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CDS24: Cloud and hosted services

We’ll help you stay prepared and save for a rainy day

CDS24: Cloud and hosted services

We’ll help you stay prepared and save for a rainy day

Keep your files secure and get complete peace of mind with our backup and cloud services. With Backup24, you can be reassured you’ll stay in working order even if the worst happens, without having to invest in expensive onsite storage and take on the additional space, power, cooling and staffing costs.

All your data is held in a UK data centre for easy recovery and near-constant uptime, so you can use our service even if you or your clients have legal constraints on the movement of their data. Plus, your drives are checked daily by one of our engineers, and should you have any questions or concerns our team are just a phone call away.

This can include...

Get complete peace of mind with Backup24, our managed backup service designed for creative users.

Cloud services including virtual servers and hosted apps.

Hosting of your physical servers at our site.

Benefits of cloud and hosted storage

Affordable backup

Our managed backup costs start from just £40 per TB and you only pay for what you need to use.

Anytime access

Access a physical, secured copy of your data whenever you need it – even if you just want to check up on it.

Opex model

Reclassify server costs as operating costs rather than capital expenditure, freeing up your budget.

UK-based Tier 2+ datacenter

Our servers are all UK-based, so we can help even if you or your clients have restrictions on the movement of data.

Reduced footprint

Reduce both your physical and environmental footprint (and reduce costs in the process) with offsite hosting.

Experienced team

Let our experienced team handle your hosting and free your team up to do what they do best, and focus on your core business.

"I don't have to worry about my data anymore, Jigsaw24 have got it covered. Backup24 lets me sleep at night."

Neil Rostance, Managing Director, Fat Free Media


Managing your backup can be frustrating, especially when anything goes wrong. So we developed our managed backup service, Backup24, for creatives who need secure, offsite protection for their intellectual property and digital media assets. With Backup24, you can leave everything with us – we’ll tell you if anything goes wrong, so you can carry on working without the management headache!

Cloud services

Moving to the cloud can significantly reduce your hardware investment. Once your servers are based off site, you no longer need space for them, or have to pay for power, cooling and maintenance. Your onsite IT staff don’t need to perform day to day management, and can concentrate on moving the business forward. We offer a range of cloud services, including virtual servers, hosted applications, proactive replacement and alerts when components fail.


As well as providing virtual servers and hosted applications, we can also host your physical servers at our site. You can mirror your current operation in a safe and secure environment, giving you greater flexibility in your strategies for disaster recovery, business continuity and future change. It can also reduce your physical and environmental footprint, if you’re looking to go green!

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