Meet the experts: David Skeggs

Meet the experts: David Skeggs

A former editor, support engineer and technical manager, David Skeggs has been our Project and Pre-Sales Specialist for over ten years, helping customers on multiple continents get a handle on the latest advances in production workflows. 

I’m an engineer, get me out of here

“When I first started in the industry, I was an editor. I worked at ITV’s London studios, where they did all the post for their mainstream entertainment shows. I worked on the first ever series of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, and V Graham Norton, back when he went out five nights a week on Channel 4. It was at ITV that I got more involved in the technical side of things, eventually becoming a support engineer at their main Avid facility. After that, I worked at the MTV facility in Camden as a post-production engineer before coming to root6 and now Jigsaw24.”

Mr Fixit

“In the early days at root6, we did a lot of work on best of breed facilities in the Middle East, so I spent a lot of time on the ground there as the primary contact for those builds. I also do a fair amount of travelling round the world helping our production customers with their live capture workflows at sports events, particularly whenever there’s a big format shift, like the transition to tapeless or the current move to UHD. We’re used to working with 4K because we’ve spent years enabling DI workflows for our film post customers, so we’ve got a bit of a head start there.”

The pacemaker

“Nowadays I’m more involved in workflow design, and helping customers bolt the right products together. We’re seeing fewer and fewer ‘one size fits all’ solutions these days, and it’s important to know which products from which manufacturers are best of breed. We use that knowledge to help our customers find the best solution for them, even if it has to be at a certain price point. With the pace of change being so fast now, it’s important that facilities have someone to talk to who can speculate on where the industry’s going, and the growth and expansion they’ll get out of certain products.”

Head in the cloud

“Jigsaw24 have been helping customers in other industries migrate to datacentres for years, but for our customers in the media industry it’s very new, and poses a different set of challenges. The size of UHD and 4K media means you need to have a high bandwidth connection to high availability storage if you want to play back media instantly – people don’t mind waiting a couple of seconds for a spreadsheet to load, but you can’t edit like that. We’ve been working to help people who want to get out of Soho – where it’s cramped and expensive and the power’s bad – to move their machine room to a datacentre which they can then remote into.”

Jigsaw24’s Dark Side

“We’ve been working with a few different networking companies over the past couple of years to deliver Dark Fibre networks circuits. We’ve got a link-up of our own between our datacentre, our Wardour Mews office and our demo facility in Soho, because we want to be able to show people we practise what we preach, and because having actually done it and learned certain lessons the hard way, we can give customers much more practical advice than if we were speaking speculatively.”

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We’ve renewed our place on the G-Cloud 9 Framework

We’ve renewed our place on the G-Cloud 9 Framework

Big news! We’ve successfully renewed our relationship with the government’s G-Cloud 9 Framework for the supply of cloud software services and support for the fourth consecutive year. 

As part of the agreement, we offer a full range of services and support through the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Digital Marketplace to bolster cloud-based working across the public sector, including local government, health, education, not-for-profit and devolved administrations.

The CSS is a public sector organisation that acts on behalf of the Crown to drive savings for the taxpayer and improve the quality of commercial and procurement activity.

Our G-Cloud 9 Framework offering includes:

Cloud software services

– Adobe Creative Cloud.

– Managed fulfilment of Apple technologies and services.

Cloud support

– Apple audit services.

– Cloud help desk services and support.

– Active directory (AD) Apple integration cloud services.

– Hosted Apple management.

– Bring your own device (BYOD).

– Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Programme) service.

– Apple cloud consultancy services.

– Apple DEP (Device Enrolment Programme) consultancy services.

– iPhone and Apple Watch managed services.

– Tech bar services.

– Adobe Creative Cloud VIP programme.

If you’d like to find out more about each service and support solution, including scope, planning, pricing, implementation and much more, you can visit Jigsaw24’s section of the G-Cloud 9 Framework Digital Marketplace here.

