Could artificial intelligence (AI) help you boost field sales?

Could artificial intelligence (AI) help you boost field sales?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are no longer just the preserve of science fiction. They’re two of the biggest buzzwords in the tech industry right now, as a way of better utilising data to improve workflows. But what does it actually mean for field sales teams? 

Let’s start with the basics. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that enables machines to copy intelligent human behaviour, mimicking jobs that we humans find easy, but computers would find difficult. Machine learning is a further subfield of this whereby machines take lots of data and effectively ‘learn’ for themselves.

A combination of AI and mobile technology such as iPhone and iPad is currently transforming the sales industry, going from a buzzword to something that can actually be used by field salespeople to help hit targets, improve customer interactions, and keep sales managers happy. In fact, AI can contribute to every part of the sales pipeline; from logging call and email activity with customers and the AI platform ‘learning’ patterns for more valuable insights into sales data and customers, to automating admin and non-sales jobs so salespeople can focus on enhancing revenue-generating activities. It’s no surprise then that many real world companies are taking AI on board now, with solutions that have a positive trackable impact and enable digital transformation.

ForceManager Cognitive app

One of the best examples of this in action, giving real world benefits and immediate returns, is ForceManager’s new artificial intelligence (AI) sales tool for iOS, Cognitive. ForceManager – creators of the industry-leading all-in-one mobile CRM – reckon that, on average, salespeople waste 2hrs 45mins every single day driving between client meetings. They wanted a solution that would turn that lost time into actual sales, so incorporated AI into their existing solution to develop a tool that would enable salespeople to work more efficiently and boost sales.

Unprecedented insight into interactions

Step in Cognitive, a revolutionary new sales intelligence tool that, coupled with an iPhone or iPad, aims to help field sales be as productive as possible while on the road. Using natural language processing and speech recognition technology powered by IBM’s Watson technology, Cognitive analyses thousands of realtime data points to provide unprecedented insight into all customer interactions, find out where they should be concentrating their attention, and transform previously lost time into sales.

Ask your personal voice assistant Dana (think of her as a sales-obsessed Siri, just like on your iPhone) any sales query, and she’ll scan back through all your interactions to help plan your day and be better prepared for meetings, all from your iOS device. As the voice assistant can be operated hands-free on iPhone or iPad, it means sales reps can be more productive while driving, and focus on selling.

“The main problem that managers face is a lack of visibility throughout the sales process,” said Oscar Macia, co-founder and CEO of ForceManager. “However, by combining AI with a mobile sales platform we have been able to deliver a whole new level insight to field sales teams worldwide. We’re always looking to work with the latest technology. That’s why we were selected as an Apple Mobility Partner.”

All sounds very futuristic, right? Well, not really – ForceManager is already being used by huge international companies such as Ford, Volvo, Vauxhall, Hertz, Orange and many more, and the Cognitive app for iOS can simply integrate into salespeople’s existing workflow. So if you’d like to boost field sales through the use of AI, get in touch with us to talk about ForceManager, Cognitive and iOS device solutions, and head to the Cognitive launch event to find out more.

Why choose Apple for mobility apps

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