Meet the experts: Matt Ward

Meet the experts: Matt Ward

After stints at London’s Metropolis, Strongroom Studios and Air Studios, engineer Matt Ward joined the root6 audio team five years ago. He’s a fully paid up member of the AES, IEEE, SMPTE and IET, and is your go-to for any questions about acoustics, speaker alignment and audio over IP. 

“I started off as a bench engineer, but then I was recruited by Metropolis Studios and spent the best part of five years as part of the engineering team for their studios, while also helping people out in the mastering and DVD authoring facilities. After that, I was the technical manager of Strongroom Studios until they bought out Air and set up Air Post, which is now part of the Splice Group. So I was the technical manager at Strongroom, I was the lead engineer as they moved into video and audio for post, and I led the technical build for their custom post facility.”

Bringing together Atmos and Auro

“The first big build I got involved in at Jigsaw24 was the ITV move from Quay Street to MediaCityUK. Over the years I’ve also built a lot of digital cinema QC environments, and in the last year I’ve built four Atmos rooms. I was also involved in building one of the very few dual purpose Atmos and Auro cinemas in the world, which involved a lot of custom configuration to get them both through the same speakers. I tend to specialise in acoustic measurements and audio facilities, and I do their builds from the ground up, including all the wiring and system configuration.”

It’s time to accept shared storage

“I know as audio guys we’re all meant to hate shared storage because it doesn’t work, but things are changing. Products like the DDP range really do work and, alongside network audio, are really making people’s workflows much better. We’ve just installed the DDP platform for two of the market leaders in audio post-production, and they both love it.”

Evolving networked audio

“I think people are only just getting to grips with what you can do with networked audio. There’s room there for very complex audio systems, but you need a certain amount of experience to take advantage of the technology like that, and not just use the most primitive functions. But people are really interested in getting there – I was at AES earlier in the year, and I would say 50% of the conversations going on at the show were about networked audio. It’s a massive growth area.”

Getting over IP

“Outside of audio, I do a lot of datacentre integration for our production customers, taking care of the network topology of the 40Gb, 50Gb and 100Gb connections they need. I’m particularly involved in the big KVM over IP installations we do with Amulet Hotkey and Leostream connection brokering. So if you know anyone with questions about speaker alignment, fibre multiplexing or remote collaborative working, send them my way.”

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Meet the experts: David ‘Saxon’ Greenep

Meet the experts: David ‘Saxon’ Greenep

David ‘Saxon’ Greenep spent ten years as an in-house mix engineer and producer for EMI and Mute Records, racking up an impressive discography while also working as a musician and composer. He brings a wealth of music production experience to our team, and is the one you want to get hold of to discuss production kit, mixing, and what it’s like to be in a band with Dave Gahan. 

Who’s sick of hearing about sound for picture? 

“If anyone has any questions about music-based production gear, that’s obviously been a huge part of my career and I’m the one in the team to speak to about that. We have Avid S6 and S3 mixing consoles in our demo room, and if you’ve got questions about those, I can run you through them. I think the S6 is evolving into something special, because with every single software update it gets, it gains new aspects that enhance your audio workflow, and I think the speed it’s growing at is pretty exciting. Some of the things it can do right now are pretty awesome. Just drop me an email to book a demo.”

Updating iconic studios

“We’re working on a lot of rooms with really interesting Dante networking in them – a lot of studios now have come up with really cool ways on routing audio via Dante, and achieving Dolby requirements with great new gear such as the JBL Intonato. Halo’s studio is definitely one of them, and a pretty iconic room to have worked on. Their Head of Audio Richard Addis is great, as anyone who’s heard him talking about sound design for VR will know.”

The Atmos whisperer

“Upgrading studios to Atmos-certified rooms is very much my speciality at the moment. A lot of people have 5.1 and 7.1 rooms that they’re trying to upgrade to Atmos pre-mix rooms or full Atmos certified rooms, as their high end feature customers are looking for that certification before they’ll use the room. A lot of facilities we speak to aren’t sure what the requirements for the different certifications are, which is something we can help with, as well as providing the actual hardware and working with you to configure their rooms.”

Avid welcomes Ambisonics 

“Ambisonics is a spherical system for 3D sound that’s popular for VR audio, and that it’s now integrated into Pro Tools in the same way that they integrated Atmos panning is very interesting. They’re also including Facebook’s Spatial Workstation plug-in as part of Pro Tools | HD as standard now, so it’ll be far easier for people to mix audio for 360 degree video and VR headsets.”

