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Helping you put the best audio technologies to use for the most amazing results.


Helping you put the best audio technologies to use for the most amazing results.

All you need for the audio you want

In the music, live production and post-production worlds alike, enjoying the ideal audio results requires just the right combination of equipment and expertise. Our experienced engineers know how to enable the technologies and solutions it takes to strike exactly the balance you need. Whether you require Avid Pro Tools hardware and software, powerful macOS devices or HP workstations, DaVinci Resolve licences, shared storage solutions or even a custom-designed Dolby Atmos studio, we can help you achieve truly immersive sound.

Seamless editing and mixing

When it comes to editing and mixing, speed is of the essence. But creativity and sonic standards must never suffer – so you need a toolset that lets you manage every aspect of your audio quickly and accurately. Thanks to our strong relationships with vendors like Avid, Izotope, Yamaha and Blackmagic Design, we can provide control surfaces and equipment that help you manage loudness, spectral balance and dynamic range easily and seamlessly.

More accurate monitoring

If you can’t hear every little detail, how can you have confidence in every little detail? We’re able to help improve your monitoring experience with the latest technology from industry leaders like Focal, PMC, JBL, BSS, Crown, Avid and Focusrite. In fact, our audio specialists have designed, commissioned and calibrated critical monitoring environments at facilities all over the world – and they can ensure yours offers the volume, low distortion, transparency, detail and translatability you deserve, too. 

Creativity without compromise

No matter if you’re recording, sound designing, writing or creating, turning your ideas into reality should be exciting – and efficient. We can help you achieve high-quality capture with convenient setups and adaptability, so you’re able to focus on what really matters. Kit from manufacturers including Avid Pro Tools, Ableton, Izotope, Logic Pro, Sennheiser, Source Connect, Vanguard Microphones and Prism Sound are part of the puzzle. It’s our ability to recommend the right solutions for the perfect environment that completes the story.

Our unique advantage

If you’re looking for an audio partner, look no further. Our team’s unrivalled experience of delivering to national broadcasters, supporting large audio facilities and even being involved in making top 40 records means we’ll always understand what you need – and what technology will really be of benefit. We have a large support team, locations in Nottingham and Soho, and wider IT expertise across networking, shared storage, Apple products, so you can rely on us again and again.

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Ready to get productive?

Our team of tech experts is here to help.

Ready to get productive?

Our team of tech experts is here to help.