Device as a Service

One supplier for your hardware, software and support – a simpler approach to your device deployment

We may not be the best device managers in the country, but we’re in the top one*

Introducing any new technology into your organisation can be a time-consuming, high-touch process that takes up valuable IT resources. That’s why we’ve developed our managed device services: a series of solutions designed to get pre-configured, pre-staged devices deployed to your organisation, enrolled in our hosted, managed MDM solution and with your corporate apps pre-installed and managed – all without you having to retrain your tech team. That way, all you need to do is hit the power button.


Industry leading support with a single point of contact.


A single supplier for your hardware and software support.


A flexible approach that can change as your business grows.

Key benefits

A single supplier

All of your hardware, software and support is covered by one provider.

Simple monthly budgeting

With monthly payments and a clear roadmap of your device costs.

Flexible support

Support that's in line with your business growth and requirements.

Improved end user experience

There’s no difference in service levels for devices on different platforms, so all end users get the same great experience.

Improved security

All devices have the correct policies applied from the first time they’re turned on, out of the box.

No need for retraining

Save time and money by letting the experts handle your iOS devices – no need to retrain or hire new staff.

“Jigsaw24’s long term experience in the Apple market has benefited us, particularly when it comes to getting advice from the sales team. And their large technical support team means the downtime on any support calls is reduced.” 

Kevin Hopkins, Apple Supplier Relationship Manager, The University of Nottingham

Managed Mac devices

Our managed Mac device service provides and manages all the Apple hardware you need, including desktops and notebooks. You tell us what specifications your devices need, how you want them configured and what level of support you need, and our Apple-accredited team will deliver them to desk. This can include: Support with a dedicated point of contact; Device provision; Pre-staging and auto-enrolling into DEP and MDM; Hosted MDM or advice on in-house MDM; extended warranties and support, and end user training.

Managed iOS devices

Our managed iOS device services is designed to take complete care of any iPad or iPhone deployments in your organisation. We can configure the devices, pre-load applications and provide a level of support that’s catered to your needs. We’ll even provide a dedicated asset tracking app, training videos and reference documents for end users. This can include everything detailed in the Mac services listed above.

Managed repairs

With our managed repair service, you can skip the queues in the high street and cut out the hassle of booking in repairs by having us collect your faulty computers in bulk at regular intervals. We provide extended warranties for desktops, notebooks and iOS devices that cover the most common disaster scenarios and offer a high level of cover – we can even provide loan machines while your original device is in for repairs. Repairs are typically turned around within 3-5 working days, and you are invoiced monthly for ease of payment.



* For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a tribute to a well known Brian Clough quote, “I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one.”

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