Extreme shooting at our FS7 II Masterclass with Jeremy Humphries

Extreme shooting at our FS7 II Masterclass with Jeremy Humphries

Last week, Anthony Corcoran from Jigsaw24 welcomed award-winning director of photography Jeremy Humphries, Chilean rose tarantula Sharon and red milk snake Stripey to our Soho digs for our Sony FS7 II Masterclass. Between them, they taught us a little about extreme shooting and how to get the best out of the new FS7 II…

Jeremy is a BBC-trained director of photography with over 35 years of experience, and has filmed documentaries in extreme and diverse locations, from South Africa and Zanzibar to the Pacific Rim and North Pole. He also trained contestants of The Island with Bear Grylls on how to use camcorders in extreme conditions. As well as getting hands-on with the FS7 II, guests were able ask Jeremy for his expert tips and tricks.


Jeremy discussed his experiences using the FS7 and FS7 II, and on how to get the best results. These included the optimum way to set up the camera, how to make the most out of the customisable pre-set buttons, configuring the LCD with colour bars, creating HDR content, tips for shooting in S-Log3, and using LUTs. He discussed the future benefits of REC2020 and manipulating depth of field whilst compensating for exposure fluctuation with the electronic variable ND filter on the FS7 II.

He also shared his expertise on shooting in extreme environments, including discussion and clips on how he recently shot Hunted and Escape to the Wild. Jeremy was full of tips that he’s developed from his extensive experience, like acclimatising your camera as soon as possible, and pointed out issues many might not have thought of, such as changing lenses in sub-zero temperatures, and condensation collecting on your LCD monitor.

In these extreme conditions, Jeremy also recommended shooting handheld as opposed to on a tripod wherever possible, to really get involved in the action. To demonstrate the benefits of this, and other tips he shared, Jeremy showed us some clips from his past work Hunted and Escape to the Wild.

To recreate the kind of environments Jeremy is familiar with, and to give our guests a taste of the ‘extreme’, we brought in a couple of friends as part of a mini tropical set for guests to test the FS7 II out on.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 14.23.39 Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 16.55.17

We let Sharon and Stripey loose on guests, so they could get hands-on with the animals while waiting to check out the Sony FS7 II.


Guests were able to have a play with the new camcorder with our in-house Jigsaw24 experts, and compare it to the previous FS7 model. There was also quite a queue to chat with Jeremy and get some more expert tips and tricks!

When discussing the great new features of the FS7 II, Jeremy talked about how he began his career as a focus puller way back when you needed to judge if your shots were in focus by eye. The digital and technological developments demonstrated in the new Sony camcorder really put into perspective just how far we’ve come during the span of his career.

While we can’t quite get hold of a Sony Video 8 or KODAVISION Series 2000 any more, we can help out with all the latest kit from camcorders to cables. Our expert team can take you through consultancy, to implementation, to support and repairs, and we even provide accredited training courses for technical teams and end users.

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View from the front: Nuno Fernandes rounds up our RedNet Rundown

View from the front: Nuno Fernandes rounds up our RedNet Rundown

We’re a sociable bunch at Jigsaw24, and we like nothing more than a good natter over the latest audio kit. To that end, we opened the doors of our Soho facility for a RedNet Rundown, giving you the chance to see the range in action and put your questions to Focusrite’s team. Freelance engineer and producer Nuno Fernandes took time out from working with his impressive client list to come down, and has been kind enough to let us share his roundup

Focusrite Red 4PRE & Pro Tools

This past Thursday I went down to Soho to visit Jigsaw24 to attend an event on Focusrite RedNet. Focusrite has a long history in the audio world and when they first announced the RedNet line I was curious but a little skeptical. It seemed like a solution to a problem I didn’t have. So I kept following developments but it was slightly off my radar.

Recently, with the release of the Red 4Pre, I started thinking a lot about Nathaniel Kunkel’s Studio Without Walls concept again. Focusrite was offering an interface that I could use with my ProTools HD Native rig at home and that I could connect using Thunderbolt to my laptop on location, at the same time being able to use 32 channels of Dante expandability! I was almost convinced, but it wasn’t until the release of the Red 8Pre that I started really seriously considering it.

