FAQ: Avid NEXIS | Pro 20TB and 40TB engines

FAQ: Avid NEXIS | Pro 20TB and 40TB engines

In November 2017, Avid announced that they would be discontinuing the Avid NEXIS | Pro 20TB engine, and replacing it with the 40TB model they had premiered at IBC. With stocks of the 20TB model now critically low, we looked at the key questions you need to ask before moving to the 40TB engine. 


Will my existing 20TB engines still be supported? 

Yes. Avid will provide support for any 20TB NEXIS | Pro covered by a support contract until 31st December 2022, so your hardware should be safe for the rest of its usable life. It will continue to qualify for maintenance software releases, including bug fixes and client OS compatibility updates.

Will I be able to continue using my existing hardware? 

Again, yes. See below for specific compatibility information.

How does the price compare to the existing 20 TB engine? 

The new, larger engine is actually better value per TB, offering you twice the storage capacity for a relatively small uptick in price (the base model of the 40TB unit is currently £1000 more than the base 20TB model).

Are there limits to how I can configure my NEXIS | Pro system? 

Essentially, the same limits apply to NEXIS systems built from the new storage model as follows:

– Up to four Media Packs (in this case up to four engines) can be merged into one NEXIS | Pro system which uses the embedded System Director service mode of NEXIS File System.

– Up to 30 clients can be connected to the NEXIS Pro storage system simultaneously.

– Up to 24 clients can be actively connected to the system accessing storage Workspaces simultaneously.

– NEXIS Pro Engine Media Packs can be bound to the file system in either Scale Out Storage Group (SOSG) mode or in High Performance Storage Group (HPSG) mode. For systems containing more than one engine, both modes can be used (starting, perhaps, with one Media Pack in SOSG mode and one Media Pack in HPSG mode), and up to four Storage Groups can be configured as follows:

– Up to four engines can be connected and from one to four Storage Groups can be created with each engine’s Media Pack bound to the file system in SOSG mode delivering up to 400 MB/s bandwidth per Media Pack. Storage Groups can be sized according to bandwidth requirements, and further Media Packs added later if expansion is required (subject to the four Media Pack system limit).

– Up to four engines can be connected and one Storage Group can be created with each engine’s Media Pack bound to the file system in HPSG mode delivering up to 600 MB/s bandwidth per Media Pack bound in this mode. Additional Storage Groups can also be created if required; however, these must use SOSG bound Media Packs.

Can NEXIS | Pro engines be mixed with NEXIS | E ones? 

NEXIS | Pro storage cannot be mixed with NEXIS | E series engines, although a NEXIS | Pro based system and one or more NEXIS | E series based systems could be run in the same network environment if required, and from a common client base.

Can I add NEXIS | Pro 40TB Engines to my NEXIS | Pro 20TB system?

Yes, you can do this safely, although the total number of NEXIS engines in a NEXIS Pro engine-based NEXIS system cannot exceed four, and you will need to be running at least NEXIS software v7.10.1. This may mean that a software update must be performed on the existing NEXIS | Pro 20TB engines and all clients accessing the storage prior to adding the new NEXIS engines to the system.

Ideally, NEXIS | Pro 40TB Engines would be added to a new Storage Group separate from any existing Storage Groups consisting of NEXIS | Pro 20TB Engines in order to optimise available storage capacity.

Can I add NEXIS | Pro 40TB Engines to my ISIS 1000 system?

Yes, although the ISIS 1000 system would need to be upgraded to NEXIS | Pro 20TB engines and NEXIS v7.10.1 software or above before the new storage was added.

Can I add NEXIS | Pro 40TB Engines to my ISIS 5000 system?

No. However, NEXIS systems can be run safely alongside an ISIS system and both storage systems can be accessed from a common Avid Shared Storage client. So if you need to expand your available storage capacity or increase the storage bandwidth available to clients, a suitably configured Avid NEXIS system can be established in the same network as your existing ISIS system. In this case the ISIS system must be running a minimum version of ISIS v4.7.5 software (although the latest v4.7.11 is highly recommended) and the existing ISIS client software can be updated to the Avid NEXIS client software.

What level of storage protection is offered by NEXIS | Pro series engines?

Administrators can select to have data protected in NEXIS | Pro based file systems with either One Disk or Two Disk protected Workspaces. In the case of the One Disk protected Workspaces, data located in these Workspaces will remain available to users in the case of one disk in the NEXIS Media Pack failing. In the case of the Two Disk protected Workspaces, data located in these Workspaces will remain available to users in the case of up to two disks in the NEXIS Media Pack failing. Administrators can also elect to create Workspaces with no data protection enabled, although we recommend that users only select this option if they have an effective onsite backup workflow in place.

Is NEXIS engine mirroring available as a data protection scheme in NEXIS | Pro based systems?

