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Our professional IT services cover everything from consultancy and design, to installation and deployment, right through to repairs, training and backup. Get in touch with the team to find out what we can do for your specific workflow.

In a nutshell


Professional services to suit any workflow.


Everything from finding out what your business needs, to deploying the right kit, to top-notch repairs and support services.


Rental options so you're never without the right kit, plus Backup24 to keep all your files safe.

A chat about improving your IT

Strategy and discovery

Whether you need a deep analysis of your Apple estate, IT infrastructure and mobility lifecycle, or are trying to understand whether you’re ready for Apple adoption, we can provide strategy and discovery sessions to help get you started. Our expert consultants can provide advice on specific challenges to help you improve your business or creative workflow, during a workshop to assess your current setup and find out what can be done to improve it (tea and biscuits optional). When you’re finished, you’ll have clear recommendations for a strategy moving forward.

Designing the best kit for your workflow

Consultancy and design

Need help deploying and managing Apple equipment the way Apple intended it? Our consultants can help. Supporting thousands of Apple devices in organisations of various sizes and with various issues, chances are we’ve seen it all before so you needn’t be shy. We can advise on every aspect of your workflow and the hardware and software it relies on, as well as WiFi, networking and storage, helping you develop a workflow that’s protected against the future and any potential bottlenecks. We can build cross-platform systems to help with everything from content creation to delivery to backup, and provide the best possible tech support while we’re at it.

Getting you the kit you need fast and under control

Fulfilment and portals

As creative specialists and major stockists of Apple and creative IT products, we will ensure that all your hardware is delivered as part of the solution. We provide a range of purchasing and lifecycle management options that make the fulfilment process simple, including purchasing frameworks and bespoke portals featuring the custom-built workstations and equipment bundles that you buy most regularly. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza online, and almost as satisfying.

Putting together and testing your kit

Configuration, testing and pre-staging

To enable organisations to stay competitive while upgrading their technology, we can arrange pre-flighting, testing and configuration to ensure your technology arrives ready to go. For iOS and macOS devices, we can load all corporate apps, systems and images, sync settings on multi-platform mobile devices, and enrol devices into DEP, VPP and your chosen MDM software. To achieve optimum performance for creative workstations and storage, we can run tests on new hardware, software and plug-ins and configure it all before shipping.

Getting you up and running

Installation and deployment

When it comes to installing your new equipment, we do everything we can to make sure that you’re up and running as quickly as possible and suffer minimal downtime, working alongside your project manager or providing our own internal project management. We’ll deliver all devices to your users’ desks or hands as required, deploy MDM solutions, and make sure everything’s integrated with your existing systems and devices. We can even integrate new Apple kit into multi-platform environments! We’ll also get your devices registered for Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) and can advise on the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) to help with any problems further down the line.

Helping employees get the most out of hardware and software


We offer standard or bespoke training for your Apple technology deployment and mobile device management. Our courses make sure your end users and tech staff are completely up to speed with your new equipment, so you know how to get the most out of it and there’s no dip in productivity. Just some of the sessions include: user experience and PC to Mac switcher training for end users, iOS and macOS core essentials training for tech teams who are deploying Apple within business, iPad and Mac skills, and Keynote for business. Everything is delivered by accredited trainers and systems engineers with real world experience of deploying Apple in business, and can be delivered at your place or ours (we can even provide the sarnies).

Making sure your system's supported

Support and management

Our modular support contracts can be tailored to your requirements, and can cover setting up your Apple equipment and deploying mobile device management (MDM) software Jamf Pro. For more creative and media oriented businesses, we provide creative workstation support and critical support for specialist solutions such as Avid. Our contracts cover phone, email, remote and onsite support; service level agreements; guaranteed response and break-fix times, emergency replacements; discovery days and regular ‘health checks’ to spot problems before they arise (don’t worry, we won’t ask you to cough), as well as fully outsourced IT teams.

Providing quick fixes for your Apple kit

Repairs and warranty 

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, we specialise in fast, reliable managed Apple repairs for business, including in and out of warranty repairs and pay as you go managed repair plans where we can collect, repair and send your equipment back fixed within agreed SLAs. Whether you’ve bought from us or elsewhere, or need repairs for multiple machines, pop in to our handy locations in London and Nottingham – there’s no need to book an appointment or queue in-store. You’ll get direct access to our accredited Apple Certified Mac Technicians, with same day collections and deliveries available, competitive pricing and the option of extended and bespoke services to meet your business needs. We offer our own two and three year warranties on all Mac and iPad, as well as offering Apple’s own AppleCare cover.

Loaning you the kit you need


Do you just need temporary hardware or workstations for a short period of time or for a contracted team or employee? Or do you need some extra kit to help you get through a challenging period? We can provide Mac desktops, notebooks, creative hardware and small, medium and large storage devices depending on the project you are working on. You get the benefits of providing your staff with the hardware they need for a particular job, without committing to an investment, or replacement hardware in case of emergency (or looming deadlines!). We can even buy back your old Mac computers when it’s time for you to refresh, or you find a load of old machines gathering dust in a cupboard.

Protecting your vital digital files


Someone in your studio dropped a clanger and lost your vital files? Get secure, offsite protection for your intellectual property and digital media assets. Designed for businesses working with large files, our fully managed backup service, Backup24, is hosted in our UK-based datacentre, and offers remote backup with daily synchronisation, multiple versions of files, routine checks by our team, remote access to secure copies of your data, and our engineers available on the end of the phone for advice and help with checking and finding files.

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