Unleash the power of UHD with our monitor calibration services

Unleash the power of UHD with our monitor calibration services

When you’re working on colour-critical projects, you need to be certain that what you see is what others will see. Our monitor calibration services will make sure your video monitors and AV projectors are colour accurate, and right for broadcast displays.

The colours on your monitor change over time, and the aim of colour calibration is to adjust the colour response of your monitor to a known state. Very basically, it means that the colours you see on your screen will match what is seen on other displays.

We’re equipped to calibrate old-school CRTs, LCDs, OLEDs and projectors to the Rec.709 standard for television, and any customer-specified standard you need. By default, we work to BBC standard grading, although we are aware that facilities grading for film will need to set their monitors slightly dimmer, which we can adapt to if required.

Grading for film and TV editing

Customers expect that display monitors for film and TV editing, grading and QC will be calibrated to the accepted standard to be usable in professional workflows. Our monitor calibration services aren’t about making your monitor look ‘great’ ­– rather they make it correct and compliant with industry standards. Remember – the person in the QC suite at the broadcaster’s mastering facility will be looking at a calibrated monitor, not a great-looking one.

Grading for images

Creative staff preparing images for film and TV need the colours on their monitor or projector rendered close to the ‘creative intent’ of the lighting cameraperson or director of photography. For example, if a monitor is emphasising blue, any grading work completed using that display will tend to come out looking too yellow

We work to the well-established standards that dictate how a camera turns light into digital signal values, and how display devices should turn those digital signal values back into light. With consistent calibration throughout a production (sometimes called a ‘colour workflow’), the creative intent of the producer can be delivered to the TV or cinema screen.

Why Jigsaw24?

We’ve been working with the creative industries for over 25 years, so have the experience and expertise you need, and have invested in all the right test equipment to correctly calibrate your monitor.

“Over the years we’ve been pleased to work with film and TV clients such as Shed Media, ITN, Channel Five, AMC Networks, Prime Focus, Molinare and NBC to name a few,” says our head of systems integration, Phil Crawley. “We ensure correct colourimetry across their production and post-production workflows. Since the industry is going through a step-change to UHD/4K/HDR working, the importance of correctly calibrated displays is more important than ever.”

For help with your monitor calibration, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or drop us an email at broadcast@Jigsaw24.com. You can also visit our monitor calibration page to find out more about the importance of correct monitor calibration, and what our services cover.