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Solutions for colocation, collaboration, virtualisation and remote working.


Solutions for colocation, collaboration, virtualisation and remote working.

Can you afford to expand your facility?

Maintaining and expanding a facility is expensive. Rents are high, the power is unreliable and it can be difficult to keep up with demand when you don’t have the ability to grow your facility flexibly.

For years, hosted storage has been making it easier for companies to get the capacity and redundancy they need for less. Now, technology has evolved to the point where hosting your entire machine room, virtualising your key hardware and empowering editors to work remotely are all viable options for cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

With Via24, we're optimising our clients' connections to external data centres so they can capitalise on the latest technologies, including high speed long distance file transfer for final delivery. 

Via24 can help you:

Monetise more of your floorspace.

Support remote and on set editing.

Virtualise your key hardware.

Reduce power and cooling costs.

Expand your facility's capacity without increasing your rent.

Enable video over IP and PC over IP workflows.

Enable high speed, long distance file transfer for remote work or final delivery.



Via24 in action

PC over IP

Relocate your master control room (MCR) and workstations to a datacenter, and let an artist with a keyboard, display and mouse harness that power remotely, whether they're in your facility, on set or in an OB environment.

PC over IP allows you to: 

  • Make all suites multipurpose.
  • Reduce the size of suites, so you can fit more into your facility.
  • Relocate your MCR and monetise that floorspace.
  • Work from anywhere at any time with no change in the power and resources you have access to.


Move your MCR kit to our datacenter and suddenly you've got more revenue generating floorspace, aren't having to pay cooling costs and can expand your setup as much as you want without having to pay for more floorspace in Soho. Send us your kit to house, or upgrade your setup by leasing new equipment which we'll then host and manage for you. 

Colocation allows you to: 

  • Expand and upgrade your MCR without paying more rent.
  • Reduce running costs of your facility.
  • Monetise more of your floorspace.
  • Fast direct connection into cloud providers.
  • Use redundant power and diverse fibre connections to create a more disaster proof environment for your equipment.

Virtualise your hardware

We can help you connect your facility to physical kit in our datacenter, but we can also host virtualised servers, CPUs and GPUs that you can call on when needed, or provide on-premise virtualised kit at your facility. 

Virtualisation lets you: 

  • Access more resources on an as-needed basis.
  • Work more flexibly in multipurpose suites.
  • Increase your capabilities without needing any more floorspace.
  • Get the most out of hardware you have invested in and add computers without buying more hardware.

“Working with the Jigsaw24 support team is a world away from how we’ve found other providers. It’s been amazing. We trust the decisions that their team make.”

Tom Walker, Founder, Whitecoat

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