Testing digital leaders’ film making skills at Langley Grammar School

Testing digital leaders’ film making skills at Langley Grammar School

Langley Grammar School’s Digital Leaders play a vital role in making sure that the school’s IT and iPad provision supports and engages students, and that there’s always a clear line of communication from the staff making IT policies to the students working under them.

When we heard that the school had just added some new Digital Leaders to the team, we thought it only right that they be put through their paces – it’s a very important role, after all. With that in mind, we set them a challenge: make a video explaining how iPad is benefiting your education, using only that same iPad.

Using their trusty iPads, students had to script, shoot and edit a three minute video showing how the school was encouraging creative, independent learning, and trying to make lessons more fun.

We’re not completely cruel, so we made sure one of our Apple Education Trainers (and former teacher) Mike Watkinson was on hand to answer any questions about apps the students hadn’t used before, but otherwise they were on their own. Over to Mike…

“Myself and Langley’s Specialist Leader for Education, Dan Mace, briefed the digital leaders on the project – this was the first time they had been asked to carry out a task like this with the knowledge that what they were producing would represent the school, so quite intimidating for them I think!

“They had also not worked on a larger scale video project, so we discussed ideas around planning and storyboarding. The students were asked how would they like to represent ways that iPad is used in the school, and what the practicalities of capturing that information would be.

“They then assigned roles to members of the team, including scriptwriters, camera operators, presenters, editors, musicians and so on, and set to work.”

The students were only using a small amount of pre-recorded footage, such as that taken from existing projects, so needed no capture and edit their contributions very quickly, as they only had a day to script, shoot and cut the video.

Mike explained: “The idea was to review each contribution as a group then compile the contributions to make the final film, adding titles and music as appropriate. iMovie was the main tool used for this process, but music was composed by members of the team using GarageBand.

“The students planned the content and structure of the final piece and captured and/or created all the materials, with guidance from Dan and myself only being around how such projects can be organised and delivered, and a little help with timekeeping! Considering they were new to the role and the process I think the results do them and the school great credit!”

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Enriching the student experience with iPad and Langley Grammar School

Enriching the student experience with iPad and Langley Grammar School

Why are iPads so valuable to the student experience? We put our heads together to figure it out, and in the end we decided… we should probably just ask the kids at Langley Grammar school, who are into their fourth year of using iPads in the classroom.

We asked pupils to tell us how iPad has affected their learning, and they replied with this video, shot and edited entirely on their iPads. Students say that iPads enable “fun, independent and creative” learning, which prepares them for the future of technology.

Independent, versatile learning

iPad enables independent learning, opening up the learning process by allowing students to personalise their work based on their own preferred learning style, helping them to stay engaged and grasp concepts better. Students at Langley Grammar say that the “best part about iPad is having the ability to control the way in which we learn”, as they can go through each lesson at their own pace and to make their learning more effective. Students say that they “now have a full system built on independent learning”. They’re even able to test themselves at home, accessing class materials with a link to the school’s server system. And with iPad’s built-in features that make it accessible to students of all ages and abilities, the benefits can be felt by all pupils.

Encouraging creativity in a fun learning environment

As iPad becomes a core part of learning, students are able to be more creative by utilising the wealth of tools available to them. Pupils can take advantage of multiple ways of producing and presenting work to their peers and teachers, which were not available to them before iPads were introduced, giving students more freedom in their learning. Langley Grammar pupils tell us that they’re able to be more creative with iPad, as it opens up “new opportunities that couldn’t be done without iPads”, allowing them to “rethink learning”.

Because iPad allows for more fun learning, students say they are “more engaged and remember more” from their lessons. Creative activities with the iPad (such as shooting and editing videos such as this one) allow them to develop their technology skills in an enjoyable, competitive way. Pupils are eager to work with the iPads, looking forward to lessons that involve the device.

“Rolling out iPad in schools has had a huge impact on student learning and the effectiveness of using technology in the classroom,” says Paul Ford, our head of education. “As a result of creating a more engaging, more collaborative learning environment, we’ve seen schools smash their targets in terms of both grades and student satisfaction.”

If you’re looking to boost creativity and independent learning in your school, we’ve got everything you need to get up and running – from the iPads themselves and their protective cases and charging carts, to mobile device management (MDM) software and training. We also offer extended warranties and repairs, onsite support, helpdesk, training for first line technicians, IT health checks and more, so you’re covered from end to end.

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