Canon release 24-inch 4K reference display with 12G-SDI and HDR

Canon release 24-inch 4K reference display with 12G-SDI and HDR

On top of the five new cameras they’re announced this week, Canon have dropped details of the DP-V2411, a 24″ professional reference display offering stunning image quality with high luminance and a wide colour gamut, along with extensive functionality for HDR production.



The DP-V2411 is Canon’s first display to feature 12G-SDI interface to receive 4K signal over single cable. It has four 12G-SDI inputs, which can also accept four-channel 4K inputs, plus legacy Quad 3G and 2SI signals. The DP-V2411’s HDMI port will also accept 4K UHD signals up to 50P, so you can connect to cameras and playout systems.

The DP-V2411 comes with “extensive 4K HDR shooting assist functions”, a feature set that includes an HDR and SDR comparison function, a built-in 4K HDR waveform monitor, and an HDR False colour function to enable more efficient and higher quality production. “The DP-V2411 is perfectly equipped for HDR production workflow,” the press release tells us confidently, and who are we to question it?

“Delivering accurate colour reproduction, high uniformity and smooth gradation, DP-V2411 uses a direct matrix backlight LED panel which has been optimised to the LCD panel to achieve stable, uniform and a much wider colour gamut,” it continues. “The DP-V2411 supports 4K, UHD, 2K and HD with various frame rates and XYZ, RGB and YCbCr signals are also supported.”

A new feature of the DP-V2411 is what Canon are calling the Camera Link Up, which allows seamless linking to the Cinema EOS system cameras and the ARRI camera system, allowing for increased flexibility when you’re monitoring on set. Additionally, the DP-V2411 supports real time RAW development from Cinema EOS camera RAW signal output.

Body-wise, a light but sturdy aluminium casing helps keep the DP-V2411’s weight down, tipping the scales at just 12kg. Its slimline body is just 105mm thick, meaning it’s easy to find space for in an OB van, and a removable carrying handle ensures optimum convenience.


Like the XF405, the DP-V2411 is going to be available in November, but final UK pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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