Get immersive monitoring with the JBL Intonato 24

Get immersive monitoring with the JBL Intonato 24

When it comes to tuning or correcting your room, we’re really into the Intonato 24 by JBL. This new 24-channel monitor management and room tuning system allows even the most complex multi-channel surround sound systems to be tuned to give optimal sound reproduction in any room. 

The JBL Intonato 24 works particularly well with JBL Pro by HARMAN speaker systems, but will work equally great with any speaker system. It features 24 analogue and digital inputs and outputs, and has the Dante format as standard too, so it will
connect directly to anything Dante-enabled (such as other Jigsaw24 favourites, the Focusrite RedNet range). It’s also really easy to set up, and gives automated calibration and comprehensive control of professional monitoring systems.


The JBL Intonato 24 features:

– Compatible with all professional studio monitors.

– Input connections for 24 analog, AES/EBU inputs; up to 256 channels of networked audio in HARMAN BLU link or Dante format (with optional BLUDAN interface).

– Software-controlled analogue input sensitivity switches, level indicators and gain trims.

– Output connections include 24 analogue outputs to powered speakers and power amplifiers; BLU link output allows networked connection to HARMAN Crown power amplifiers.

– Selectively monitor via one or more monitoring systems of up to 24 speakers.

– Volume, mute and dim controls, plus individual speaker mute and solo.

– Automated speaker calibration with included microphone precisely balances, tunes and aligns all speakers to deliver greater accuracy to the mix position in any room; 12 bands of room EQ, delay, and level per speaker.

– Per-speaker, 8-band user EQ allows standard and customised response curves such as X-Curve and compensation for perforated screen transmission loss.

– Sophisticated subwoofer integration for LFE channels and bass management.

– Variable audio/video sync delay allows compensation for video display latency.

– Stereo aux out with dedicated level control, EQ and talk back system allows an independent feed to be sent to talent or a remote green room.

– Create, store and instantly recall project-specific configurations and speaker tunings.

– Intuitive setup and control with included Macintosh, Windows and iOS/Android tablet software or optional Intonato Desktop Controller.

– Low-noise fan for quiet operation.

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The view from the front: Mix with the Pros 3D

The view from the front: Mix with the Pros 3D

Missed our 3D sound event? You’re in luck. A couple of attendees – familiar MWTP face James Ivey from Pro Tools Expert and the new, more mysteriously named Statis from Beatnik TV – have kindly done everyone else a massive favour by rounding up the event.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 12.46.30


Statis’ latest vlog over at Beatnik TV explains that “the event is devoted to helping audio professionals understand and work with the limitations and opportunities of [3D mix downs and sound for virtual reality]. From how to mix audio in 3D space to how to work with the issues created by movement in virtual realities, the event covered a huge range of the hurdles facing everyone working in these new sectors.” His video, below, features highlights of some of the day’s demos from Dolby, Sennheiser and more. (He also visited a very cool-looking graffiti show in the same episode, so you can brush up on your street art at the same time).

For a more detailed rundown of who said what, head over to Pro Tools Expert for James Ivey’s writeup, where insights include the fact that the S6 “can be used alongside any Eucon compatible application like Apple’s Logic Pro and because the S6 can address multiple machines and DAWs at the same time you can have different faders or banks of faders assigned to the different DAWs  at the same time. So you can have a group of virtual instrument channels from Logic running on the same surface as your dialog channels from Pro Tools.”

(There’s also a nice overview of the different speakers’ topics – useful in case you ever need to make small talk with Richard Addis or need to know who to direct your Dolby questions to).

Pro Tools Expert also managed to grab Avid’s Rich Nevens for a sit-down interview in our highly photogenic Steampunk demo room. Watch below for an overview on Rich’s journey to Avid’s Director of Strategic Solutions, and what Avid are planning for the future.

Thanks very much to James and Statis for a) dropping by and b) taking the time to give us such positive write ups – hope to see you next time, guys!

Missed out on Mix with the Pros? Our next instalment will be in early 2017, so keep an eye on our events page for dates, as well as a whole host of other upcoming audio-related events you might be interested in.

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Steampunk demo studio at Jigsaw24 Soho

Steampunk demo studio at Jigsaw24 Soho

Imagine there was a demo facility right in the heart of Soho, central London, that offered the best possible environment to check out the latest and greatest post-production workflow solutions. Wouldn’t that be cool? Welcome to ‘Steampunk’ at Jigsaw24, Golden Square.