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Meet the experts: Joffrey Ghiringhelli

Meet the experts: Joffrey Ghiringhelli

Our Audio Business Development Manager, Joffrey Ghiringhelli, clocked up several years as an audio engineer in post facilities before spending over a decade looking after Avid systems across the globe as their Principal Expert for audio. Now, he’s bringing his wide-ranging experience to bear to ensure our customers get the best solutions possible, whether they need solutions for audio, video, infrastructure or a bit of all three…

“Now that root6, Jigsaw24 and Picture Exchange have all teamed up, I think we have a level of expertise that’s unique among resellers. Whether the customer is working in a traditional studio, is a broadcaster looking to move into audio, or is reviewing their infrastructure because they’re planning on implementing not only audio, but much more, there’s someone on our team who has experience of that environment and can help design the best possible solution.”

Embracing technological evolution

“I’m basically a bit of an evangelist for the company – the guy who goes out and shakes hands and spends time with our customers so that we can understand their challenges and solve them, and makes sure people understand we’re not the kind of reseller who’s going to abandon you after the sale. But I also have a very technical background, so I understand customers’ challenges and requirements from that point of view too, and can help them embrace technology and really understand what’s available to them now.”

Pushing boundaries with Dolby

“The good thing about Atmos is that makes you push the boundaries of studio design further. It’s moving people away from just sticking to connecting speakers to an audio interface, because they’re now having to think about their network, they’re thinking about how things talk to each other, they’re thinking about their infrastructure. And we’re working with them to build something unique every time, and making sure we constantly reassess what technology is best for purpose.”

Around the world with Avid

“If you have any Avid pro-audio-related questions or want consultancy around that workflow, I have the experience to help. I spent ten years at Avid as a pre-sales and field services engineer, then as their Principal Expert for audio. I was travelling all around the world to build commissioned mixing desks and systems, train people, and service desks, and have done everything from studio work to broadcast to live sound, in places from South Africa to Iceland.”

Joffrey has over 15 years’ experience in the post, studio and broadcast sectors, and can provide everything from workflow and systems design through to technical training and strategic advice. If you want to know more, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Pro Tools 12.8.2 launched at AES

Pro Tools 12.8.2 launched at AES

At AES today, Avid announced Pro Tools 12.8.2, the latest version of their ubiquitous audio software. 12.8.2 includes major improvements and new features for Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools | HD.

User requests

Some of these changes are based on user requests, including a slew of new MIDI enhancements to help speed and ease your workflow. Avid tell us you’ll be able to:

– Quickly change Grid and Nudge sizes, and Pencil tool commands, using keystrokes.

– Record-enable, solo, and mute MIDI tracks right in the MIDI Editor.

– View chord names and notes as you play them to ensure input accuracy.

– Store and recall MIDI Editor lanes in window configurations.

– Constrain MIDI clips to edit selections while using the Smart Tool.

Editing and mix for VR

Avid have been working to make immersive full-sphere surround sound content easier to create. 12.8.2 includes support for  first-, second-, and third-order Ambisonics formats across your Pro Tools tracks and busses. You can then output and deliver content to the required format for playback.

Speed up your Atmos workflow

With the new front/rear position knob link, you can easily control both parameters as one when writing panning automation from the Pro Tools interface or a control surface, with all subsequent automation being written following suit. You can also set up Pro Tools sessions in seconds based on the connected Dolby Atmos Renderer configuration, and repurpose existing pan automation data to instantly generate height automation.

Workflow efficiency

The introduction of Batch Rename means you can now give your countless tracks and tips more meaningful names, more easily. Your options for renaming tracks include find and replace, adding prefixes and/or suffixes, and applying various numbering conventions. You can also navigate through large sessions and menus faster with type-ahead search capabilities available in the Scroll to Track dialogue and menus for Plug-in, Input, Output, Send, and more.

Converting projects to Pro Tools | First

If you’re collaborating on projects, you can convert projects from Pro Tools or Pro Tools | HD to a project format in Pro Tools | First, so that you can carry on working with them. Simply open a session and use the Convert to Project dialogue that pops up to save the file as a project in your cloud space.