No, this advanced data protection scheme requires use of the NEXIS System Director Appliance (SDA) and is only available in NEXIS |E Series engine-based configurations.

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Your Creative Cloud FAQs answered

Your Creative Cloud FAQs answered

We answer our most asked Adobe Creative Cloud questions and put the myths to rest…

Do I have to run CC apps in my web browser?

No. It may be called Creative Cloud, but you aren’t confined to cloud and web-based services. Certain aspects are web-based, like the online training tutorials and the cloud storage, but your core apps still run on your desktop.

Do I need to be constantly connected to the internet?

You will need to be connected to the internet when you install and license your software, but once you’re up and running you don’t need an internet connection. However, you’ll need to make sure you connect your CC-running devices to the internet once per month, just so that Adobe are aware that your membership is still current.

Do I have to buy a complete membership?

If you’re likely to use a range of CC apps then we’d recommend you buy Creative Cloud Complete, but if you know you’ll only need one or two applications, you can purchase single app subscriptions.

Do I have any control over updates?

As a Creative Cloud subscription holder, you’ll have access to all the latest updates as soon as they’re available. But you can download them at your leisure – they won’t automatically download. If you’d like greater control over updates, Creative Cloud packager allows you to centrally choose when applications are updated. You can even have access to archived versions of Creative Suite if you need them.

Do I have to use cloud storage?

As part of your subscription you are given 100GB of cloud storage – whether you want to use this is up to you. Your IT departments are able to set access rights for teams using Creative Cloud, so you can decide whether you’d like your users to have access to cloud storage or not.

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FAQs: Apple’s VPP (Volume Purchasing Programme)

FAQs: Apple’s VPP (Volume Purchasing Programme)

Our resident technology guru and IT agony uncle is fielding all your questions on how to buy and distribute apps to iPad using Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme (VPP).

What is VPP?

Legally, you can’t just run the same app on each device – you have to own a separate licence for each device. But with the Volume Purchase Programme from Apple you can easily buy multiple copies of apps, and dish them out to pupils’ devices via managed distribution.

The best thing about it though, is that unlike the regular App Store, VPP lets developers offer education pricing on their apps, so you can find yourself getting bulk discounts of 50% off on many apps too!

Who’s responsible for the process?

Responsibility for the VPP process is divided up into three separate roles – the Programme Manager, Facilitator and Technical. The Programme Manager is the person you pick to decide about who can purchase apps and take the lead in making programme decisions. We’d recommend the head teacher, for example.

The Programme Facilitators are people who are authorised to make purchases of apps and books, so teachers, for example. Then someone a bit more technical will be responsible for distributing the app licence codes to the relevant users across your school.

You might have different ideas for how you want to share the responsibilities, and if someone is really confident with the process, or you’re in a smaller school, one person could perhaps even volunteer to take on the lot.

How do we pay for apps?

When it comes to payment, currently the best way is for each Facilitator to have access to a payment card, or even to share a payment card. You can also send a purchase order to Jigsaw24, asking us to add credit to your VPP account for you, if you don’t have a card.

How do we distribute apps?

VPP has its own online shop which lets teachers or admin purchase apps and unlock licences, which then get sent to your Technical contact as a list of codes in a big spreadsheet or added to your management system (MDM). Once your technical guru has the codes, they can then distribute them in a number of ways. Please contact us if you’d like advice on which is best for you.

1. Split up the codes and email them to students and staff to manually download the apps themselves.

2. Use an over-the-air MDM solution to distribute app recommendations.

3. Use Apple Configurator and a USB connection to load the apps onto devices.

4. Ask for Managed Distribution licences instead of codes, so that your MDM solution can push out apps and even pull them back again!

You’ll need to bear in mind that downloading Apple’s free apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand and iMovie works a little differently, and you need to request licences for those, preferably before using the iPads. Contact us to find out how.

Who actually owns the apps?

Once an app is deployed, it has an owner depending on how you ordered the apps. If you ordered your apps by the spreadsheet method and deployed them using Apple Configurator over USB, or if you invited users to your VPP account, the apps belong to the school and can be ‘loaned’ to pupils temporarily, and then redeemed back when needed.

If you emailed the codes to pupils, or put the spreadsheet into your MDM solution, the apps belong to the pupils for good. It’s a bit of a different way of working, but it’s an amazing benefit for pupils and parents!

How do I enrol?

To set up a VPP account, just head over to www.apple.com/uk/education/it/vpp where you’ll find full information on how to enrol. Once the Programme Manager has set up the account, you can add your Facilitators and start shopping around for apps and books!

