Enter the Avid Pro Tools | MTRX

Enter the Avid Pro Tools | MTRX

Jigsaw24 welcomes the launch of the Avid Pro Tools | MTRX, a new versatile audio interface for Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native. Developed by Digital Audio Denmark, the Pro Tools | MTRX features include modular interface options, Eucon-controlled monitor functionality, a massive integrated router and exceptionally high quality analogue input, output and Mic Pre card options.

The Pro Tools | MTRX offers Pro Tools | HD users the superior sonic quality of DAD’s legendary AD and DA converters – along with incredibly flexible monitoring, I/O, and routing capabilities – all in one powerful unit. Powered by the MediaCentral Platform, it integrates seamlessly with the Avid Pro Tools | S6 and Pro Tools | S3 control surfaces.

Avid PT MTRX 2016

Pro Tools | MTRX will enable users to:

– Gain extended monitor control and flexible routing with Pro Tools | S6, S3, and other EUCON surfaces.

– Use the converter as a high-performance 64-channel Pro Tools | HD interface.

– Connect and route their entire studio through AES3, MADI, Dante, and/or SDI I/O (MADI, Dante and SDI I/O option cards sold separately).

– Add high-quality mic preamps as an option and remotely control them from Pro Tools.

– Customise Pro Tools | MTRX to their needs through eight available 8-channel card slots.

– Keep everything in sync through Word Clock, AES11, Video, and all digital I/O.

– Get automatic sample rate conversion on AES inputs.

Avid MTRX AES 2016

The Avid Pro Tools | MTRX will be available in Q4 2016. For further information please contact our Pro Audio Product Specialists on 03332 409 306 or email audio@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news and reviews, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

IBC 2016: Avid Pro Tools

IBC 2016: Avid Pro Tools

Avid have made some major announcements at IBC 2016 which introduce a seismic shift in terms of how customers are able to purchase their flagship Pro Tools|HDX and Pro Tools|HD software range of professional audio production products.

Avid Pro Tools | HDX

The Pro Tools|HDX range of DSP cards is now available without having to be purchased as a bundle with an Avid HD I/O audio interface – which means you can now access the world’s most powerful audio processing cards and combine them with your audio interface brand of choice and – even better news – Pro Tools|HDX is now at available at significantly reduced pricing.

Avid PT HDX2 RedNet Logos 2016

Avid Pro Tools | HD software

For the first time ever you can now buy the fully featured Pro Tools|HD version of the world’s most popular professional audio production software as a standalone product, without having to purchase any associated Avid hardware. Pro Tools|HD software is available as a perpetual license, or you can subscribe on a low-cost annual basis and use the software only when you need it – the choice is yours.

Avid Pro Tools 12.6

The new Pro Tools 12.6 software delivers powerful new editing capabilities that give you even more control over your editing workflow and enable you to mix faster and more fluidly than ever before.

Jigsaw24 welcomes these announcements and has already placed orders for significant stocks of the newly available, lower priced products.

For more on the latest IBC releases, take a look at our roundup post, give us a call on 03332 409 306, email audio@Jigsaw24.com or pop your details in the form below. For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Halo installs S6 dubbing suite

Halo installs S6 dubbing suite

Jigsaw24 is proud to have installed an Avid S6-based dubbing suite for Halo Post-Production in their new facility at 179 Wardour Street, London.

Halo Studio 5

Studio 5 is for both TV mix work and DCP 5.1 and 7.1 theatrical projects. It will also be used as a pre-mix room for Halo’s Dolby licensed studios 1 and 3.

The suite is pre-wired for Dolby Atmos and has a 24-fader Avid Pro Tools | S6 M40 control surface, a Pro Tools | HDX2, a DAD AX32, a CB Electronics TMC-1 and a custom Dynaudio 7.1 speaker system installed.

Head of Audio Operations Richard Addis said: “We’ve taken great care to make the room as versatile as possible without compromising quality in any area.”

In the same building, Halo has built a dedicated 5.1 audio editing room for its Head of Sound Editorial, Jay Price. Situated directly adjacent to the new studio, the room features a Pro Tools | HD Native system with 5.1 Dynaudio Air 6 monitoring.

Halo Post Showreel 2016 from Halo Post on Vimeo.

