Avid ICON to Pro Tools | S6 exchange from Jigsaw24

Avid ICON to Pro Tools | S6 exchange from Jigsaw24

Avid ICON to S6 Exchange 2016

Starting today (20th August 2015) Avid is introducing special pricing for existing D-Command and D-Control customers, which will offer the opportunity to exchange their ICON hardware for a new Pro Tools | S6 System, with a significant discount available (up to 20% off the usual RRP pricing).

Launched in September 2013, the Avid Pro Tools | S6 controller has rapidly become a new industry standard, with installs in many of the world’s top professional audio facilities. Leveraging the best of the ICON and System 5 product families in a revolutionary modular design, Pro Tools | S6 delivers superior ergonomics and intelligent studio control, providing an intuitive, immersive experience for the modern sound engineer.

Steampunk S6 2015

The Avid Pro Tools | S6 Exchange Pricing will be bespoke and tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. For further information or to book a test drive in our fully spec’d Avid Pro Tools | S6-equipped ’Steampunk’ demo studio, please contact our Avid audio specialists on audio@Jigsaw24.com or 03332 400 888.

To find out more about the Avid Pro Tools | S6, take a look at our Mixing Redefined article series here.

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