Here’s why iOS 10.3 is great for business

Here’s why iOS 10.3 is great for business

iOS 10 is now more personal, and more powerful. Apple’s latest operating system is packed with features to make your business day run as smoothly as possible.

Whether you’re running late for a meeting or need to make secure payments on the web, iOS 10.3 is here for your everyday business needs. If you’ve been considering iOS for business or have already made the jump, here are just a few features that could improve your day…


iOS 10.3 is the first to adopt the new Apple File System (APFS), developed to replace the 30 year old HFS file system. APFS is optimised for Flash/SSD storage and features strong encryption, copy-on-write metadata, space sharing, cloning for files and directories, snapshots, fast directory sizing, atomic safe-save primitives, and improved file system fundamentals. Copying files with APFS is noticeably speedier thanks to efficient space optimisation and the updated way the file system calculates capacity.

Dual apps

With iOS 10.3, the way you use apps is changing. It’s now possible to work on two apps at once, so you can move fluidly between tasks for a more productive experience. Siri now works with all your favourite business apps from the App Store, so you can ask it to book a ride or send a payment with ease.

Contextual predictions

Your device is now able to speed up your interactions by predicting the information you want to share, based what you type. When sharing contact information, simply type something like “My number is…” and your details will pop up ready to populate. Or tell someone “I’m available at…” and iOS will search your calendar for your next free space. Perfect for making arrangements on the go.

Updated Settings app

The Settings app has been revamped for iOS 10.3, so you can spend less time hopping in and out of menus to configure your device. Manage your iCloud and App Store configurations all in one unified menu, as well as accessing information on all of your connected Apple devices. It’s also easier to keep your device protected, as the Password and Security menu is just a tap away. Here you can change your password, set up two-factor authentication or edit your trusted phone number to make sure all your business files stay secure.


Your Maps app is now more intelligent, able to learn your daily commute and check the best route available based on meetings in your calendar. It can also make proactive suggestions on other places you might like to visit and calculate them into your route, so you can easily stop for food, coffee or fuel.

Multilingual typing

Save time when speaking with international colleagues or clients with multilingual typing. Now in iOS 10 you can type in two different languages at the same time, without the need to switch between keyboards. iOS can now recognise any pair of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. It also supports English and Chinese together.

Apple Pay

With Touch ID and Apple Pay on the web, shopping online is now easier, faster and more private. With the hardware working seamlessly with the OS, the advanced fingerprint sensor recognises you and the software keeps your payment information safe. Simply browse the web, and pay using your fingerprint for a quick and secure checkout.


Switch between apps more quickly and easily in CarPlay to stay connected on the go. Using the quick switcher in the status bar, tap between your communication, Maps and entertainment apps while keeping your focus on the road.

Check out 9to5Mac’s video on the full list of new iOS 10.3 features…

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Apple launch iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple launch iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple’s annual autumn event has delivered two new iPhone models: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. While vastly improving performance, they’ve somehow managed to give you two more hours battery life a day for your iPhone 7 Plus and an hour a day more for your iPhone 6 Plus.

A10 Fusion

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus both rock an ultrafast A10 Fusion chip, the most advanced in Apple’s iOS lineup. It’s a 64 bit, four core CPU that’s 40% faster the the A9, and twice as fast as the A8 (that’s what’s in your iPhone 6 Plus and 6, respectively). A new performance controller puts key tasks on two ‘high efficiency’ cores, then relegates background tasks in order to conserve battery life. Graphics performance experienced a similar bump in power, so performance will be two times faster than it is on your iPhone 6. You can even use Adobe Lightroom for on-iPhone RAW image editing.

We say goodbye to the 16GB onboard storage option (presumably because of all the action the new cameras are going to get), with both models starting at 32GB and the iPhone 7 Plus going all the way up to 256GB (you’ll have to opt for a Jet Black model to get the largest size).

The camera and display

The Retina HD display now has a wider colour gamut and 25% brighter display, but the real improvements have been seen in the cameras.

Both cameras get with built-in image stabilisation and a larger sensor for better low light performance (our marketing team are extremely excited about what this means for the quality of their Instagram videos). The back camera on both models now uses a six-element lens and high speed sensor to give you sharper images, and incorporates a 50% brighter flash that can sense and compensate for the flickering of artificial light.

