How do I combine books in Book Creator for iPad?

How do I combine books in Book Creator for iPad?

Preparing for one of my Apple training days at a primary school, I stumbled across the latest update to the Book Creator for iPad app, which allows you to ‘combine’ books. This is especially interesting for education, as it means pupils can create separate chapters of work, then the teacher can combine them all for marking and archiving.

You can also export the Book Creator format if you export via a sharing service such as iFiles, Google Drive or Dropbox. This lets staff edit the pupils’ books, marking their work with any notes and annotations and even recording their voice within the app for verbal feedback before sending it back to the students. All of that turns Book Creator for iPad (Red Jumper, £2.99) into a powerful tool for learning and assessment.

Once you have the most up to date version of Book Creator for iPad, here’s how you can start combining books, according to app developers Red Jumper:

“You can combine two books from the My Books screen. With the book you want to copy into displayed in the center of the screen tap on the + button and chose “Combine Books”. Then chose a book and tap ‘Copy’ to copy all of its pages to the end of your current book.

Please note: you can only combine books which have the same layout i.e. portrait, square or landscape.

Using Combine Books to import a template

“If you have a page layout which you want to reuse then ‘Combine Books’ can help. Just set up the layout in its own book, and then when you’re working on your main book, copy the layout book to your main book using ‘Combine Books’ as many times as required.”

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