Jigsaw24’s top ten tech tips for retailers

Jigsaw24’s top ten tech tips for retailers

Last week, we got our biggest retail customers together in Soho to take a look at some of the best technological trends for front of house and back of house systems. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a quick rundown of our top tips…

Get closer to your customers with Skyfii
Skyfii’s solutions allow you to transform your guest WiFi into a powerful tracking and engagement tool. You can push location-based marketing to customers over multiple channels, track engagement and dwell time, and then bring all your new data into one place with their IO Connect solution. Learn more here.

Get a tenfold increase in engagement with product imagery
Lytro’s Illum camera uses an entirely new image capture system to give you movable photographs that can be refocused to any point. Research has shown that engagement with product listings skyrockets once your product imagery is interactive – tests have shown users spend 40 seconds on a Lytro image and just four on a static one.

Update your creative workflow
In days gone by, your creative team’s key applications couldn’t run on anything other than a hulking desktop computer. Now, not only can they run the full versions of apps like Photoshop and InDesign on lightweight notebooks, but there are even dedicated mobile apps designed to fit right into that traditional workflow and make getting work done on the road or during a store visit easier. Here’s our designer Simon to explain how.

…and make sure your hardware is up to it
Obviously the effectiveness of your mobile workflow is going to depend on the usefulness of your mobile devices. The current leader of the pack is Apple’s iPad Pro, which boasts an incredibly high resolution screen and enough power for some reviewers to call it a laptop killer. You’ll also need some nearline storage to keep the images you capture and create – here’s a quick guide to your content management solutions and storage options.

Get as much realtime data as you can
Roambi is a fantastic data display app that converts realtime performance data into user-friendly graphs and charts, so your team can see how the day’s going at a glance. (If your team don’t have work phones yet, you can pick up a great SIM-only deal here.)

Start merchandising digitally
If you’re used to sending out black and white paper guides for merchandising, iPad can make things far easier. Load your device with a corporate Dropbox-like solution (such as those from Acronis and bigtincan), and you can easily share things like videos demonstrating different layouts, data on best-selling lines and variations on displays for different regions or demographics. Take a look at our iPad range here.

Try Socket Mobile scanners
Socket Mobile’s lightweight, handheld scanners allow for mobile inventory and stock checking, but can also be used to communicate with front of house staff to ensure new stock is always brought out at the right time. By providing sales assistants with mobile scanners, they can provide customers with accurate information more quickly, reducing dropped baskets and speeding up sales. Here’s a rundown of their range.

Enjoy some time off the road
Some organisations balk at the cost of a corporate iPad deployment, but if you have a regionally-based team, the device can pay for itself within three months as conferencing apps mean you can avoid trips back to HQ, or maintain relationships with regional offices remotely. Pick up an iPad here.

Make learning fun (by fun, we mean ruthlessly competitive)
Bespoke training apps allow you to work instant feedback and gamification features into your product training regimen, so that you can track learning and development KPIs, or even start up friendly competition between stores by publishing scores. Get in touch with our app development team to find out how our RetailEngage24 app can help you inform and engage sales staff.

Got training covered? We can help you with the rest, too…
Our custom-built, platform agnostic apps can support you in tasks including handling customer enquires, putting stock inventory at people’s fingertips, and furnishing sales assistants with pricing, product histories and visibility over the company’s marketing. That email address again: appdevelopment@Jigsaw24.com.

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