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NAB 2017: Avid ushers in next phase of Avid Everywhere with sweeping and groundbreaking innovations

NAB 2017: Avid ushers in next phase of Avid Everywhere with sweeping and groundbreaking innovations

Avid  today announced a broad and sweeping set of innovations for the Avid MediaCentral Platform. As the next phase of Avid Everywhere, the company is extending the Avid MediaCentral Platform to the cloud, showcasing end-to-end 4K/IP workflows, enhancing immersive workflows, and expanding the Alliance Partner ecosystem, with major advancements across all product suites. Avid will showcase these innovations at the Avid booth during NAB 2017 (Booth #SU902).

“After four years of intensive effort and unyielding dedication, we’ve completed the transformation of Avid Everywhere from vision to reality,” said Avid Chairman and CEO Louis Hernandez Jr. “Now we’re turning our attention to accelerating the pace of innovation – a key part of which involves extending media production to the cloud – to address the most critical challenges facing our customers.”

Today’s announcements include:

Extending MediaCentral to the cloud
With new cloud-based applications, media services and infrastructure on demand, media organisations can capitalise on the efficiency, agility, flexibility and scalability that the cloud facilitates. To enable continued cloud innovation, Avid announced Microsoft as its preferred public cloud partner.

New services on the MediaCentral Platform
Avid Dialogue Search provides a scalable search platform enabling users to locate clips based on spoken words or phrases across archives, media asset management systems and production asset management systems, while Avid Illuminate provides a file-based quality assurance system for verifying captions, video descriptions and languages.

Avid brings native Dolby Atmos mixing to Pro Tools | HD and S6
With deep integration of Dolby Atmos in Pro Tools, audio post professionals can now create massive multichannel mixes more easily in the industry’s leading immersive audio format for movies, TV shows, music, and video games.

Avid Artist | DNxIQ accelerates video workflows
With this powerful new video interface’s extensive format support, from SD to 4k and Universal Mastering, video professionals can quickly and easily respond to changing content demands and deliver to a wider range of channels and device.

Free version of industry standard Media Composer for aspiring artists
Avid Media Composer | First gives aspiring creative professionals, students, and those just starting their professional careers free access to the same creative tools used by the world’s most successful filmmakers and television program creators.

Furthering commitment to education
The new Avid Media Campus program offers a deeper partnership with Avid, and flexible volume licensing and deployment options, to help educators better prepare the next generation of creative talents and media professionals for careers in the media and entertainment industry.

Avid showcases new 4K/UHD collaborative workflows
Avid is showcasing a technology preview of next-gen server technology to enable media professionals to expand into new end-to-end 4K/UHD workflows for live sports and news production.

Avid NEXIS intelligent media storage enhancements
Avid NEXIS now offers greater bandwidth scalability and extended workflows with Pro Tools, empowering creative teams with even better speed, efficiency, and collaboration.

EVS Alliance partnership
New IPLINK for Avid MediaCentral | UX enables Avid users to browse, search, and work with EVS media on the MediaCentral platform in live sports, news, and entertainment workflows.

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NAB 2017: Avid unveils cloud strategy with launch of new offerings

NAB 2017: Avid unveils cloud strategy with launch of new offerings

Avid announces extension of its MediaCentral Platform and its industry-leading tools into the cloud with new hosted client applications, cloud media services, and infrastructure on demand that can easily be added to existing on-premises deployments.

Avid have announced new cloud innovations for the Avid MediaCentral Platform and its comprehensive suite of industry-leading tools and workflow solutions. The breakthrough advancements herald the greatest expansion of Avid Everywhere since its launch nearly four years ago.

