The 999 Apple Support Club: Solving tech crises and building community

The 999 Apple Support Club: Solving tech crises and building community

We’re a sociable lot here at Jigsaw24, so when we were thinking of ways to improve the support we offer primary schools we knew three things: it had to be more comprehensive, it had to be more affordable and there had to be more opportunities to get together. The result: the 999 Apple Support Club.

What is the 999 Apple Support Club? 

It’s a new support contract we’re offering to primary schools!

In slightly more detail? 

For £999 a year, 999 Apple Support Club membership obliges us to provide you with:

– Dedicated phone and remote support from our Apple experts.

– A free annual infrastructure review.

– Onsite Apple Surgery every half term to keep you up to date with new features.

– Support from a dedicated Education Manager to help you choose and implement the right creative IT.

– Support from certified Apple Education Trainers to help you integrate IT and mobile devices into the curriculum for maximum impact.

– Help planning your Apple technology refresh and recycling.

– Dedicated purchasing portal.

– Exclusive discounts on services and end of life hardware.


– Free product training days at our place.

– Quarterly meet ups with other schools in your area.

– Access to the Jigsaw24 partner network.

– Use of Jigsaw24 pro audio demo suites at our London centre.

– Updates from our team at your cluster meetings.

What makes it a club? 

We’ll also be running exclusive product training days and termly TeachMeets so you can keep up with the latest releases and see what other teachers in your area are up to, and can even drop in at cluster meetings to update you on what’s going on. We want to help schools share best practice and new ideas, and as we have a dedicated Education Manager in every region, we thought they’d be well placed to keep people in touch.

Don’t you only do iPad? 

Nope! We’re an Apple Solution Expert for education, which means we parley our Apple knowledge into developing all-round solutions for schools (we actually work with 4000 primary schools), digital classrooms and learning hubs. We can integrate your Apple and Windows kit and make sure all of your systems are backed by a robust IT network.

OK. What are the club benefits? 

Numerous! But chief among them in the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have a dedicated point of contact for support just a phone call away. You’ll also get advice on strategy and best practice from our experienced Education Managers, who are on hand to assist with any challenges you face, roadmap the development of your school’s Apple technology, and help staff maximise the effectiveness of new devices in the classroom – so potential problems can be identified and dealt with before they even go wrong. We’re giving schools that take part a free infrastructure review, too, so you’ll have a top level knowledge of the health of all your IT systems.

Plus, you’ll get free and discounted training on new releases, and access to exclusive resources and events. Everybody loves an exclusive event.

£999 is pretty reasonable…

It is! Plus you get to bundle your support costs into one affordable yearly payment, then get discounts on training, engineering and key hardware through our exclusive education portal. And you’ll get a 30 day credit account for all those new purchases, too.

Let’s say I’m considering this. Who do I call?

If you’re already a customer, you can call your Education Manager and have them sign you up. If not, give the team a bell on 03332 409 290 or email

What if I want to read  more first?

Then we admire your commitment to literacy. There’s a website full of juicy details here.

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