Video: Help students achieve the best exam results with Revision Plan

Video: Help students achieve the best exam results with Revision Plan

In this video, Jigsaw24 Head of Education Paul Ford discusses Revision Plan, a piece of software and app that helps students achieve the best exam results. It allows you to schedule revision activities to ensure that all students revise effectively, and they have the best chance of success in their exams, through the creation of personalised revision plans for each student.

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Help students achieve record results with Revision Plan

Help students achieve record results with Revision Plan

If preparing students for terminal exams feels almost as stressful as taking one yourself, take a look at my new favourite application, Revision Plan. It’s a new piece of software that’s designed to help you deal with the shift back to terminal exams and ensure your students shine when held to the new Progress 8 measures.

Paul, what is Revision Plan?

Revision Plan software enables you to create individual, personalised learning plans for pupils of all abilities. You can use the software to create tasks and then assign them to pupils based on their target grade and current level, so that everyone is working at their own level.

So it’s not an iPad app?

No. Surprising as it may sound, every now and then I talk about something other than iPad. Revision Plan is web-based, so you create your students’ plans online, and then distribute them as PDFs or as print outs (we’d recommend PDFs, as then you can include links to past papers or resources in the plan – take a look at an example PDF here).

How does it help pupils?

Well, Revision Plan’s theory is that having a personalised plan with revision tasks and rest days built in makes the whole thing less daunting, while at the same time emphasising the importance of exam prep (especially as the curriculum moves away from modular testing and continual assessment). It also makes sure they’re giving equal time to all subjects, and not just focusing on areas where they’re already confident.

There’s also evidence that it strengthens the partnership between home and school, as having a clear, concise summary of what needs to be done gives parents more confidence in their ability to support and monitor their children’s revision. Pupil Premium students can use their revision plan in supervised revision sessions, as well.

What have teachers got to say about it?

Only good things, for the most part – 99.3% of users say they would recommend it, probably because the development team includes teachers, so it’s a fairly intuitive extension of the lesson and revision planning you already do.

Are other schools seeing results?

– Sidney Stringer Academy, whose iPad rollout we also helped with, recorded a +0.77 Progress 8 score.

– St Mary’s Catholic Academy exceeded Trust targets to be in the top 25% of similar schools after two years using Revision Plan.

– South Shields’ Mortimer Community College achieved record results in their first year of using the software.

– This year, St James’ Catholic High School in Greater Manchester posted record results for the second year running.

What are the key benefits?

Well, for starters it gives you the benefit of foresight. You can see at a glance how many ‘revision slots’ you have before the big day, and can plan your lessons and homework tasks accordingly. Having this all visible in one application helps students balance their time, prioritise different subjects, and arrive to class with all the relevant work complete.

It’s also great for teachers, as you can assign tasks based on target grade, offering more targeted tasks and additional support for pupils who need it. Another nice touch is that you can mix and match revision task types (mind maps, past papers, etc) and change the nature of the response you want depending on each student’s learning style, so you can ask some to record a response verbally, while others need to be encouraged to write or diagram their response to the same question.

And what if my students still don’t do as well as I wanted?

Then Revision Plan’s exam analysis tools will be a big help. You can go through results and see which questions or topics students lost the most marks on, and then adapt your revision plan to make sure things go better next year (or during resits).

How much is it and how do I get it?

Revision Plan is available as a site licence that covers everyone in your school (prices start at £1000 per annum). Get in touch with the Jigsaw24 team on the details below and we’ll sort you out.

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