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From long distance Dark Fibre to KVM connections to your machine room, our engineers have been there, done that and got the vendor certification.


From long distance Dark Fibre to KVM connections to your machine room, our engineers have been there, done that and got the vendor certification.

Networking is the most important part of your setup – without it nothing works – but it's also one of the most challenging. There are a huge number of options out there, each with their own benefits, challenges and interdependencies. 

We've been designing and installing networks for over 25 years, and our team have the practical experience needed to find you the right system, avoid common pitfalls and stay stable as you expand.

Because we know the industry can be unpredictable, we actively work to prevent vendor lock-in and over-reliance on standards which could become obsolete. Our goal is to deliver a future proof extensible networking solution that gives your facility room to grow. Get in touch to find out more.

Ask us about...

Baseband and IP networks for audio and video.

Dark and metro Fibre Channel networks.

KVM and PCoIP solutions.

Datacentre connectivity.

High performance remote workflows.

Make the most of your Ethernet network

In the last five years, Ethernet speeds have skyrocketed, replacing Fibre Channel as the de facto connection for high performance storage solutions from the likes of Avid, EditShare and Rohde & Schwarz.

As well as designing those high speed storage solutions, we can design and install your IP network itself, and help you customise your setup to enable video and audio over IP workflows. We can advise on setups that meet the latest SMPTE standards, or design you a system based around an industry staple like NewTek’s NDI protocol, AES67, Dante or Ravenna.

While many people make the move to an IP workflow as part of a major upgrade, this isn’t the only way – get in touch with the team to find out more about hybrid IP and baseband workflows, and how we can help you make the transition in a gradual, affordable way.

The changing face of Fibre connectivity

There’s still a very real need for Fibre networks: they offer speed and security for facilities that need to move large amounts of sensitive data quickly.

Most available Fibre networks are managed, which means you share the network with multiple companies and your available bandwidth is being dictated by a third party telecoms company. We can connect you to unlit, unmanaged Dark Fibre networks and show you how to light it, so you can make the most of Fibre’s speed, capacity and security.

We've already done this for some of the UK's biggest post houses (and our own offices), and can advise on multi-site workflows, data centre connectivity, remote grading and more. Take a look here for more about our Fibre managed services, or get in touch to book a live demo. 

Let us hook you up to KVM

KVM (otherwise known as PCoIP, PC over IP or ‘keyboard, video and mouse’), refers to the practice of replacing fixed workstations with a small ‘zero client’ computer. A user then plugs their preferred keyboard, monitors and control panels into the zero client, and uses that to connect to high-powered hardware in your machine room or an offsite datacentre, rather than a workstation in the suite itself.

This makes all your rooms multi-purpose, increases central control of resources, reduces endpoint hardware costs and allows you to relocate your hardware to a low rent area and use your more expensive spaces for revenue-generating work. It's also the cornerstone of many remote editing, grading and approval workflows – all of which we have experience with, if you'd like to start developing your remote offering. 

Because of our work with enterprise customers, our engineers have been working with KVM and virtualised hardware for far longer than those at other media companies, and can bring their considerable experience to bear on helping you find the perfect balance of local, remote, physical and virtualised systems.

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