Vidcheck release Telestream Vidchecker 7.1 software

Vidcheck release Telestream Vidchecker 7.1 software

Vidcheck have just released version 7.1 of their awesome video quality control application Vidchecker and Vidchecker-Post. Vidchecker 7.1 packs in some exciting new features to help content creators and deliverers save the cost of rejecting and reworking footage. And for Telestream Vantage users, the integration between Vantage and Vidchecker offers even more complete workflow options.

This new version adds the following new features:

Support for HDR colour space ITU Rec. 2020. Vidchecker and Vidchecker-Post will now detect when content is in the ITU Rec. 2020 color space and adjust tests accordingly. This would particularly pique the interest of anyone creating or working with content for HDR consumption.

Added AMWA AS-10 templates. Added templates based around the Canal + version of AMWA’s AS10 specification (French broadcasters, take note).

Updated suite of ARD/ZDF templates for v1.1 of IRT MXF profiles. ARD/ZDF testing is key for anyone concerned with delivering content in the German market.

Vantage integration. Telestream’s media processing platform, Vantage, will notify you if your file is corrected by Vidchecker.

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