Meet our directors

Who's running the show at Jigsaw24?


Since being founded by Roger Whittle in 1992, Jigsaw24 has grown into the top nationwide creative technology solutions and services company we are today. Now reporting annual sales of over £125m, with offices in Nottingham, Soho London and Manchester's MediaCityUK, and an ever-expanding employee base, we needed a team with demonstrable strategic skills and a proven track record of building and executing business plans. But they were too busy, so we ended up with this lot…

In a nutshell...

Roger Whittle founded Jigsaw24 in 1992.
The top nationwide creative technology solutions and services company today.
Offices in Nottingham, MediaCityUK and Soho.
Annual revenue of over £125m in 2017.

Meet the directors

Roger Whittle

Position: Managing Director and Founder.

Joined Jigsaw24: 1992 (the very beginning).

Experience: Apple UK Marketing Manager.

Interests: F1, skiing, theatre.

Entrepreneurial expert Roger is the original Jigsaw24 man, founding the company himself in 1992, and keeping a firm hand on the tiller ever since. His core skills include negotiating, dynamic change management, and an eye for both tech trends and extravagantly flowered shirts.

Roger Whittle

John Hughes

Position: Finance and Operations Director. 

Joined Jigsaw24: 1993. 

Experience: Corporate finance roles at Deloitte. 

Interests: Rugby, cricket, gardening. 

Multi-tasking number-cruncher John cut his teeth at Deloitte before coming aboard at Jigsaw24. He uses his charm to handle our finances, compliance, HR, MIS, training, development, security, DR, technical resources and team of lawyers.

John Hughes