Eggceptional creative inspiration for Easter

Eggceptional creative inspiration for Easter

Easter is a pretty big deal for us Brits. Approximately 80 million chocolate Easter eggs are sold annually in the UK, and in 2017 it was estimated that we’d spend around £500 million on Easter – that’s a lot of chocolate. The UK chocolate Easter egg market has been estimated as worth around £220 million, so it’s no surprise that companies up their game when it comes to Springtime seasonal marketing.

With less than a month to go, we’ve rounded up our favourite Easter campaigns from last year in anticipation of this year’s offerings… 

Hotel Chocolat’s Giant Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat’s seasonal rep Beau Bunny returned for his fifth UK tour last year, this time with a giant floating Easter egg in tow. Using the powers of levitation, the bunny and his 19.5kg chocolate egg appeared across Somerset, Wales and the Midlands, offering the public a chance to win a year’s worth of chocolate to those who could guess the mystery locations.

Image via Hotel Chocolat

Image via Hotel Chocolat

“We are constantly striving to be innovative with our creations and have fun with chocolate, and there is no better time to get creative than at Easter time,” said Angus Thirlwell, CEO of Hotel Chocolat. “We hope our playful take on the Easter egg has brought new life to the season across the country and shown just how magical chocolate can be.”

What we liked: Magic chocolate.
What we didn’t like: There’s something a little unsettling about that bunny…
Our verdict: 3/5 eggs.

Cadbury and The National Trust’s Great British Egg Hunt

Staples in both chocolate and the Great British countryside, Cadbury’s and The National Trust teamed up again for their Great British Egg Hunt. Created by creative agency RPM, the annual egg hunt invites families to trawl National Trust and National Trust for Scotland properties across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in search of Cadbury treats.

Image via Cadbury

Image via Cadbury

With all of the money raised going towards conserving the locations, each egg hunt had a theme linking to that particular Trust property’s heritage – from knights tracking down dragon eggs to a 1950s-style hunt.

What we liked: Simple, but effective.
What we didn’t like: Apparently this is just for children, so our adult marketing team are miffed.
Our verdict: 4/5 eggs.

Sainsbury’s Ultimate Egg Rolling Machine

As part of Sainsbury’s #nevergrowingup campaign, the supermarket giant teamed up with British inventor Tom Lawton in partnership with creative agency Gravity Road. Tom and his children, who bored quickly with a more traditional egg roll, set about making the ‘Ultimate Egg Rolling Machine’, from various odds and ends about the house.

Using kinetic energy and a series of chain reactions, this wacky take on a classic egg roll was Sainsbury’s seasonal instalment in their campaign that aims to inspire children and encourage them to ‘never grow up’.

What we liked: There’s something very wholesome about a child carrying a painted egg on his head, while his friends gather round chanting “Egg! Egg! Egg!”
What we didn’t like: Nothing! All good Springtime fun.
Our verdict: 5/5 eggs.

Deliveroo and Crust Bros Crème Egg Pizza

Madcap egg rolling inventions too sensible for you? Pushing the boundaries of what is actually edible last year was Deliveroo and South London pizza place Crust Bros, with their unique take on the Fiorentina pizza.

Image via Deliveroo

Image via Deliveroo

The Crème Egg pizza (or Fior-egg-tina, to use its full name) is a twist on the traditional Fiorentina ingredients of tomato, mozzarella, spinach and egg, instead using a macerated strawberry base, mascarpone and mint, topped with Crème Eggs and a gooey Crème Egg centre. “But what of the parmesan!” we hear you (probably) cry… don’t worry, you can swap your pungent cheese for a sprinkle of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re a dentist), this treat was only available to those in South London, but maybe they’ll expand their horizons this year…

What we liked: It’s certainly creative.
What we didn’t like: The prospect of it coming anywhere near our mouths.
Our verdict: 3/5 eggs.

Asda’s #GiantHen

From giant eggs to giant hens (but which came first?). Asda’s #GiantHen campaign, created by VCCP, showed the arrival of an enormous chocolate chicken at an Asda store, soundtracked by Tom Jones crooning ‘She’s a Lady’ as she ascends to the roof to lay chocolate eggs for the waiting public.

Shot like the trailer for an Easter blockbuster, the ad includes harried Asda staff, aerial news footage and a crowd of smartphone-wielding onlookers hoping to snap a photo of the confectionery giant.

What we liked: It’s a giant chocolate hen.
What we didn’t like: Nothing, it’s a giant chocolate hen.
Our verdict: 5/5 eggs.


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