IBC 2016: Jigsaw24 to reach the next level of MAM with Reach Engine by Levels Beyond

IBC 2016: Jigsaw24 to reach the next level of MAM with Reach Engine by Levels Beyond

Exciting times at Jigsaw24 as we have taken on the mantle of sales and appliance integration for one of the world’s leading MAM platforms, Reach Engine by Levels Beyond.



Having worked with Levels for a number of years, supporting their customers with infrastructure and systems as well as working with the development teams in the UK at 10dot1 and Timeline TV, it feels like a natural progression for us to help expand their customer base in the UK.

We feel that their technology platform is one of, if not the, best systems for orchestrating digital media workflows and managing the vast quantities of assets we now have to deal with. Their existing client base speaks for itself, including as it does some of the leaders of the digital revolutions that have taken place in our industry and beyond.

Household names such as Formula 1, Red Bull Media, Manchester United, Disney ABC and Warner Bros. utilise the platform in many different ways to enhance and improve their creative workflows. We cant wait to introduce more people to this platform and continue to revolutionise the digital landscape with future-thinking orchestration, cloud integration and custom application development.

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Avid welcome Adobe Premiere Pro users to MediaCentral

Avid welcome Adobe Premiere Pro users to MediaCentral

Premiere Pro users, your years of warring with your Avid-loving counterparts are over. The two editing giants have joined together to bring harmony to the NLE market and peace to our timelines (and/or do some cynical marketplace positioning, depending on your worldview).

Adobe have previously teamed up with Maxon to give After Effects users dynamic access to richer 3D tools, and now they’re doing their editors a similar favour. The update will allow Premiere Pro editors to connect to Avid’s production environment via Avid MediaCentral | UX.

How does it work?

You will need to head to myavid.com and download the MediaCentral Premiere Pro Connector and install it on each of your Premiere Pro-equipped machines. You’ll then be able to see the Avid MediaCentral | UX HTML5 user interface within the Premiere Pro interface, and use it to access the wonderfully named “Avid asset management realm”, which consists of Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAM and iNEWS.

What can you do? 

Once you enter the realm, you’ll be able to:

– Search for media assets using the central Media | Index.

– Chat with other MediaCentral | UX users.

– Navigate database hierarchies.

– See, add and modify metadata.

Will you be able to register Avid Assets to Premiere Pro projects for editing? 

Hell yes, friend. Not only that, but you’ll be able to check out master clips in Premiere-supported formats, check out simple sequences for in-place editing and send rendered sequences back to Avid.

If your Avid media is not directly supported in Premiere, you’ll still be able to access it via an optional conversion to MXF OP-1a and simple XML shortlists.

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NAB 2016: New axle Pulse turns audiences into contributors

NAB 2016: New axle Pulse turns audiences into contributors

Today axle Video announced the first-ever integrated solution for news organisations and brands to gather and stream video directly from their audiences.

axle Pulse is a new mobile app that lets broadcasters and brands source immediate, authentic content; their communities are empowered with an easy way to capture and share video footage from their smartphones. The system is available either as a complete software/hardware solution for purchase, or as a monthly cloud subscription. It includes branded apps for iPhones and Android smartphones, and lets contributors sign up, shoot and upload video. The users can also join a dialogue with the broadcaster or corporate media department which can include requests to capture specific material in exchange for compensation. For breaking news stories, a livestreaming mode is available which turns the smartphone into an immediate on-location asset for news organizations.

axle Pulse

The axle Pulse system combines an easy-to-use mobile app and a powerful media management back end, based on axle’s radically simple axle Gear software. The solution works as follows:

– The company operating the software can request footage from contributors in their audience, optionally with specific assignments.
– Contributors capture and upload video footage in response to assignments, with any compensation predetermined.
– A built-in search tool lets the broadcaster quickly tag, curate and subclip submitted videos.

In the case of breaking news or live events, streaming from one or more contributors can be enabled for direct feeds.

Axle Pulse is based in part on pioneering mobile software called VidLasso, which axle Video has acquired and adapted for use in the new system. Christy King, a cofounder of VidLasso, who has joined axle as an advisor, said “I am delighted to see VidLasso grow up to become axle Pulse. The axle software team has expanded our original feature set in smart ways for news organizations and brands to harness the power of mobile video capture and streaming. axle is the leader in affordable media management, with great customers in the broadcast and corporate markets, and I’m thrilled to see axle Video build on our mobile capture technology, and make it even easier to gather and organize user generated content.”

The system includes axle Gear media management back end technology that gives permissionbased browser access to all uploaded content, as well as postproduction features like the ability to select and approve footage for use on air or on a website. When integrated with affordable networked storage and playout options from axle Video’s partners, axle Pulse can form the core of a next-generation media operation at a small fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast infrastructure.



Pricing and availability

axle Pulse is available now for complete on-site system deployment; after June 1 as a monthly cloud subscription. Both approaches include branded iPhone and Android mobile apps, as well as all required back end infrastructure for managing submitted video content and (with the streaming option enabled) live streams. Contact axle Video for details. axle 2016 software is available now starting at $995 for two users.

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Buyers’ Guide: Content management and storage

Buyers’ Guide: Content management and storage

The say cleanliness is next to godliness, but we’d make a strong case for organisation being slightly closer. If you don’t have your fonts managed and your assets organised and backed up, you’re not going to be able to work efficiently, repurpose content and – most importantly – leave on time. Yes, we know it’s not the most exciting thing to read about, but getting your content management workflow together now will save you time for years to come.

The quick fix (for when there’s only a couple of you, and you don’t produce that much)

Okay, so let’s say you have a pretty speedy MacBook Pro. Get yourself a nice dependable desktop drive like a G-Technology G-DRIVE, then set up Time Machine for backup locally. To avoid any unwelcome data loss, we’d recommend getting some RAID storage – if your MacBook Pro has Thunderbolt 2, try making the most of it with a high-speed PROMISE Pegasus R4 array.

