

“To us, end user experiences should come first every time.” 

David Dudman, Services Director