The idea of being able to reach a location and not having to carry long XLR multi-cores between points is nice. The idea of having the Red8Pre next to my laptop and just running an Ethernet lead to one or two MP8R (or a Grace Design m802, or a Millennia Media HV-3R) close to the sources and just having to run XLR leads from that point to the mics seems heavenly, especially since the pres are remote controlled. I could then have an A16R close to the interface for any other color preamps I would like to use.

True, for those I’d need some long XLR leads or multicores but that would be an option for flavor. Another Ethernet cable to feed headphones or DI’s… There are so many options that are Dante compatible, and in the near future with the adoption of the AES67 standard by the main Audio-over-IP suppliers, you can even add equipment from other standards, like Ravenna.

I truly believe that this would make my idea of a portable pro-studio a lot easier to achieve. The cabling will be a lot cheaper and easier to carry, and the gear itself also. Now, if I could only find the funds and get rid of my Avid Omni…

Thanks to Andy Brooks, Will Hoult, and Cameron Stevenson for the presentation and the patience to answer questions.

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What went down at our Expand Your Brand with Video event

What went down at our Expand Your Brand with Video event

If you want to engage new customers and strengthen your brand, video production is a great way to go. To that end, we held our Expand Your Brand with Video event down in Soho on 6th July to show companies how to get started and bring video in-house. Thanks to everyone who came down and enjoyed a drink or two over some video chat – for everyone else, here’s what went down…

Laurie Castelli on video

First up, we had Laurie Castelli (former Creative Producer at Facebook, acclaimed director/producer and brand communications expert) giving a great presentation on why video is so important, why you should be making it and what factors you should be thinking about before you take the plunge.

He also stressed the critical thinking behind video – why you shouldn’t just be producing it for the sake of it, but really thinking about why you’re doing it to make sure you’re constantly producing the best content with the best finish quality, and achieving your objectives.

Expand your brand 1

Lewis Brown talks video kit

We also welcomed Lewis Brown from Atomos, who presented on a more technical aspect of taking video in-house. He spoke about the basic kit you need to get started, the spectrum of kit available and other considerations, from back-end storage through to the actual production kit. He also touched upon the role of brands as the new broadcasters.

Expand your brand 2

Pizza and Euro 2016

Of course it wouldn’t be a Jigsaw24 event without a few drinks and a bite to eat while ‘networking’. We also stuck Euro 2016 on our big screen to see Wales unfortunately crash out in the semis and end their heroic run to eventual tournament winners CR7 and co. Sad times.

– If you’d like to know more about expanding your brand with in-house video, check out our Infographic: The Power of Producing Video Content here. Or if you’re ready to start creating your own content in-house, take a look at our full range of video production solutions, or speak to one of our experts on 03332 400 888 or broadcast@Jigsaw24.com

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Apple School Manager event roundup

Apple School Manager event roundup

Last week, we took iOS and Apple School Manager to the DoubleTree Hilton Nottingham Gateway hotel to give education professionals from up and down the UK a hands-on look at Apple’s latest iOS education features, as well as all the educational benefits it provides. 

Just in case you missed it, we thought we’d put together a quick roundup of all the days’ events – that way you’ll feel like you were there, even though you weren’t.

First off, thanks for coming along! It was a great day, and we saw a strong turnout, with places filling up within 48 hours! 97% of those that attended rated the event either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’, with 72% asking us to pop into their school to discuss their future with iOS.

Paul Ford, Ryan Slater and Jason Taylor from Jigsaw24 kicked things off – they discussed supporting an iOS environment and told the audience about our infrastructure offerings, including WiFi design (click here for more info on free infrastructure reviews). The trio talked about the importance of Apple’s Caching Server, which supports new Shared iPad users, and how mobile device management ties the new features together.

The guys also covered device deployment within schools, 1:1, classrooms using Shared iPad and student owned devices. Shared iPad requires:

– iPad Air 2

– iPad mini 4

– iPad Pro

– 32GB or higher

Click here to take a look at devices compatible with Shared iPad.

The day was split into two workshops, one looking at Apple School Manager, and the other focusing on Classroom app and Shared iPad. They gave attendees the chance to get up close and personal with the new education apps, and to get some expert advice while they were at it.

The Classroom app workshop:

– How Classroom App can be set up with your chosen MDM system.

– How to launch an app on each student’s iPad at the same time.

– How to lock students into a specific app.

– How to view pupil screens remotely with Screen View.

– How to connect students to an Apple TV.

The School Manager workshop:

– Transitioning from VPP and DEP to Apple School Manager.

