Meet the experts: David ‘Saxon’ Greenep

Meet the experts: David ‘Saxon’ Greenep

David ‘Saxon’ Greenep spent ten years as an in-house mix engineer and producer for EMI and Mute Records, racking up an impressive discography while also working as a musician and composer. He brings a wealth of music production experience to our team, and is the one you want to get hold of to discuss production kit, mixing, and what it’s like to be in a band with Dave Gahan. 

Who’s sick of hearing about sound for picture? 

“If anyone has any questions about music-based production gear, that’s obviously been a huge part of my career and I’m the one in the team to speak to about that. We have Avid S6 and S3 mixing consoles in our demo room, and if you’ve got questions about those, I can run you through them. I think the S6 is evolving into something special, because with every single software update it gets, it gains new aspects that enhance your audio workflow, and I think the speed it’s growing at is pretty exciting. Some of the things it can do right now are pretty awesome. Just drop me an email to book a demo.”

Updating iconic studios

“We’re working on a lot of rooms with really interesting Dante networking in them – a lot of studios now have come up with really cool ways on routing audio via Dante, and achieving Dolby requirements with great new gear such as the JBL Intonato. Halo’s studio is definitely one of them, and a pretty iconic room to have worked on. Their Head of Audio Richard Addis is great, as anyone who’s heard him talking about sound design for VR will know.”

The Atmos whisperer

“Upgrading studios to Atmos-certified rooms is very much my speciality at the moment. A lot of people have 5.1 and 7.1 rooms that they’re trying to upgrade to Atmos pre-mix rooms or full Atmos certified rooms, as their high end feature customers are looking for that certification before they’ll use the room. A lot of facilities we speak to aren’t sure what the requirements for the different certifications are, which is something we can help with, as well as providing the actual hardware and working with you to configure their rooms.”

Avid welcomes Ambisonics 

“Ambisonics is a spherical system for 3D sound that’s popular for VR audio, and that it’s now integrated into Pro Tools in the same way that they integrated Atmos panning is very interesting. They’re also including Facebook’s Spatial Workstation plug-in as part of Pro Tools | HD as standard now, so it’ll be far easier for people to mix audio for 360 degree video and VR headsets.”

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Meet the experts: Joffrey Ghiringhelli

Meet the experts: Joffrey Ghiringhelli

Our Audio Business Development Manager, Joffrey Ghiringhelli, clocked up several years as an audio engineer in post facilities before spending over a decade looking after Avid systems across the globe as their Principal Expert for audio. Now, he’s bringing his wide-ranging experience to bear to ensure our customers get the best solutions possible, whether they need solutions for audio, video, infrastructure or a bit of all three…

“Now that root6, Jigsaw24 and Picture Exchange have all teamed up, I think we have a level of expertise that’s unique among resellers. Whether the customer is working in a traditional studio, is a broadcaster looking to move into audio, or is reviewing their infrastructure because they’re planning on implementing not only audio, but much more, there’s someone on our team who has experience of that environment and can help design the best possible solution.”

Embracing technological evolution

“I’m basically a bit of an evangelist for the company – the guy who goes out and shakes hands and spends time with our customers so that we can understand their challenges and solve them, and makes sure people understand we’re not the kind of reseller who’s going to abandon you after the sale. But I also have a very technical background, so I understand customers’ challenges and requirements from that point of view too, and can help them embrace technology and really understand what’s available to them now.”

Pushing boundaries with Dolby

“The good thing about Atmos is that makes you push the boundaries of studio design further. It’s moving people away from just sticking to connecting speakers to an audio interface, because they’re now having to think about their network, they’re thinking about how things talk to each other, they’re thinking about their infrastructure. And we’re working with them to build something unique every time, and making sure we constantly reassess what technology is best for purpose.”

Around the world with Avid

“If you have any Avid pro-audio-related questions or want consultancy around that workflow, I have the experience to help. I spent ten years at Avid as a pre-sales and field services engineer, then as their Principal Expert for audio. I was travelling all around the world to build commissioned mixing desks and systems, train people, and service desks, and have done everything from studio work to broadcast to live sound, in places from South Africa to Iceland.”

Joffrey has over 15 years’ experience in the post, studio and broadcast sectors, and can provide everything from workflow and systems design through to technical training and strategic advice. If you want to know more, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

IBC 2017: Focusrite release new Red16 Line and RedNet X2P

IBC 2017: Focusrite release new Red16 Line and RedNet X2P

The team have made it back from Amsterdam more or less intact, and they’ve bought all the audio news back with them. In terms of exciting new audio releases, Focusrite ruled the roost, launching the new RedNet X2P and Red16 Line. 