If you need to work together, the Synology Diskstation DS414 is a feature-rich 4-bay NAS specifically designed for growing businesses to effectively manage, protect, and share data. You can even add Extensis Portfolio Studio for better asset management and Suitcase Fusion to keep your fonts in order.

The neat freak (for when you’ve got a team to support)

If you’re working in a range of media we always recommend a capable iMac with Universal Type Server and Portfolio Studio to keep your files in check and easy for the team to access.

If you need extra local storage or want to run backups to a local drive, try something spacious like this 8TB G-RAID, while euroNAS’s 16TB, 16-bay 3U network server storage solution is a sterling contribution to your server room, and you can manage your backups with Archiware’s P5 software which can support two servers or a tape library. (Here’s the tape library we’d recommend, as it’s cheaper than high speed online or nearline storage for the long run.)

The archivist (for when you need big storage for big files and bigger archives)

If you’re churning out high volumes of multimedia files on something like this and a high speed Thunderbolt 2 RAID array, then you’ll need to beef up. Maximise your font management capabilities by upgrading to the Enterprise versions of your Universal Type Server and Portfolio asset management solutions. If you’re after something more video-specific, it’s well worth taking a look at axle Video’s solutions.

If you want to be sure all your data is backed up, opt for our manual backup service, Backup24, in which our team ensure your data is backed up to our Tier 2+ data centre. And to handle your NAS needs, the GB Labs Space range offer extremely fast large capacity shared storage for digital content creation.

Take control of content with MatrixCMS

By connecting up your PIM and CMS systems to create a single version of the truth for all work and enabling seamless cloud-based sharing of drafts and revisions, MatrixCMS makes it easier to stay on top of your assets. MatrixCMS provides a centralised store for all digital media, enabling an organisation to collate, manage and distribute their investment across the entire company. Arrange an online demo here (you have to scroll down to the bottom).

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Is your software ready for OS X Mavericks?

Is your software ready for OS X Mavericks?

While we understand that you want to update to the latest version of OS X as soon as possible (154 Jigsaw24 employees are attempting to download it simultaneously right now), there are a couple of software programs out there that aren’t quite ready for it, and if they’re part of your daily computing routine, you’ll want to hold off until they’ve been updated. 

We’re going to be keeping a rolling list of red flags and fixes here, so let us know if anything you’re using has issues with Mavericks, or if you’ve spotted a software patch release that we’ve missed. In the meantime, here are the compatibility issues we’ve found so far:

Avid have released an official list of issues (including data corruption on the VideoRAID SR). However, they’ve recently released a free update for Mavericks users, Pro Tools 11.0.3, along with new drivers for their audio hardware, so these issues should be fixed now.

axle video have announced that the 2012 and 2013 versions of their popular asset management solution do not support OS X Mavericks. They are currently hard at work on a compatible version, which they plan to release before the end of the year, but advise you not to update before then.

Final Cut Pro users have received this advice from FCP guru Larry Jordan: “Based on recent reports I’m reading and additional conversations, FCP 7 seems to work fine on Mavericks. (Though I had a report of a few generators not working properly on the new OS.) Keep in mind that all development on FCP 7 has ended. And, at some point, FCP 7 will not work on a future Mac operating system. While FCP 7 is not optimised for Mavericks, it does run. If you need to upgrade, go ahead. However, my personal recommendation is to not upgrade the operating system of any computer primarily devoted to FCP 7 editing. Instead, run FCP 7 on the operating system for which it was designed. Your time with FCP 7 will not last forever. It is time to start planning your migration.”

Nemetschek Vectorworks 2013 and 2014 are both Mavericks-compatible, but users on older versions will need to upgrade.

Parallels Desktop version 6 will not work with OS X Mavericks, and you will be unable to launch Windows virtual machines or directly access your files if you try to run Parallels 6 on a Mac that’s been updated. However, Parallels Desktop 9 is fully compatible and is available here.

QuarkXPress will support Mavericks from 10.0.1 onwards – version 9 users have reported a string of random crash bugs and that site licences aren’t working, and Quark are looking into resolving this. However, they have no plan to support Mavericks for QuarkXPress 8 or lower. As of 31/10, Quark are claiming that the 10.0.1 will be available from their download portal within the next few days.

SMBv2 seems to reorder ACLs on SMB share, effectively changing the permissionsThis was flagged up by a user on an AD bound Mac, and so far only those machines seem to be affected.

Rolling back to OS X Mountain Lion

If you’ve updated to Mavericks and want to roll back to Mountain Lion, your only option is to use the internet-based version of your Mac’s Recovery system – if you boot from your Mac’s built-in Recovery partition, you’ll just end up with a clean install of Mavericks. (If your computer is so shiny and new that it shipped with Mavericks, you won’t be able to roll back). Internet-based Recovery is available on Macs running OS X Lion or later, and will work as long as you’re connected to the internet.

To get back to Mountain Lion or Lion, start your Mac while holding down Cmd + Alt + R. You’ll be presented with four options; first, you’ll want to select ‘Repair or erase a disk using Disk Utility’. Be warned – you’re going to wipe your hard disk, so you’ll want to have made a decent backup or two beforehand.

Follow the on-screen instructions to erase your drive, then exit Disk Utility. You’ll be returned to your Recovery options. This time, select ‘Reinstall OS X’ and select the version you want to reinstall (you’ll need to enter your Apple ID and password if this is a version you purchased from the App Store. Follow the on-screen instructions, then once complete restore your files from the backup you made before installing Mavericks. You did back up before installing Mavericks, right?

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