Blackmagic Design release DaVinci Resolve 14.2

Blackmagic Design release DaVinci Resolve 14.2

Headlines in the latest update to Resolve include support for importing audio-only AAF clips, the ability to name Gallery stills with user defined tags, a bug fix for the audio playback issues you may have been having while dynamic trimming, and improved Fairlight keyframe editing and more.

The full feature list is below and contains a wide variety of additions and bug fixes. The download is free, and available now from the Blackmagic Design site.

So what’s new in Resolve 14.2?

Users focusing on audio and Fairlight will be able to enjoy:

–  Added support for the DeckLink 8K Pro monitoring modes.
–  Added support for importing audio-only AAF timelines.
–  Added support for rendering audio handles in Pro Tools round trip mode.
–  Added support for audio playback when performing dynamic trimming.
–  Added support for import and export of Final Cut Pro 10.4 XML.
–  Added support for automatically naming Gallery Stills using user-defined tags.
–  Added support for 16 and 18 fps timeline frame rates.
–  Added support for 95.905 fps timeline frame rate.
–  Added support for more fine-grained preferences for Performance Mode.
–  Improved support for keyframes in the Fairlight page.
–  Added support for listing multiple DeckLink SDI devices with unique names.
–  Added visual indicators for distinguishing between timeline clips without media in the Media Pool and without media on disk.
–  Added the ability to change the playhead position without stopping playback on the Fairlight page.
–  Added support for Enable 2D Timeline Scroll on the Fairlight page.
–  Added support for context menus for markers in the Fairlight page.
–  Added support for automatic creation of a timeline when dragging in an audio clip in the Fairlight page.

There have also been updates to collaborative tools, and several glitches have been ironed out. Blackmagic have:

– Addressed issues with acquiring and releasing the lock for a bin in a collaboration project.
–  Addressed an issue where network connectivity issues could cause unexpected results in a collaboration project.
–  Addressed an issue where a blank node graph would sometimes be displayed when switching between clips in collaboration mode.
–  Addressed an issue where two users could sometimes load a non-collaboration project in write mode without a warning.
–  Addressed an issue where “Update Timecode from Audio using LTC” would not work on clips starting with blank audio.
–  Addressed an issue where retiming an audio clip would sometimes result in audio glitches.
–  Addressed an issue where unlinking linked audio groups with the Pan dialogue open would cause a crash.
–  Addressed an issue where starting or stopping playback would sometimes cause a momentary glitch in the audio on the Fairlight page.
–  Addressed multiple issues with fader behaviour for direct track outputs in the Fairlight track mixer.
–  Addressed an issue where the Fairlight timeline would sometimes show an incorrect number of audio tracks.
–  Addressed an issue where the Fairlight control room widget would sometimes become invisible when resetting a dual screen UI layout.
–  Addressed an issue where JKL playback would not honor the looped playback state on the Fairlight page.
–  Addressed an issue where moving an audio clip would not refresh the keyframe navigation buttons on the Fairlight inspector.
–  Addressed an issue where some Fairlight dial widgets would not reset their values correctly on double click.
–  Addressed an issue where audio EQ band adjustments might be incorrectly saved.
–  Addressed an issue where stopping playback would continue audio output for a few frames on the Edit page.
–  Addressed an issue where LTC timecode output over SDI would not work when playing back on the Edit page.
–  Addressed an issue where the Mute status would not be reflected correctly in the Edit page on a track with automation.
–  Addressed an issue with titles where using certain fonts would result in cropped glyphs.
–  Addressed an issue where bypassing colour grades would bypass OpenFX applied on the Edit page.
–  Addressed an issue where deleting a clip with an OpenFX transition would sometimes crash.
–  Addressed a crash when switching multicam angles if the viewer was in source mode.
–  Addressed an issue where reconforming multicam clips from a bin would not retain the original angle information.
–  Addressed an issue where performing a blade operation on asymmetric linked edits would result in incorrect linking.
–  Addressed an issue where previewing compound clips and timelines in the source viewer would activate the timeline audio meters.
–  Addressed an issue where previewing video-only clips in the source viewer would sometimes be slow on the Edit page.
–  Addressed an issue where importing older projects using a Sony IDT in an ACES workflow would sometimes cause a crash.
–  Addressed an issue with audio playback when applying clip filters on the Colour page.
–  Addressed an issue where Colour Tracing Power Windows from proxy files would result in incorrect window positions.
–  Addressed an issue where copying grades between clips would unnecessarily invalidate the clip source cache.
–  Addressed an issue where bypassing colour grades on speed changed clips would disable the optical flow or frame blending.
–  Addressed an issue with incorrect results when stabilising multiple edits from the same source.
–  Addressed an issue where switching databases would sometimes incorrectly hide the second screen in a dual screen monitor layout.
–  Addressed an issue where GoPro CineForm clips would decode with a watermark applied on Linux.
–  Addressed an issue with decoding some Sony XAVC-I clips.
–  Addressed an issue with incorrect cropping for certain QuickTime ARRI clips.
–  Addressed an issue with colour shifts when decoding certain Panasonic AVC-Intra clips.
–  Addressed an issue where the stereo audio format of some MXF clips was not recognized correctly.
–  Addressed an issue with reading drop-frame timecodes for DPX clips.
–  Addressed an issue when decoding some QuickTime clips with large timecode values.
–  Addressed an issue with colour shifts when rendering stereoscopic 3D clips in side-by-side mode using H.264.
–  General performance and stability improvements.

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