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Apple: Security comes first

Protection for your data and your privacy at every level – always. 

Apple: Security comes first

Protection for your data and your privacy at every level – always. 

A unique approach to security

Apple do things differently. And when it comes to security, they take things seriously too, with a unique approach that ensures hardware, software and systems are all safeguarded. That means Apple devices are more than just affordable to adopt, straightforward to deploy and great for productivity. They’re also the secure choice.

Protection as standard

Apple products ship with industry leading security features already built in. Whether it’s the T2 Security Chip that prevents malware from affecting your Mac while encrypting its data, the Secure Enclave in many later Apple products that keeps the main processor well isolated, or Touch ID and Face ID conveniently ensuring your devices don’t end up in the wrong hands, Apple hardware is packed full of ingenious functionality. You can start using your technology right away, safe in the knowledge no one else will be able to.

Systems that keep operating

Because Apple design the operating systems their devices use as well as their hardware, you get the benefits of an ecosystem carefully created with security at front of mind. FileVault 2 encrypts the entire drive on your Mac. Boot and runtime protections are included to maintain your device’s integrity on an ongoing basis. And best of all, free, regular upgrades to the latest operating systems will ensure they stay as secure as possible for the long term.

Software safe and sound

With Apple, you can rest assured your apps aren’t going to infiltrate your device – or worse still, your organisation and its data. For starters, all apps are downloaded from the thoroughly vetted App Store, or checked by Gatekeeper on Mac if installed from the internet. And if something somehow were to sneak through? App Sandbox on macOS restricts what your software can access, meaning any ill effects are safely contained.

Privacy as a priority

Apple know how much privacy matters, so they’ve made it one of their core values. Everything they create is designed to protect your personal and corporate information, and to limit the amount of data you need to provide them with, too. iMessage keeps texts visible only to the sender and receiver, and Maps and Siri associate your requests with a random identifier unconnected from your Apple ID. Apps in the App Store have to follow the strictest of guidelines and are also reviewed to make sure you always stay in full control of your data and your privacy.

Protection through integration

By integrating seamlessly with device management and identity and access management (IAM) software, Apple technology keeps every app and every user fully protected. Designed for Apple admins, Jamf’s industry leading solutions make it easy to oversee entire estates remotely and deploy restrictions in minutes, not hours. Meanwhile, Okta’s best-in-class IAM tools help employees access the tools they need via the cloud with multi-factor authentication for enhanced endpoint security.

Your security is our speciality

As an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, we offer all kinds of services, solutions and purchasing options to help you keep your devices and users secure – like:

  • Device management with Jamf that help you control every device in your estate, even if it goes missing.
  • Identity management solutions from Okta that make sure only approved people access your systems.
  • Networking solutions from Cisco Meraki that maintain both connectivity and the best level of security protections.

We’re here to give you the best experience possible. It’s Apple as it should be.

An Apple provider like no other

We can help make your use of Apple more affordable, productive and commercially successful than anyone else. After all, we’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years. We hold Apple’s top accreditations in enterprise and education, and we offer the widest range of Apple services available anywhere. Simply put? We’re an Apple provider like no other.

Begin your Apple journey

Let our specialists kick things off.

Begin your Apple journey

Let our specialists kick things off.