Meet the experts: David Skeggs

Meet the experts: David Skeggs

A former editor, support engineer and technical manager, David Skeggs has been our Project and Pre-Sales Specialist for over ten years, helping customers on multiple continents get a handle on the latest advances in production workflows. 

I’m an engineer, get me out of here

“When I first started in the industry, I was an editor. I worked at ITV’s London studios, where they did all the post for their mainstream entertainment shows. I worked on the first ever series of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, and V Graham Norton, back when he went out five nights a week on Channel 4. It was at ITV that I got more involved in the technical side of things, eventually becoming a support engineer at their main Avid facility. After that, I worked at the MTV facility in Camden as a post-production engineer before coming to root6 and now Jigsaw24.”

Mr Fixit

“In the early days at root6, we did a lot of work on best of breed facilities in the Middle East, so I spent a lot of time on the ground there as the primary contact for those builds. I also do a fair amount of travelling round the world helping our production customers with their live capture workflows at sports events, particularly whenever there’s a big format shift, like the transition to tapeless or the current move to UHD. We’re used to working with 4K because we’ve spent years enabling DI workflows for our film post customers, so we’ve got a bit of a head start there.”

The pacemaker

“Nowadays I’m more involved in workflow design, and helping customers bolt the right products together. We’re seeing fewer and fewer ‘one size fits all’ solutions these days, and it’s important to know which products from which manufacturers are best of breed. We use that knowledge to help our customers find the best solution for them, even if it has to be at a certain price point. With the pace of change being so fast now, it’s important that facilities have someone to talk to who can speculate on where the industry’s going, and the growth and expansion they’ll get out of certain products.”

Head in the cloud

“Jigsaw24 have been helping customers in other industries migrate to datacentres for years, but for our customers in the media industry it’s very new, and poses a different set of challenges. The size of UHD and 4K media means you need to have a high bandwidth connection to high availability storage if you want to play back media instantly – people don’t mind waiting a couple of seconds for a spreadsheet to load, but you can’t edit like that. We’ve been working to help people who want to get out of Soho – where it’s cramped and expensive and the power’s bad – to move their machine room to a datacentre which they can then remote into.”

Jigsaw24’s Dark Side

“We’ve been working with a few different networking companies over the past couple of years to deliver Dark Fibre networks circuits. We’ve got a link-up of our own between our datacentre, our Wardour Mews office and our demo facility in Soho, because we want to be able to show people we practise what we preach, and because having actually done it and learned certain lessons the hard way, we can give customers much more practical advice than if we were speaking speculatively.”

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