Steampunk 01

Avid Everywhere

As one of the few Avid Elite Partners for audio, video and storage in the world, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for anyone who wants to integrate the industry-leading power of Pro Tools with Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter, the complete range of NEXIS storage solutions and additionally ‘Avid Everywhere’ in The Cloud.

Avid Everywhere Banner

Audio Post-Production

‘Steampunk’ is installed with the Avid Pro Tools | S6 & Pro Tools | S3 control surfaces, along with a JBL Professional LSR7 Dolby Atmos premix capable 7.1.4 monitoring system and the superb sounding, highly innovative DAD AX32 and Trinnov D-Mon EUCON-enabled audio interfaces.

Steampunk 02

Video Post-Production

From custom NLE workstations and shared storage to AS-11 delivery, our status as an Apple Solution Expert, Avid Elite Partner and Adobe Platinum Reseller means we’ve got you covered for the all major non-linear editing applications.

Grading and Finishing

Jigsaw24 is the UK’s only authorised provider of Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve and Revival on Linux and can provide advice on setups covering on-set cuts to final grade.

Steampunk 03

Storage and infrastructure

As well as offering desktop and rack-mount DAS, NAS and RAID storage, we can help you develop intelligent shared storage and asset management solutions. Featured brands are the Avid range of NEXIS solutions, GB Labs and G-Technology.


On hand to enable the best possible ‘test-drive’ experience is our team of post-production experts – talented, industry-respected, ‘go-to’ guys with lots of real world experience. Whether you’re looking at installing an audio suite, a video editing or grading suite, or a complete post-production facility, Steampunk is purpose-built to provide the optimum environment.

Steampunk 04

The Jigsaw24 ‘Steampunk’ demo facility is bookable by appointment. For further information, please contact: or call: 03332 409 285.

JBL 7 series: Professional monitors

JBL 7 series: Professional monitors

JBL Professional has a long standing reputation for being the industry standard monitor for cinema sound surround installations. Look behind the screens at any major film or TV dubbing facility and you’re likely to find a JBL. The company has now brought this unrivalled reputation to smaller scale installations with the new JBL LSR 7 Series Master Reference Monitors, and boy do they look and sound good!


Here’s the press release from JBL…

The first in JBL’s new 7 Series line, the 705i and 708i models answer the call for next generation multi-channel monitoring in post-production suites, professional music studios, broadcast facilities and OB trucks. Leveraging patented technologies developed for the flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor, 7 series studio monitors deliver detailed imaging, extended frequency response and remarkable output from compact enclosures. Centrally amplified and tuned, and easily installed, 705i and 708i studio monitors are the heart of an elegant, scalable system for broadcast and post facilities working in next generation, immersive audio formats.

JBL 7 Series Specs

Next generation systems for post and broadcast production in control rooms and trucks

– Modular and scalable for number of channels and room size.

– 7 Series Monitors and the JBL M2 Master Reference Monitor can be combined to produce a wide range of systems.

– Compact enclosures and mounting hardware allow versatile mounting options and unobstructed sight lines.

– Centralised amplification and processing eliminates the requirement for a power source at each speaker location.

– BSS BLU link Networked Audio for ease of interface and reduced system noise.

– Harman HiQnet equipped components can be centrally controlled via hardware, software or wireless tablet.



JBL removed all but the essential components from the speaker. The system leverages the superb performance and high density of eight channel Crown CT8150 and DCi8300N amps to:

– Reduce speaker system size and weight.

– Eliminate the need to provide electric power at each speaker location.

– Reduce system complexity. Blue link networked audio in the DCi N amps simplifies installation and reduces opportunity for system noise.

– LSR705i and LSR708i Dividing Network can be bypassed for bi-amplified operation.


Signal processing and control

– Speakers are centrally processed using BSS Soundweb London signal processors.

– The BSS London allows perfectly matched tunings for the LSR708i and LSR705i models.

– Available room tuning filters provide a more consistent listening experience in a range of post production and broadcast rooms.

– Inputs to the system can be analog or digital.

– Session functions such as level, individual speaker solo, fold down and more can be centrally controlled via BSS hardware, Audio Architect Software, or tablet via a wireless router.


Want to find out more about the JBL 7 series? Good news, we’ve just installed them in our Soho centre! Contact to find out how you can demo our new kit. For all the latest news, follow @Jigsaw24Audio on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.