The Avid MediaCentral Platform is now cloud-enabled, and can be deployed on-premises, in a private datacentre, or the public cloud, providing everyone in the media industry with the ability to create, distribute, and manage content more efficiently and profitably using one common platform. The move also enables several of the company’s comprehensive set of creative tools and workflow solutions to be deployed in the cloud along with the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

“The media industry is going through unprecedented change, with more content being created than ever before,” said Louis Hernandez Jr, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avid. “With staggering increases in content consumption and exponential growth in distribution platforms, technology budgets have not kept pace, creating relentless pressure for operational efficiency. To help media organisations meet these challenges head on, we’re extending the Avid MediaCentral Platform and many of our industry-leading tools into the cloud, giving our clients more agility, flexibility, and efficiencies as their business needs evolve.”

Mr Hernandez Jr continued, “We’ve designed our cloud offerings to be complementary to what our clients may already have deployed on premises today – allowing them to just add cloud-deployed tools, workflows and services as they need them, leveraging the investment they’ve already made. We believe the cloud will usher in an exciting new era for the media industry, opening up new operational possibilities and strategic business opportunities. And with Avid, our clients can begin this journey to the cloud in their own way and at their own pace.”

Together with a newly announced cloud alliance with Microsoft, Avid is leading the media industry’s ability to handle full-scale media production in the cloud. By extending the Avid MediaCentral Platform to the cloud on Microsoft Azure, media organizations now have the complete flexibility to create, distribute, and monetize their content using the deployment type that works best for them.

Regardless of their deployment model – on-premises, private datacentre, public cloud, or hybrid – media organisations of every type and size will have the same user experience, workflow power, speed, efficiency, and collaboration capabilities they’ve come to rely on from Avid. Further, existing MediaCentral customers now have an easy on-ramp to the cloud, leveraging the investment they’ve already made.

“Avid really changed the game with Avid Everywhere, showing the industry what the possibilities could be with a comprehensive media platform,” said Mohamed Abuagla, CTO and CIO of Al Jazeera Media Network. “We are delighted to be collaborating with Avid on the first hybrid cloud implementation of the MediaCentral platform across our international newsroom network. We will be pioneering cloud-based newsroom workflows with the goal to create a connected, open, global newsroom environment. As we move into a cloud-based future, we are pleased to have Avid at our side to help us navigate this important journey.”

With everything necessary for media production accessible in the cloud, media professionals can turn around higher quality work, faster and more economically.

Core components of Avid MediaCentral in the cloud

Hosted applications. With cloud-enabled Avid client applications, software can be licensed to run on-premises, in a private cloud datacentre, and in the public cloud for deployment flexibility and increased utilisation.

Avid MediaCentral | Cloud UX. This new web-based application offers a completely redesigned and highly responsive user experience for the MediaCentral Platform, making it super-fast and intuitive for anyone to search, browse, access, edit, collaborate, and publish content from any workstation, laptop, or mobile device.

Cloud-enabled Media Suite. Avid Media Suite applications, including Interplay | Production, Interplay | MAM, iNEWS, and Social Media Hub, as well as Maestro and 4Designer, are being cloud-enabled with license options to run on-premises, in a private datacentre, and in the public cloud.

Cloud media services. To give MediaCentral Platform users even greater efficiency, Avid is introducing new media services, including:

– Unified Avid Dialogue Search service uses exclusive phonetic indexing technology to enable keyword searches that span diverse libraries of content.

– Avid Illuminate automatically verifies captions, video description, and languages in content for fast and accurate broadcast compliance and quality assurance

Infrastructure on demand. The new MediaCentral Infrastructure Management Layer enables organisations to scale resources, add new capabilities, and optimise their storage, computing power, and bandwidth across their entire enterprise.

Cloud-enabled Connectivity Toolkit. With its open architecture and Connectivity Toolkit APIs, MediaCentral makes it easy to connect third-party Alliance Partner tools, technologies, and services to the platform to streamline workflows.

Flexible licensing options. For greater business agility, Avid is now offering Enterprise Agreements with flexible Enterprise Licensing, enabling media organisations to enjoy economies of scale by aggregating spend across departments and sites.


Avid MediaCentral Platform is currently available for certain cloud-based deployments, with further innovations to broaden and simplify cloud deployments coming in late 2017. For more information, get in touch on the details below.

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