Our top five reasons why you need a Canon XC-10 in the classroom

Our top five reasons why you need a Canon XC-10 in the classroom

Canon’s popular XC-10 4K camcorder is proving to be a hit among schools, college and universities. If you’re thinking about introducing 4K to the curriculum, here’s our quick guide and top five reasons why we think the Canon XC-10 is the perfect classroom addition…


Announced in early April 2015, the XC-10 is the newest compact digital video camera from Canon, capable of capturing 4K Ultra-HD footage and 12MP stills. The XC-10 features a 1.0″ CMOS sensor, 10x zoom with optical image stabiliser, and slow and fast motion recording. Aimed at DSLR shooters, it shares a similar form factor, and even DSLR accessories, but alleviates the fundamental issues caused by using a DSLR camera designed to create great still photographs, not shoot video.

Here’s why we think the XC-10 makes a great addition to any classroom:

1. Fantastic value for money

Priced at just £1269 (£1522.80 inc VAT), the XC-10 is a great low-cost, small form-factor UHD 4K camcorder. Perfect for students to get to grips with 4K cameras, without blowing your entire year’s budget.

2. Large sensor camera with a fixed lens

Ideal for getting the class out of their seats and photographing/videoing their surroundings, without carrying a bag of lenses. The XC-10 is a run and gun style camera, which makes it great for capturing footage from school events like sports days, class concerts and even graduation ceremonies.

3. 5-axis image stabilisation mode

Image stabilisation is common-place but 5-axis stabilisation takes it to another level. If you’ve ever shot something by hand, it will invariably have a lot of movement. If zoomed in, it will probably be unusable. The XC-10 constantly moves the image along 5 different axis’, so even a zoomed in shot, hand-held, is rock solid. Students can shoot quickly and freely.

4. Compatible with a range of camera accessories

The XC-10 uses the same accessories as Canon’s DSLR range, including batteries and chargers, so if you’ve already got Canon kit you can optimise your existing equipment, without the need to purchase anything new.

5. Feature packed, and great for teaching industry standard skills

With over-cranking and under-cranking (for slow and fast motion footage), WiFi capabilities, HDMI out, full HD resolution including 1080 50p recorded straight onto SDXC, and 4K onto C-Fast cards, you can really teach your students the technical skills they’ll need when they’re working with photo and video later in life.

In use

Just recently, we lent a demo unit to the University of Nottingham Biological Photography and Imaging department for students to use on their latest film-making project. We received some great feedback from the department – we’re thrilled to see their students enjoying using the camera!

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Thinking about investing? The Canon XC-10 lightweight and compact 4K 1″ sensor camcorder will set you back a cool £1269 (£1522.80 inc VAT) and is in stock and ready for delivery now.

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