IBC 2017: Sony’s Z450 gets new firmware

IBC 2017: Sony’s Z450 gets new firmware

PXW-Z450 users, there’s new firmware coming your way. Granted, it’s not due until December, but in three short months you’ll be the proud owner of a camera with far better HDR, 4K and audio support. 

Sony are really pushing to get their lineup HDR-friendly, and the Z450 receives support for Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and S-Log3 recording and output, and support for the BT.2020 colour space. You’ll also be able to record 4K HDR and HD SDR simultaneously to one card, and record HDR with BT-709 for an SDI output.

While you’re shooting in HLG or S-Log3, your viewfinder will display your image using the BT.709 colour space.

4K shooters will get Slow & Quick mode to play with (you can record up t 60 fps in it) and XAVC-L cache recording for your 4K footage, and a 4K resolution Focus Mag option.

Updates on the audio side are largely practical, with improved support for Power Save Mode being the headline. It’ll be available on your assignable keys, will sync with power off, and can even be used to control the power level of some belt transmitters. You’ll also see the power save status on the viewfinder when said mode is enabled.

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