Video: The benefits of an Apple Solution Expert for Education

Video: The benefits of an Apple Solution Expert for Education

As an Apple Solution Expert for Education, we love Apple technology, and helping customers enhance learning. Here’s more on the benefits we offer, including support and services from our expert team.

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We’re one of just 14 Apple Solution Experts for Education!

We’re one of just 14 Apple Solution Experts for Education!

Jigsaw24 are now one of just 14 Apple Solution Experts for Education (ASE), due to recent changes in their channel approach in education.

According to the CRN website: “Apple has overhauled its channel approach in education, leaving just 14 UK resellers on the books for the competitive vertical. CRN understands that the vendor giant between 24 and 26 Apple Solution Experts – Education (ASE) previously, with Softcat, Insight and Misco all apparently missing out. The 14 remaining ASEs in education are: Academia, MCC, GBM, Trams, Albion, KRCS, Western Computer, Toucan, Jigsaw24, XMA, BT Direct Business, JTRS and for Ireland Wiggle and Compu b.”

Read the full article here.

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Congrats to Churchill Community College on becoming World Class!

Congrats to Churchill Community College on becoming World Class!

One of our lighthouse schools and Apple Regional Training Centres (RTCs) has just been awarded a prestigious World Class School award, making them the only school in the North of England to have been awarded such a status and one of only a handful in the country. So huge congratulations, Churchill Community College!

The World Class Schools Quality Mark is awarded to secondary schools in England who have moved beyond an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted judgment, improving student progress, aspiration and achievement to a level that rivals the very best schools globally.

Assessment is a rigorous process, with students needing to put forward a compelling case for approval through detailed auditing of their school’s capabilities as well as video submissions and meticulous appraisals. So it’s a brilliant achievement for the college. As part of Churchill’s assessment, students were required to complete a social responsibility project and bring about genuine, positive transformation, working on a project at Wren Primary School in North London.

Miranda Perry, co-director of WCSQM said at the award announcement, “The Mark is about recognising how well the top secondary schools in the country prepare their students to thrive in the 21st century. We are confident that schools like Churchill Community College provide their students with the best life chances possible.”

David Baldwin, Headteacher of Churchill Community College said: “We are delighted to have been awarded World Class Status. Being the first school in the north to be recognised with this prestigious award is a real privilege for us, and one that we will embrace fully as an ambassador for the programme. This status supports our ongoing drive to raise educational standards for all of our young people.”

Read more about Churchill’s World Class win here.

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iPad: Overcoming IT and teaching challenges

iPad: Overcoming IT and teaching challenges

IT can be a pain for schools for a whole load of reasons, but Apple’s signature tablet can provide a lasting solution to all your teaching and tech woes.

In case you missed it, we provide 1:1 iPad deployment to schools throughout the UK, and it’s been shown to improve student engagement, performance and attendance, but it doesn’t stop there.

Futureproof and cost efficient

Keeping up with the latest tech is important for any school – if it falls behind with IT, odds are it’ll fall behind other institutions. While spending to stay up to date can be off-putting at first, with iPad, the small initial capital cost will be made up thanks to future savings on routine kit upgrades, and it’ll even save you a few pennies on reprographics when documents, worksheets and presentations can be shared between devices and viewed onscreen. Regular software updates ensure iPad won’t lag behind when it comes to app support, and you’ll get all the latest security features, bug fixes and new features iOS has to offer as they’re released.

If you’re struggling to shake that money worry, cost neutral schemes can offset the initial outlay. Operating leases, for example, can soften the cost of paying for the goods in full, letting schools get their hands on the latest tech without breaking the budget.

Keep track of student progress

Mobile devices like iPad allow teachers to keep on top of student progress thanks to realtime assessment. This is great for creating personalised tasks for individual students that are fine-tuned to suit their abilities, and apps like Socractive were designed with this in mind. Whether you’re sharing pre-prepared assessments or dishing out spur of the moment questions for pupils to answer, Socractive helps teachers connect with students as they learn, providing a greater insight into student engagement.

Let’s be honest here, teachers don’t like marking work, and audio feedback apps like Showbie not only save them time (often up to five hours a week), they provide new ways of assessing work while engaging students with constructive criticism. Parents and carers of pupils can access any digital feedback too, offering further support for their child’s learning and development.

The latest and greatest teaching tools

High standards of teaching are key to any classroom, and top notch tech helps support it. That’s why iPad allows teachers to share pedagogical information and exchange ideas and best practices with other teachers, enabling them to develop new teaching techniques, materials and lesson plans. iPad helps schools formulate clear training strategies for teachers, ensuring that all staff get the most out of their new teaching tools whatever their previous experience level.

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Infographic: How does Apple help teaching and learning?

Infographic: How does Apple help teaching and learning?

Wondering how Apple’s Mac and iPad can help teaching and learning in schools? Take a look at our infographic, covering the learning benefits, the Apple family, what parents think of it, and common uses across schools.

Infographic: How does Apple iPad and Mac help teaching and learning in schools? - 94% of tablets in education are iPad - iPad is now being used in 47% of UK schools - 43% of teachers allow students to use iPad as an aid in lessons - 8 million iPad have been sold directly to education institutions around the world - 500,000 free lectures, videos, readings and podcasts are available in iTunes U - 108,030 active education apps in the App Store in January 2014 - 80% of those education paid apps are targeted at children - 88% of parents who use education apps with kids support the use of iPad in primary schools and pre-schools, according to Apps In My Pocket - According to Kid Industries, 77% of parents believe that tablets can help children's learning and creativity - Young children are exploring mobile applications earlier: 10% of 0-2 year olds, 39% of 2-4 year olds, 54% of 5-8 year olds - 90% of students (all ages) believe that tablets help them study - In a US study, students using iPad had a 20% maths test score increase compared to using traditional textbooks - Collins, Pearson, Hodder and Oxford University Press all have digital textbooks available in the iBook Store - iPad is the ultimate mobile tool; students can learn in the classroom, the corridor, at home or on the way to school. - Whether watching video, listening to audio, reading or writing helps students most, they can access the resources they need. - Mac and iPad have accessibility in mind, with built-in features for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), plus support for 21 languages. - The content your students need. Both free and paid-for content is available for students to access online. - Mac and iPad encourage students to use both the left and right side of their brains to tackle problems and learn in a creative way. - Incredibly intuitive, Apple solutions are great for students of any age. They are easy to use and help level the playing