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Can’t control your Companion? Your Wacom questions answered…

Can’t control your Companion? Your Wacom questions answered…

So you’ve just taken delivery of your Wacom Cintiq Companion, or are hooking up your brand new Wacom Intuos Pro tablet when you hit a snag. How do I plug that into here? Why won’t this show up on there? Or perhaps you’re just doing a bit of pre-purchase Wacom graphics tablet research.

We’ve rounded up some frequently asked questions about Wacom’s range of tablets, from specific product and accessory questions to your Wacom purchasing options. So if you do have a Wacom question, you might be able to find it below or, alternatively,  get in touch with the friendly folk at Wacom tech support on 0207 744 0831!

Wacom Cintiq Companion/Cintiq Companion Hybrid

Q. Can the Cintiq Companion be connected to other desktop Cintiq tablets or computers?

A. It certainly can. Using the Cintiq Companion’s mini DisplayPort and two USB 3.0 ports, you can easily connect it to other devices, including an interactive Cintiq display like the Cintiq 24HD. If you do want to connect it to other monitors, you might need a separate adaptor, which you can pick up easily and cheaply.

Q. Am I able to map the Cintiq Companion Hybrid’s Express Keys to specific Android apps?

A.  Express Keys need to be set by the application itself, so if you want to use shortcuts in those apps that you find yourself working in most regularly, you’ll need to check with the developer of the application whether they’re able to implement this support.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Q. Can the Wacom Cintiq 13HD be properly colour calibrated using a colourimeter?

A. In terms of colour calibration, the Cintiq 13HD can, as the screen is a lot brighter and has a higher resolution compared to previous Wacom tablets.

Q. How do I get to the display settings on the Cintiq 13HD?

A. You can access the settings for brightness, contrast etc through the Wacom display settings application on your computer, which you should be able to see in the applications folder on a Mac or in the program files on Windows.

Wacom Cintiq 22HD/24HD/24HD Touch

Q. What’s the difference between the Wacom Cintiq 24HD and the Cintiq 24HD touch?

A.  The only differences between the 24HD and the 24HD touch are that the touch model has now upped the colour space to 97%, and added multitouch capability to the feature set so you can navigate and manipulate designs using your fingers (think the same kind of gestures you’d use on a MacBook Pro trackpad).

Q. Video editing on the Cintiq 24HD touch is an intriguing idea. What about music production?

A. Unless the music production software can detect different levels of pressure using the pen input, we wouldn’t see the need for it. The Wacom Cintiq is designed for digital visual design work that can take advantage of the software’s ability to detect the different levels of pressure while working directly on the screen. It may help your workflow to use a tablet as it’s ergonomically designed for comfort, though.

Q. Does the Cintiq 24HD touch have an option to disable multitouch to be able to rest your hand on the screen without it affecting drawing?

A. There’s actually an additional button on the touch model at the top right of the display that lets you turn the functionality on and off. If you take a look at the 24HD touch review video here, and skip to 2:25, you can see what we mean.


Q. Is this pen compatible with that tablet?

A. Wacom offer an extensive range of accessories and we can get our hands on most of them. Typically, the clue is in the title, e.g, Intuos3 pens work on Intuos3 tablets, and will not work on newer Intuos4, 5 or old Intuos2 tablets. But since Wacom launched Intuos4, they’ve used the same technology in those pens and tablets on Intuos5, Intuos Pro and Cintiq 24HD, 22HD and 13HD – so all pens that work on Intuos4 or 5 will work on the newer Intuos Pro and Cintiq tablets (2013 models). However, Bamboo/Intuos (2013) pens will not work on Intuos Pro or Cinitq tablets. It can be a little confusing now since some of the product names are similar (Intuos (2013) is now a Bamboo and used to refer to the pro range!), so best thing is to contact us if in doubt.

Purchasing options

Q. Can we get a loan unit to demo or ‘try before we buy’?

 A. We do have certain units available for demo and short term loan basis. For a demo from our in-house Wacom expert, contact us to arrange an appointment (we tend to only do demos on the Cintiq range). If that’s not possible, we can arrange a short term loan of one of our demo units.

Q. Can I lease Wacom tablets?

A. You can! We offer leasing options on a range of Wacom tablets – get in touch with us on the details below to find out the best option for you.

Q. Is there education pricing available on any Wacom tablets? 

A. Yes, we do offer education pricing on the full Intuos and Intuos Pro ranges, but unfortunately not on the Cintiq range.

Q. Can we get quantity discounts on Wacom tablets?

A. If you want to get the latest and best prices, the best thing to do is give the sales team a call on the details below, and see how they can help.


– Got a burning Wacom question that’s not covered here? Get in touch with Wacom tech support on 0207 744 0831!

Want to know more about purchasing from Wacom’s range of graphics tablets? Call us on 03332 409 306 or email sales@Jigsaw24.com to find out more about the different models from Wacom available or the best graphics tablet for your creative workflow.