This is all powered by a new ISP chip (the thing that calculates focus, exposure and facial recognition, among other things), which  has three times the throughput of the previous version, and is now performing three million actions per photo in 25 milliseconds. Even the 7MP FaceTimeHD camera on the front of your phone is getting a wider colour gamut and better colour reproduction.

The iPhone 7 Plus has its own second camera

It’s really a very camera-heavy release. The iPhone 7 Plus has an additional camera on the back. While your standard camera has an optical lens with software zoom, but the new one has a telephoto lens. Combining the two different lens types creates far better zoom performance. 12MP pictures are possible via your optical zoom at 1x and 2x, and then software zoom all the way up to 10x.

A very welcome side effect of this? Your iPhone can now depth-map images in order to produce a shallow depth of field effect (it’s called the ‘portrait’ effect in your menu, and will appear as a free software update later this year), so you can enjoy sharp foreground images with excellent background bokeh.

Audio on iPhone

One feature that’s not present? The headphone jack. From now on, Apple’s headphones will connect via Lightning, rather than the traditional jack, and that space is being used to make space for stereo speakers that are 50% louder than your current speakers, and have a wider dynamic range.

While this may be seen as controversial (apparently some people very strongly about having to use proprietary headphones), there are big benefits – the quality of your audio will be better over a Lightning connection, and closing the jack is part of what has made the new model so water resistant.

If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry – you’ll get a free Lightning to headphone jack adaptor in the box, to ease you through your transitional phase.


Apple also introduced Apple AirPods, wireless earbuds designed by Mr Ive himself. They use an Apple-designed chip called the W1 to maintain a consistent connection to your devices as you move from one to another. Sensors ensure that the AirPods only play once they’re in your ears, where, as well as playing back music, they can activate Siri when you double tap them. They will last for five hours per charge, and the carrying and charging case they come with will provide you with 24 hours of charge.

A haptic Home key

The Home key has been sacrificed in the name of sleekness and water resistance, replaced by a solid state button which provides haptic feedback when pressed, when you get a message or call, or when you perform quick actions. Some of our team are disappointed to lose a physical button; those who have dropped previous iPhone models in the toilet are not, as it now meets the IP67 protection standard for water and dust-proofness.


iPhone 7 is available to preorder now and will start shipping on September 16th. Your iPhone 7 is $649 and the 7 Plus is $749. We first saw this in action at June’s WWDC event, but iOS 10 now has an official release date: September 13th. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are available in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Space Grey and new matte Black and glossy Jet Black colours, which we find pleasingly sleek.

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All the news from WWDC 2016

All the news from WWDC 2016

This was a big one. With four, that’s right, four whole OS updates being unveiled at Apple’s June keynote, it’s fair to say there’s a lot to talk about and a lot to get excited about.

If you love Apple (and emojis) like we do, you’ll have been itching with anticipation for this year’s keynote. So, without further ado, here’s our rundown of all the big announcements from WWDC 2016.

iOS 10 

Release: Public Beta in July, coming this Autumn (free upgrade)

It’s being called the ‘biggest iOS release ever’, and it’s hard to disagree. Designed with user experience in mind, and with substantial improvements to some of iOS’ most popular features, the wait for number 10 will feel like waiting for Christmas. It’ll be available on iPhone 5 and later, and will include:

– Redesigned lock and home screens, incorporating 3D touch, raise to wake and widgets.

– Siri will be opened up to developers for 3rd party messaging apps, allowing users to book Uber rides, pay friends, make VoIP calls and much more. If that’s not convenient enough for you, never fear, Apple already has it figured out with QuickType. QuickType provides intelligent suggestions with deep learning (LSTMs), through factors like current locations, contact information, recent addresses and availability – it even offers intelligent scheduling for the calendar app.

– Photos is getting some cool additions too, with facial recognition, object and scene recognition, and memories (clusters of photos sorted by date, people and topics).

– Maps will receive an all-new design, complete with improved traffic information, faster route suggestions, and quick controls to find food or petrol. The app will also be opened up for developers, allowing users to book a table and the like.

– Music (now with 15 million paid subscribers) will get a shiny new redesign too. Apple have simplified the app, improved audio clarity, and added a lyrics feature.

– Following suit, News has received a redesign inline with Music, and will feature breaking news notifications to boot. Apple said the app will now include over 2000 publications.

