Telestream Wirecast 4.3 is now available!

Telestream Wirecast 4.3 is now available!

Telestream have just announced v4.3 of their Wirecast streaming solution, a free update that brings bug fixes and new features to Wirecast and Wirecast Pro. The headlines from this release include:

Live thumbnails which let you use the shot window to monitor live source shots in realtime. This “makes the process of switching between multiple live cameras faster and more manageable”, according to Telestream.

The countdown clock for recorded media displays the remaining time of any recorded video, so you know exactly how long you have left to prepare for the next switch.

Improved Teradek integration via Teradek’s newly-developed Stream Reader plug-in for Wirecast Pro means that Cube, Brik and Bond users can import live HD video directly into Wirecast.

A more complete list of new features can be found in the Wirecast 4.3 release notes, which, as always, we recommend you read before downloading.

Download Wirecast 4.3 for Windows 

Download Wirecast 4.3 for Mac

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Telestream Episode 6.4 is here!

Telestream Episode 6.4 is here!

Telestream have just announced the arrival of Episode 6.4 – a free update to Episode, Episode Pro and Episode Engine v6 encoding solutions. The goal for this latest release? To make it easier for you to integrate Episode Engine into your workflow and handle high volume workflows.

Episode v6.4: the highlights

This latest update is optimised for higher volume workflows, so anyone who’s thinking of upgrading to Pro or Engine from their current Episode setup should definitely give it a look. It adds support for .SCC and H.264 web captions, allowing you to insert closed caption data into MPEG3 and H.264 video streams – you can also add CLAP data to .MOV outputs. A new video rotate filter adds more filters to your inbox, allowing your to rotate source footage 90 degrees or 180 degrees, and flip it horizontally or vertically.

Workflow-wise, the most pleasant addition is the fact that you can now recreate sub-folders scanned via a monitor within the deployment root folder, and automatically mirror folder structures. There are also 20 levels of priority in Episode 6.4 versus three in Episode v6.3, while your workflow history, workflow displays, maximum bandwidth control and API performance have all been given a bit of a spruce.

Take a look at the full Episode 6.4 release notes here

Download Telestream Episode 6.4

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