– Importing staff and students and giving them roles.

– The importance of MDM for School Manager.

– Managed Apple ID creation.

– Content delivery – apps, books and iTunes U.

Just before lunch, Dave Hornby from JAMF Software took to the stage to talk about mobile device management and Classroom integration. Dave discussed and demonstrated how iOS supports MDM features, including:

– Locating and recovering lost or stolen Apple devices without compromising student privacy through ongoing location tracking. When Lost Mode is activated, the iOS device receives a customised lock screen message, is disabled from use, and sends its location to IT.

– How schools can now deliver a simplified device experience with the ability to customise which apps appear on the home screen and where.

– How institutions will be able to deliver a personalised learning experience with Shared iPad for each student (supported by JAMF Software’s Casper Suite).

Following the event, we asked guests for a few comments. Here’s what they thought:

“Informative, mind blowing, so much to learn.”

“Very knowledgeable, thought provoking, exciting & excellent!”

“The event has been really enlightening and very useful.”

“Very impressed with the technical weighting. Best CPD yet.” (You can find more information about training here).

“All the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable.”

95% said they’d attend one of our events again, so make sure you don’t miss out on the next one!

If you’d like to discuss iOS further and schedule a meeting, please fill out the form below or call 03332 409 290. For all your other iOS in education needs, follow @Jigsaw24Edu on Twitter, or ‘like’ us on Facebook.

Sign up for Casper Suite training courses now!

Sign up for Casper Suite training courses now!

The Casper Suite is all about making the life of system administrators easier by improving management and deployment of Apple Mac and iOS devices. And JAMF’s own accredited courses are designed to make it easier to learn and develop the skills necessary to get the most out of Casper Suite.

Whether you’re just about to get started with Casper Suite or want a refresh in best practice, these courses are essential if you want to manage OS X and iOS devices. Below, we’ve given you a breakdown of the three courses that JAMF are running in the new year in the UK. Take a look and give us a call on 03332 409 306 or drop us an email at services@Jigsaw24.com if you have any questions about pricing or availability.




Certified Suite Essentials (CSE) – To learn the basics of Casper

London on 15th-16th May

What is it? It’s a two-day course that’s perfect for anyone who is completely new to the Casper Suite or looking for a bit of a refresh. It’s focused around hands-on exercises that cover common management tasks for OS X and iOS devices, with the aim of building a solid foundation and providing core information for day-to-day management.

What’s covered? JAMF Software Server (JSS) administration basics, enrolment methods, inventory and reporting, building and managing packages, managing policies and profiles, imaging, Self Service, mobile device management, and app and eBook distribution.

Who’s it for? Anyone new to Casper or looking for a refresh, but has basic OS X and iOS familiarity.

To enquire about pricing or to register your place, email us


Certified Casper Administrator (CCA) – To become a Casper expert

London on 15th-17th April


What is it? This is the original Casper Suite certification. It’s a three-day course that consists of hands-on exercises (not the strenuous kind) that challenge system administrators to demonstrate just how good they are at OS X management with the Casper Suite.

What’s covered? Inventory (including acquiring computers, generating inventory reports, tracking licensed software, application usage and extension attributes), Packaging (including fundamentals, creating OS and application packages and best practices), Management (including deploying software and updates, running scripts, Self Service, Managed Preferences and restricted software), and Imaging (configurations, autorun data, pre-stage images).

Who’s it for? System administrators with 3 months’ experience with Casper Suite, and who have received JumpStart or attended the Casper Suite (CSE) course.

To enquire about pricing or to register your place, email us


Certified Mobile Administrator (CMA) – To become a mobile expert

London on 18th-19th April

What is it? This is a two-day, hands-on course designed for Casper Suite administrators managing iOS devices. It covers many aspects of provisioning, deployment and management required for iOS deployments. The course is focused on building complete iOS workflows that account for the entire lifecycle of the devices in your organisation. Both Casper Suite and Apple tools for managing iOS devices (such as iTunes, Xcode and iPhone Configuration Utility) are covered in depth.

What’s covered? iOS settings management, mobile device management framework configuration, app distribution, remote management functions, iOS device inventory collection, Sync Station (OS X) provisioning and management, common iOS distribution and management workflows.

Who’s it for? Casper Suite administrators with basic iOS and OS X familiarity.

To enquire about pricing or to register your place, email us