While we don’t have pricing or a fixed release date for either piece of hardware yet, we’ve seen demo units at work on Focusrite’s IBC stand, and we’re pretty impressed by the specs they’ve released so far. Here’s what we know.

RedNet X2P


This compact interface adds I/O to your Red, RedNet or Dante systems, packing its 2U form with a 2×2 Dante interface, a pair of Red Evolution mic pres, a stereo line out and its own headphone amplifier. Power, audio and remote control capabilities are all shared over Ethernet (though you’ll need a power over Ethernet injector or switch). It boasts 11 dB of dynamic range, and Focusrite say it has been perfectly balanced to deliver sound quality, dynamic range conversion latency.

Those Red Evolution mic pres boast Focusrite’s famous ultra-clean gain, plus stereo linking, phantom power, a high pass filter and phase reverse. They also support Air mode, which allows you to emulate classic Focusrite transformer mics.

The RedNet X2P body features a crossfader, so you can control the level of local inputs vs network ones, and it can be mounted directly to a mic stand and controlled remotely. You have the option to lock off the mic pre settings and/or the output settings, meaning you can safely allow people to adjust their own headphone mixes without risking them adjusting the mic pre gain.


Red16 Line

For those of you who crave even more mic pres, there’s the Red16 Line, a 64-in, 64-out Pro Tools HD and Thunderbolt 3 interface that supports 16×16 analogue I/O, 32×32 Dante connectivity, 16 line inputs on D-sub, 16 line outputs and two main monitor outputs.


Because the Red16 Line has native DigiLink and Thunderbolt 3 support, there’s no need to swap out option cards to work with different DAWs, and you can expand your setup quickly and easily over Ethernet.

Once you’ve found your ideal configuration, you can enjoy Red16 Line’s high performance audio convertors, which have over 118 dB dynamic range A/D and 121 dB dynamic range D/A (A weighted). Focusrite claim that, with the Red16, you’ll no longer have to create separate mixes for overdub and playback – just build your mix on your DAW and use it whether you’re overdubbing or playing back. All your plug-ins will remain in place, all the time.

You’ll also get access to the Focusrite Control software mixer, and their Red 2 and 3 compression and EQ plug-ins.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have information on availability and pricing, but if you’d like to discuss your options in the meantime, get in touch with the team on the details below.

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View from the front: Nuno Fernandes rounds up our RedNet Rundown

View from the front: Nuno Fernandes rounds up our RedNet Rundown

We’re a sociable bunch at Jigsaw24, and we like nothing more than a good natter over the latest audio kit. To that end, we opened the doors of our Soho facility for a RedNet Rundown, giving you the chance to see the range in action and put your questions to Focusrite’s team. Freelance engineer and producer Nuno Fernandes took time out from working with his impressive client list to come down, and has been kind enough to let us share his roundup

Focusrite Red 4PRE & Pro Tools

This past Thursday I went down to Soho to visit Jigsaw24 to attend an event on Focusrite RedNet. Focusrite has a long history in the audio world and when they first announced the RedNet line I was curious but a little skeptical. It seemed like a solution to a problem I didn’t have. So I kept following developments but it was slightly off my radar.

Recently, with the release of the Red 4Pre, I started thinking a lot about Nathaniel Kunkel’s Studio Without Walls concept again. Focusrite was offering an interface that I could use with my ProTools HD Native rig at home and that I could connect using Thunderbolt to my laptop on location, at the same time being able to use 32 channels of Dante expandability! I was almost convinced, but it wasn’t until the release of the Red 8Pre that I started really seriously considering it.

The idea of being able to reach a location and not having to carry long XLR multi-cores between points is nice. The idea of having the Red8Pre next to my laptop and just running an Ethernet lead to one or two MP8R (or a Grace Design m802, or a Millennia Media HV-3R) close to the sources and just having to run XLR leads from that point to the mics seems heavenly, especially since the pres are remote controlled. I could then have an A16R close to the interface for any other color preamps I would like to use.

True, for those I’d need some long XLR leads or multicores but that would be an option for flavor. Another Ethernet cable to feed headphones or DI’s… There are so many options that are Dante compatible, and in the near future with the adoption of the AES67 standard by the main Audio-over-IP suppliers, you can even add equipment from other standards, like Ravenna.

I truly believe that this would make my idea of a portable pro-studio a lot easier to achieve. The cabling will be a lot cheaper and easier to carry, and the gear itself also. Now, if I could only find the funds and get rid of my Avid Omni…

Thanks to Andy Brooks, Will Hoult, and Cameron Stevenson for the presentation and the patience to answer questions.

