IBC 2017: Sony update their monitor range

IBC 2017: Sony update their monitor range

Sony have released updates for several monitors at IBC, including improved brightness and colour performance for many monitors.

PVM-X550 update

The X550 monitor is the first to get an update, with Sony adding a High Brightness Mode. The X550’s HDR Peak Luminance will be over 160% higher after the upgrade – that’s over 600 nits – and the accuracy of brightness and saturation will be controlled by Sony’s own 12-bit engine for OLED, already in use in its BVM series monitors.

Users can expect to see better black performance, too, and enjoy a new quad view display mode that allows for different ETOF and colour gamut settings in each quadrant.

PVM-A and LMD-A Series version 2.0

In answer to the rising demand for 4K content and associated workflows, Sony are upgrading their PVM-A and LMD-A series monitors to a wider colour gamut, for more accurate colour reproduction that more fully utilises the displays’ graphics capabilities. Post-update, the monitors will support the ITU-R BT.2020 colour space and be able to accept Quad-link 2SI 3G-SDI signals. It will also allow the monitors to offer DCI-P3, S-Gamut3/S-Gamut3.cine and Adobe RGB. They will have consistent colour reproduction to the BVM-X300 reference monitor.

The updates also adds new functions to support live event and shooting workflows, including audio muting, false colour for faster exposure checks, sync-free side-by-side (the ability to monitor two pictures at once without syncing) and flexible area markers that allow you to create unique screen layouts (for example, if you need to show footage of a product and its cmmercial data in footage for a shopping channel).


BVM-E171 users will have the option to buy a HDR licence for their monitor. Available now, with European pricing at €3400, the licence would give the BVM-E171 support for EOTF 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 CRT, S-Log3 (HDR), S-Log3 (Live HDR), S-Log2 (HDR), ITU-R BT.2100 (HLG), SMPTE ST2084 and 2.4 (HDR).

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Meet Sony’s new A team: PVM-A170 and PVM-A250

Meet Sony’s new A team: PVM-A170 and PVM-A250


It’s official – Sony have replaced their PVM-2541A and PVM-1741A monitors with the new PVM-A170 and PVM-A250. 

As well as being easier to spell, the A170 and A250 are 40% thinner and lighter than previous generations of PVM monitor, and boast the industry’s best viewing angle – a whopping 89 degrees.
The Sony PVM-A170

Sony's PVM-A170

The smaller of the two monitors, the 17″ PVM-A170 weighs just 4.2 kilos and is far slimmer than its predecessor, so while we don’t recommend that you carry it about, you could do if you needed to. Sony have been quick to point out that their new slimline design is perfect for on-set setups where space is at a premium, or for large ‘monitor wall’ configurations. If you’re worried about carrying it round, you can buy a protection kit that includes AR-coated protection glass and corner bumpers.

It’s got two 3G-SDI I/O ports, one HDMI port and a composite connection, and waveforms, vector scopes and audio level metres are all present and correct – you can even zoom from 0 to 20 IRE – all which supports Sony’s point that this is ideal for on-set monitoring. There are plenty of other useful features too, with colour edges to help camera focus operation, time code display, safety area markers, serial and parallel remote and an eight channel level meter display.

Sony's PVM-A170
The Sony PVM-A250

Sony's PVM-A250

The larger of the two monitors, the Sony PVM-A250 still manages to be 40% lighter and slimmer than its predecessor, weighing in at just 6.1 kilos. As with its counterpart, there is the option to add AR toughened glass and corner protection to keep your PVM-A250 in one piece. Those charming feet you see in the picture fold if you want to mount your PAM-V250, and there’s also a handle if you want to move it between locations, or use it for some impromptu weightlifting.

The PVM-A250 boasts all the scopes, waveform monitors, focus features and meters that the smaller model does, and continues to use Sony’s OLED and TrimasterEL technology to deliver high colour accuracy and consistency at a far lower price point than its competitors. There’s support for multiple input formats, including 480i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p at frame rates between 23.98 and 60 fps.

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