Education app of the week: ClassFlow for iPad

Education app of the week: ClassFlow for iPad

One of the great things about BETT is the chance to check out various vendors’ latest wares. And this year, we were particularly impressed with interactive whiteboard manufacturer Promethean’s new iPad app, ClassFlow.

What is ClassFlow for iPad?

ClassFlow (Promethean, free) is an all-in-one, cloud-based classroom presentation and management tool that lets teachers create multimedia lessons, and then deliver interactive content including pictures, graphs and activities quizzes, polls and surveys to student devices. There are two versions of the app – ClassFlow Teacher and ClassFlow Student – as well as a browser-based content creation platform,

ScreenFlow on iPad

ClassFlow Teacher allows teachers to lead interactive lessons using their iPad from anywhere in the classroom. Navigate a lesson while displaying it on the classroom display, share differentiated content and drive discussions, control live polls, access notes and view realtime progress, all very simply from within the app. The Student version combines with ClassFlow Teacher to let students receive lesson content from the teacher direct to their device, and respond to questions and open-ended activities more creatively through words, drawings or annotations.

How can it benefit the classroom?

Being able to deliver interactive content using ClassFlow makes for a more engaging and collaborative learning experience, with students able to demonstrate learning in a range of different ways. Using the feedback functionality like polls, quizzes and surveys also allows teachers to assess student understanding. And you don’t need any new hardware to run it all – while ClassFlow does work with any Promethean Smartboards you might already have, ClassFlow is free to download and start using straight away on teachers’ and students’ devices.

What’s the best feature?

What we really like about ClassFlow is just how easy it is to start building lessons. You can search and import all manner of  existing content including webpages, PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint docs, Promethean ActivInspire flipcharts, and video files from multiple sources. For a handy place to start, you can also access lessons shared by other teachers in the ClassFlow community.

Where can I get it?

ClassFlow Student (Promethean, free) is available to download from the App Store on your iPad, or you can check it out on iTunes here.

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Is this the classroom of the future?

Is this the classroom of the future?

By now, most schools are familiar with Apple technology. Teachers and students have always loved Mac for its creative solutions, while iPad and iPod have changed the way pupils access information and resources.

But the Apple ecosystem is about real learning benefits; it’s about helping schools find new ways to enhance the experience students have on a daily basis, to embed IT into lessons in a way that wasn’t previously possible and to level the playing field when it comes to accessibility.

To find out more about how Apple can help your school, and ways that our team can make the transition to new technology a smooth one, get in touch with us on the details below and ask about our training sessions.

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Anytime, anywhere learning

There have been 8 million iPad devices sold to schools. From the small and mighty iPad mini with Retina display to the full-sized and powerful iPad Air, there are different models to suit different needs. Whichever you use, iPad lets students learn in the classroom, the corridor, at home or even on the way to school.

Notebook and desktop computers

From the lightweight and portable MacBook Air and Mac mini desktop to the powerful MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro, there’s a Mac for every classroom function. As well as supporting creativity, Macs are intuitive and do everything (and much more) that’s possible on a PC.

Support for every type of learner

Whether watching video, listening to audio, reading, writing or using physical movement helps students best, there are solutions available to help.

Accessibility built-in

Mac and iPad include built-in features for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), plus support for up to 21 languages.

iPad as a study aid

90% of students believe that tablets help them study, while 43% of teachers currently allow students to use iPad in lessons.

Parents love iPad too

According to Kid Industries, 77% of parents believe that tablets can help children’s learning and creativity, and Apps In my Pocket reported that 88% of parents who use education apps with kids support the use of iPad in primary schools.

The content your students need

iTunes U includes over 500,000 free lectures, videos, readings and podcasts, and iBooks is an interactive library that has both free and paid-for textbooks from leading publishers, such as Collins, Hodder Education, Pearson and Oxford University Press.

Over 100,000 education apps

There are thousands of education apps aimed at children available in the App Store. Many of them are completely free, and through Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme, even more are available with a 50% discount.

Presentation tools

Mac and iPad can both be connected to a classroom display using Apple TV, which lets you wirelessly stream the device screen in HD for presenting to peers. And go for a touch screen display to take interactivity and group work to the next level.

Storage in the Cloud

Photos, videos, documents, music and apps all saved in iCloud against each Apple ID for access on any device.

Safe backup and wireless

Make sure your students always have access to the resources they need and that their work is never lost. Whether backed up through Apple’s Time Capsule, WiFi rolled out across the whole school or dynamic web filters to keep students safe.

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