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Cloud services for remote production, post, storage and collaboration, all delivered via Jigsaw24.


Cloud services for remote production, post, storage and collaboration, all delivered via Jigsaw24.

Where’s the best place to open a new facility?

In the current landscape, the answer is: 
wherever it’s needed.

Remote working is becoming more important. Editing and grading on location is commonplace. Major projects are shuttled between multiple continents depending on what stage of post they’ve reached. All this means your team need access to resources from more locations than ever before, in more locations than ever before, making cloud applications and storage critical to your success.

Our Via24 cloud services are designed to give your team access to the cloud applications, storage and high speed file transfers that you need. Our experienced networking and infrastructure team can ensure your media is where it needs to be, delivered securely and managed effectively within your storage hierarchy. Whatever you need to achieve, we can help design and support a sustainable cloud workflow that keeps you ahead of the competition, regardless of location. 

Via24 can help you:

Support remote and on-set editing.

Virtualise your key hardware.

Reduce power and cooling costs.

Expand your facility's capacity without increasing your rent.

Enable video over IP and PC over IP workflows.

Enable high speed, long distance file transfer for remote work or final delivery.

Monetise more of your floorspace.

“Working with the Jigsaw24 support team is a world away from how we’ve found other providers. It’s been amazing. We trust the decisions that their team make.”

Tom Walker, Founder, Whitecoat

MCS24: Media Cloud Storage

MCS24 is a simple, fast and flexible way to access cloud storage. Moving your backups and archive projects to the cloud means you can make more efficient usage of your tier 1 storage, while our accelerated file transfers mean your media is easy to get hold of when you need it.

MCS24 includes:

  • Flexible storage delivered into your facility or premises.
  • File transfer acceleration to move your media more quickly.
  • Advice and guidance from media storage specialists.
  • Predictable sizing and capacity options to suit your business.

RPS24: Remote Production Services

Got great production facilities, but need access to them from remote locations? RPS24 makes your key resources available remotely, so you can work on projects in pop-up locations, collaborate with talent in other markets, and increase your capacity without increasing your footprint.

RPS24 includes:

  • Remote access to your production facility’s software.
  • Turnkey solutions for simple, straightforward editing.
  • Fully managed options for a more bespoke, tailored service.

VES24: Virtual Editing Service

Don’t let hardware limitations hold back your editors. With VES24 your team can access the best editing software remotely, without the need for expensive workstations. Set up lightweight edit stations on location or in pop-up facilities, or collaborate with talent from around the world – all they need is an internet connection.

VES24 includes:

  • Remote access to leading professional editing software.
  • Turnkey solutions for simple, straightforward editing.
  • Fully managed options for a more bespoke, tailored service.

CCM24: Cloud Control and Management

Managing multiple cloud applications and storage platforms can be a time-consuming technical nightmare. Projects and platforms have differing security requirements, costs and licensing types vary, and making sure you’re utilising what you have effectively takes up time your engineers could be spending advancing your facility. That’s why we’re offering CCM24: a managed service in which our experienced cloud services team take over the monitoring and management of your cloud resources, optimising utilisation and performance while you get on with delivering projects.

CCM24 includes:

  • Managed delivery of cloud applications to end users.
  • Dynamic resizing of workloads to ensure maximum performance from any platform in any application type or location.
  • Normalised pricing, and cost monitoring to make sure you’re always getting the most from your budget.
  • Licence management of public cloud storage, private clouds and cloud-based applications.

Trusted by Avid

Our experience with cloud workflows has seen us named the UK’s first Avid Cloud Partner.

Built on powerful virtual workstations and scalable storage hosted in Microsoft Azure, Avid | Edit on Demand lets you spin up post-production capabilities in any location, access them from anywhere, and shut them down quickly when the project’s complete, saving time and transportation costs.

As the UK’s Avid Cloud Partner, we’re able to provide unrivalled advice and support around cloud editorial workflows. Whether you want to send editors to set or need to support remote working at short notice, we can get your editors access to the creative tools they need.



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