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Focusrite launch all-new flagship interface, the Red 4Pre

Focusrite launch all-new flagship interface, the Red 4Pre

Focusrite’s latest, the Red 4Pre interface, was launched to a heck of a buzz. Here are some key stats to tide you over until you can make it round our place for a demo.  


The Red 4Pre is Focusrite’s new flagship interface, combining 58-in/64-out capacity with four of Focusrite’s digitally controlled mic preamps, high headroom inputs, Thunderbolt 2 connectivity and support for Pro Tools | HD, DigiLink and Dante support. As Focusrite explain:

“Focusrite’s 58-in/64-out Red 4Pre includes Thunderbolt 2 connectivity for our lowest round-trip latency, in whatever DAW you use, enabling you to track and overdub with your preferred plug-ins and effects in real time, simplifying your workflow. Drop the Red 4Pre immediately, directly and seamlessly into any Pro Tools | HD system, or use it with existing Avid interfaces, thanks to its twin DigiLink connectors. Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports allow daisy-chaining of additional components such as hard drives and displays. Plus the Red 4Pre is network audio enabled right out of the box, with dual Ethernet ports for Dante audio-over-IP networking, letting you expand your recording capability over Ethernet for up to 64 additional channels anywhere on your network, with low latency – and lower cost. Additional Red or other Dante-compatible components can be connected to the Ethernet ports of the Red 4Pre to provide additional channels irrespective of the interface used to drive the Red 4Pre.”

Focusrite Red 4PRE & Pro Tools

What’s so special about those mic pres?

They’re Red Evolution mic pres, specially developed by Focusrite to “deliver a clear and honest audio performance with -129 dB EIN and 63dB of gain that allows plenty of room to bring your own sound to life with your choice of external processing. They also include our unique ‘Air’ effect, recreating the sound of the transformer-based mic preamps in the ISA range. When ‘Air’ is enabled, the microphone impedance is set to 2.1kΩ and the frequency response curve is given a subtle mid-high boost – all in the analogue domain.”

What about the new converters?

Focusrite are touting them as the best they’ve ever made. They employ a new ‘parallel path summing’ configuration to lower the noise floor. Focusrite say, “Red 4Pre’s converter design strikes a precise balance between multiple factors – including dynamic range, distortion, noise floor and conversion latency – for the optimal overall sound. With 24-bit/192kHz sampling capability and 118dB(A-D)/121dB (D-A) dynamic range, it is ideal for high-resolution audio. The Red 4Pre delivers ≤0.0009% THD+Noise and a frequency response flat from 20Hz to 35kHz ±0.25 dB or better.” (Those numbers are apparently what you can expect for sustained periods in a real session, not just a maximum performance figure pulled from a spreadsheet, which makes it even more impressive.)

Is it easy to expand?

You can connect up to 64 additional channels to the Red 4Pre via Dante networking – a simple, single connection carrying both audio and built-in clocking over Ethernet.

“Whether the Red 4Pre is connected to the computer via Thunderbolt, DigiLink or Dante, simply connect units such as two RedNet A16R (32 channels of analogue I/O), four RedNet MP8R (32 channels of RedNet mic pre), or other Dante-enabled products via Ethernet as desired. Place mic preamps where the music is, and outputs where the sound needs to go – wherever there’s an Ethernet connection. Unlike daisy-chaining via Thunderbolt (which the Red 4Pre also supports), Dante lets you run additional channels over a greater distance, with low latency and lower cost, without wasting money on technology or connectivity that will not be used. And it will only get easier: look out for future enhancements offering complete plug and play Ethernet expansion functionality.”

What kind of control software does it come with?

“Red 4Pre includes the new Focusrite Control software, providing a straightforward and intuitive way to set up mixes and monitoring, as well as controlling the mic pres – recalling settings, assigning stereo pairs, adjusting gain and enabling features such as highpass filtering and phantom power. In addition, Red 4Pre is packaged with Softube’s Time and Tone Bundle – a unique plug-in pack including four of Softube’s professional quality plug-ins: Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor, TSAR-1R Reverb, Tube Delay and Saturation Knob. Also in the box is the Focusrite Red Plug-in Suite, which accurately models Focusrite’s classic Red range 2 and 3 equaliser and compressor hardware.”

When can I see it?

Mix with the Pros at Jigsaw24 Soho

Where can I buy it?

You can get yourself a Focusrite Red 4Pre here.

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