John Rogerson CEO of Halo Post said: “Working with the team at Jigsaw24 is always a pleasure; they go above and beyond the call of duty for us every time. They’re lovely people who understand and care about our business. What’s not to like?”.

Want to find out more about booking a demo of the Pro Tools | S6? Drop an email to our pro audio solutions specialists at audio@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news, follow @Jigsaw24Audio on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Avid Elite Header 2014


Guide to Avid Pro Tools 2016: Pro Tools, HDX and HD Native

Guide to Avid Pro Tools 2016: Pro Tools, HDX and HD Native

Avid’s Pro Tools audio recording and editing software, now in its 26th year, is pretty much omnipresent wherever sound production is taking place, whether that’s in a band’s project studio, a commercial recording facility or post-production.

And for good reason – engineers like the intuitive interface, powerful processing and solid stability that can take on the most demanding projects. And the sheer number of users on board means that using it makes you compatible with more other studios than any other software package available, regardless of whether you’re working in a Mac or PC environment.

While opting to use Pro Tools may be a straightforward choice, deciding which system to go for can be anything but. Avid currently offer a software only version of Pro Tools and two different hardware platforms – Pro Tools HDX and Pro Tools HD Native. Which one is best for you depends entirely on what your requirements are, so we’ve tried to break it down a bit below…

Pro Tools (software only)

Go for this if… you need a flexible entry-point DAW and are only working in stereo.

Pro Tools software on Jigsaw24

The software only version of Pro Tools offers up to 96 audio tracks (@48kHz, 24 tracks at 192kHz). 32 simultaneous inputs are supported, with 128 instrument tracks, unlimited busses and 128 auxes, plus support for a single video track.

All software mixing and plugins (AAX format) are handled by the computer and you can use pretty much any audio interface you like, whether that’s a budget 2-in, 2-out or a pro level interface such as an Apogee Ensemble, RME, MOTU or the excellent DSP-laden Universal Audio Apollo range. The software-only licence of Pro Tools is stereo-only, so if you need to work in surround, you’ll want to investigate the HD systems.

Options: Available as a perpetual licence for £599 ex VAT (with a yearly support plan required after the first year to stay up to date), or a 12 month subscription licence for £199 ex VAT per year.

Pro Tools software on Jigsaw24

Pro Tools HD Native

Go for this if… you’re working with big sessions or in post-production.

Guide To Pro Tools HD Native

Pro Tools HD Native is the mid-tier platform and is fast becoming one of the more popular choices. It’s an integrated hardware and software solution that consists of an Avid HD audio interface, a core card which connects it to the host computer (either PCI or Thunderbolt) and Pro Tools HD software.

HD Native can support 64 channels of input and output, and the Pro Tools HD software can handle bigger sessions than the software-only version: up to 256 audio tracks, 512 aux tracks and 64 video tracks. Importantly for post customers, Pro Tools HD software also supports full surround mixing. All processing is still handled by the computer though, so if you are running a heavy session you’ll need a powerful computer.

Options: Various combinations of Avid HD audio interfaces and core cards are available, and we offer a wide range of systems ready bundled – click on the banner to see your options.

Pro Tools HD Native on Jigsaw24


Pro Tools HDX

Go for this if… you need the very best for a professional post-production customer or commercial studio.

Guide To Pro Tools HDX

Pro Tools HDX is the top tier. Like HD Native, it’s a hardware-based system, but the big difference is that the core card is loaded with hugely powerful DSP chips and these are used to run the mixer and effects plug-ins, meaning a huge session doesn’t slow your computer to a crawl. Its also scaleable – you can use multiple HDX cards in a system to increase I/O count and processing horsepower (up to 192 inputs and 768 tracks).

Because of the extra power, an HDX system can handle massive surround mixes with lots of spatial effects. It’s also the best choice if you’re recording bands where people want individual monitor mixes with realtime effects, because you don’t have to deal with the processing delays you get when the computer is handling all the number-crunching.

Options: As with HD Native, Pro Tools HDX is scaleable and we offer various systems depending on your needs, including full studio solutions with control surfaces included. See the full range by clicking the banner below.

Pro Tools HDX on Jigsaw24

Want to know more? Give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email audio@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news, follow @Jigsaw24Audio on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.