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Storage and asset management

Your media. Wherever you need it. Whenever you need it.

Storage and asset management

Your media. Wherever you need it. Whenever you need it.

You’ve never needed more from your storage

More platforms. More versions. More effects. Higher resolutions. Tighter security. Today’s media landscape asks more of a facility’s storage than at any time before it, with secure, high performance storage required to handle the latest standards, and sophisticated file and media management systems needed to keep track of an increasing number of versions and localisations.

We’re here to help you organise your entire storage workflow, from online to archive, and make sure your assets are well managed. Our experts can handle every element of your storage project, from design through to installation and ongoing support. They’ll help you build an intelligent, future proof storage workflow that provides remote access to media, meets security standards and is optimised for your core software – even if you’re working with programmes that don’t officially qualify any storage system.

Know what you have. Know what you need.

Increasing storage capacity without incurring huge storage costs is a challenge for any facility. By auditing your storage practices and finding out where you could replace expensive online storage with nearline or even archive storage, you can make more effective use of your space and budget.

We can help you understand your media’s life cycle more clearly, and make recommendations for every stage. Whether you need high speed online storage, a secure archive, location-friendly cloud solutions or any other storage type, we have the expertise, experience and industry links you need to build and manage effective tiered storage. We’ll also help you find an asset management system that will complement and optimise your workflow, making it easier to track and reuse assets.

Alternatively, ask us about managed storage options, or about hosting your hardware in our datacentre.

Don’t compromise your clients’ security

Security is a vital part of any storage workflow. Internal permissions, file sharing practices and network security all go into making sure you’re meeting your clients' security requirements and IT best practices. We can help you keep content safe from bad actors, be they internal or external, and help you restrict and track the movement of material through your facility.

Working with OTTs or other non-traditional providers? They often have their own security standards. We’ve worked closely with facilities to help them meet new clients’ security requirements and find reliable solutions for moving data over the air or over networks – including hosting them on our own dark fibre network.

Consolidate cloud storage and spending

Cloud storage often looks cheap at first glance, but hidden fees and egress charges can mean you’re in for a nasty surprise when the bill arrives.

Our suite of cloud services is designed to simplify and consolidate your cloud storage – including public cloud storage, hosted storage and out of the box services like Avid on Demand and EditShare EFSv – into a single, simple, opex-friendly payment.

We’ll provide clear reporting and billing on your storage usage, and warn you of any anomalies so you can avoid unnecessary charges. We’ll even help you streamline your cloud workflow with tools like LucidLink, Leostream and more. Find out more about remote media workflows here

Why Jigsaw24?

With certifications from the like of Avid, EditShare, Quantum and Rohde & Schwarz, we’re experts in media storage, and our status as an Adobe Service Partner and Resolve Advanced Reseller means we’re trusted to find you the best storage possible – even by companies who don’t qualify storage themselves.

On top of that, we provide everything from cables to switches to the storage itself, meaning you get a turnkey solution that's preflighted, professionally installed, and all supported by one company – no time being passed between vendors, no threat of vendor lock-in, just reliable systems and support staff who know your set up inside out. Whatever standard you need to meet or agreement you need to honour, we have the answer.

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Ready to get organised?

Kick things off by telling our experts how much storage you need.

Ready to get organised?

Kick things off by telling our experts how much storage you need.