– Home is a brand-new app that’s designed to simplify home automation. It works in conjunction with HomeKit-compatible accessories, which now include controls for cameras, door locks and air conditioning. Home app can see and control all accessories from one place, and provides remote access to home automation.

– Thanks to new Phone updates, you’ll now be alerted to possible spam calls or suspicious numbers (which is great if you’re sick of hearing about PPI!). VoIP apps will also be integrated, and Contacts has received an upgrade.

– Last, but certainly not least, Messages has been gifted some impressive new features that have had Apple fans everywhere talking. The app will now include rich links, tap-to-replace emojis (perfect if you want to let pictures do all the talking) and emoji prediction (emojis are now three times bigger!). Not only that, iOS 10 will introduce a range of bubble effects (including invisible ink for more secretive messages), as well as quick tap back, handwritten messages, digital touch and exciting full screen effects.


Release: Coming this Autumn (free upgrade)

tvOS will receive a substantial update this fall with new features, including:

– 1300 video channels, up from 80.

– 6000 native apps.

– An AppleTV remote app for your iPhone, allowing you to control AppleTV through your handset. It mimics the hardware remote, with Siri voice and typing support, dictation for usernames and passwords, a Now Playing screen, accelerometer and gyroscope support for games, touch navigation and more.

– Siri can now search for movies by topic, and browse YouTube.

– Live Tune In – Siri can take you straight to the action, available on AppleTV and iPad.

– Single Sign-on – Also available on iOS, you can now sign in once to access all apps on the network.

– Dark Mode, perfect for nighttime viewing.

– For developers: ReplayKit, PhotoKit and HomeKit.

watchOS 3

Release: Coming this Autumn (free upgrade)

Apple announced some exciting new updates for its wearable hardware:

– In-app launch time is now seven times faster.

– Background updates.

– Dock – Push the side button, and swipe through live apps.

– iOS Control Center – Accessible by swiping from the bottom of the screen.

– Improved smart reply options.

– Scribble – Write your own message replies one letter at a time (available in English and Chinese).

– New, swappable watch faces, including the Activity face which lets you quick start Workout, Minnie Mouse with customisable dress colours (if that’s what you’re into), a numeral face available in a variety of fonts, and analogue, digital and chronograph, the three new Activity ring faces.

– SOS calling – Holding down the side button initiates a three second countdown to call emergency services, and then sends a notification with your location data to all emergency contacts and brings up your medical ID. It works in conjunction with your iPhone or over WiFi.

– Activity Sharing – Swipe right on your Activity rings to check out your family and friends’ rings (a cool feature if you love getting competitive). You’ll even be placed on a leaderboard, so you can see how much better you’re doing than everyone else.

– Breathe – Designed to help combat stress, Breathe is a neat deep breathing/meditation app. It relies on haptic feedback and visuals, and takes a heart reading towards the end of a session.

macOS Sierra

Release: Public Beta in July, coming this Autumn (free upgrade)

Apple’s latest macOS is called Sierra and it’s all about continuity. Along with a whole range of new features, Apple will incorporate Siri, Apple watch and Apple Pay into its flagship operating system when it drops this Autumn. Here’s a rundown of everything we know:

– Auto Unlock – You can now use your Watch to automatically unlock your Mac, very handy if you’re a fan of Apple’s wearable.

– Universal Clipboard – One of the new continuity features, Universal Clipboard allows users to copy content on one device and paste it onto another.

– Hot off the announcement that 10 billion user documents are stored in iCloud, Apple confirmed that all files stored on the Desktop or in the Documents folder of a Mac will be available across multiple devices including other Macs, iPhone and iPad.

– Optimised Storage makes room for new files by keeping older ones in the cloud, and getting rid of files you’ll never use again through a simple user interface . You’ll receive notifications that remind you to delete useless app installers, caches, logs and duplicate downloads.

– Apple Pay on the web works in conjunction with iPhone, and prompts for touch ID payment authentication.

– Tabs will now be available outside of Safari in a variety of Apple apps like Maps, Pages, Mail and more, and will be incorporated into third-party apps too.

– Picture in Picture will allow users to watch videos while performing other tasks; it’s great for multitasking and ideal for continuing your Netflix binge while taking care of other, more important, things.

– Siri is making its Mac debut under Sierra – it’s accessible in the dock and menu bar. Siri will be able to send messages, search the web, open documents, look through photos and videos, make phone and FaceTime calls, set reminders and more.

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