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NAB 2017: Dolby announce new Atmos Production Suite and Mastering Suite

NAB 2017: Dolby announce new Atmos Production Suite and Mastering Suite

After Avid’s announcement that the forthcoming release of Pro Tools HD will offer native Dolby Atmos mixing, there was more Dolby news brewing at NAB 2017, with the release of two new software bundles – the Dolby Atmos Production Suite and Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite.

Although theatrical Atmos will still require a Dolby hardware rendering and mastering unit (RMU) in a Dolby-approved room for deliverables, the new Dolby software packages will allow deliverables for domestic use, letting audio professionals create, mix, master, and edit high quality Dolby Atmos content for Blu-ray, digital delivery, gaming and virtual reality. It also appears they have bumped up the the bed tracks to 9.1. Here’s the lowdown from Dolby:

Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite

– Create, edit, mix, and master high quality Dolby Atmos content for Blu-ray and digital delivery.

– Enable Dolby Atmos workflows in editorial and premix rooms with the Dolby Atmos Production Suite.

– End-to-end content production for linear cinematic and virtual-augmented-mixed reality applications.

– Quality control (QC) of Dolby Atmos master files.


– One seat of Dolby Atmos HT-RMU Rendering and Mastering Software for Windows.

– Three copies of the Dolby Atmos Production Suite for Mac.

– Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool.


Dolby Atmos Production Suite

– Allows monitoring of content on your Mac without the need for additional hardware.

– Provides editorial and premix functionality for film and TV content, along with a complete end-to-end workflow for VR content.

– Enables playback and QC of any Dolby Atmos master file type, greatly simplifying QC workflows for high value content.


– Dolby Atmos Renderer application for Mac.

– Dolby Atmos Panner plug-in for Pro Tools.

– Dolby Atmos Panner plug-ins for VR for Pro Tools.

– Dolby Atmos Monitor application.

– VR Transcoder application.

– Session templates and documentation.

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Halo Post-Production begin major studio refit

Halo Post-Production begin major studio refit

The guys over at Halo Post-Production haven’t let those January blues slow them down – they kicked off a complete refurbishment of Studio 1, their Dolby Premier film dubbing stage in Soho, and our team were more than happy to lend a hand.

Halo are kitting the place out with a 46 speaker, state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos system for immersive cinema mixing (including IMAX) that we’ll help install and support, and they’ll complete a full cosmetic overhaul of the studio interior, featuring new fixtures and furniture across the entire campus.

To streamline their studio operations, Halo will carry out a refresh of the machine room and support facilities at Studio 1, while also implementing DCP playback for screenings and reviews.

Conceptual design for the refurbished Studio 1

Conceptual design for the refurbished Studio 1

The aim of the ambitious project is to improve sound capabilities and provide a more comfortable experience for both staff and visitors. As a world-class dubbing stage, Studio 1 has played host to such films as Nocturnal Animals, Paddington, The Danish Girl, Les Misérables, The Nice Guys and Stone Roses: Made of Stone, to name just a few.

Halo Post-Production will reopen Studio 1’s doors in mid-February for 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos mixes.

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DSpatial | The Immersive Revolution

DSpatial | The Immersive Revolution

DSpatial offers an integrated and seamless solution for next generation immersive sound production, which redefines the classical concepts of reverb, panning and mixing, unifying them into a single space and providing a new paradigm for the sound production and mixing for film and virtual reality. This simple but powerful paradigm let the engineers concentrate on the creative process and provides a tool to create and manipulate sound in a completely new way.

DSpatial 2016

DSpatial‘s key feature is a proprietary Physical Modelling Engine, which allows the user to realistically recreate real spaces and locate, move and rotate sound sources in real time, transporting the listener to a new, virtual yet realistic dimension, therefore magnifying the aural experience and recreating natural soundscapes that rival reality. Physical properties like the inertia and Doppler effects are created automatically by simply moving the sound sources.


Adding more and more channels increases dramatically the complexity of an immersive sound mix. DSpatial directly addresses this by simplifying the problem at its core. With its multi-touch screen DSpatial opens up a whole new field of creative possibilities for the film mixer and sound designer by empowering them whilst simplifying processes.

DSpatial is fully integrated with Avid Pro Tools and is compatible with all immersive or non-immersive formats. The mix is played back in every format without the need to downmix. The number of input and output channels is only limited by the number of interfaces and by the power of the host computer.


Jigsaw24 is proud to be the exclusive distributor of DSpatial in the UK. To book a test drive in our central London-based demo facility, please contact: or call: 03332 409 285.