IBC 2017: Avid accelerates UHD/4K production and move to IP with new generation video server family

IBC 2017: Avid accelerates UHD/4K production and move to IP with new generation video server family

Avid have announced the new Avid FastServe family of video servers. Building on the rich heritage of industry-leading AirSpeed and PlayMaker video servers, Avid’s new generation of video servers are tightly integrated into the Avid MediaCentral platform as part of the industry’s most comprehensive UHD/4K workflows.

The FastServe family of video servers features a unified modular architecture that supports UHD and IP I/O to enable ultra-fast ingest, turnaround, and playout in broadcast, news, sports, and other types of live productions. FastServe servers also support higher channel counts per video server, which means a lower overall cost-per-channel and a smaller footprint, requiring less cooling and power.

“Due to the increasing rate of content creation for sports, news, and live event production, professionals need to encode, edit, and distribute more content to more outlets in higher resolutions,” said Dana Ruzicka, Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Avid. “The new FastServe video servers have increased the number of channels per server and are tightly integrated with Avid NEXIS storage, MediaCentral, and Media Composer for end-to-end 4K aggregation, production, and delivery at a lower cost.”

The FastServe family

The FastServe family includes FastServe | Ingest, FastServe | Live Edit, and FastServe | Playout, and delivers a broad array of capabilities from ingest to playout:

FastServe | Ingest allows broadcast teams to capture HD and UHD content in pristine Avid DNxHR® format directly to Avid NEXIS storage via a 10GbE connection. This allows quick access to assets across the organization through the MediaCentral platform and to Media Composer, enabling editing during ingest, while decreasing the time to air for delivery of sports and news content.

FastServe | Live Edit provides news and sports broadcasters with a turnkey solution for ultra-fast turnaround of incoming feeds. FastServe | Live Edit incorporates ingest, editing, and playout within the same 3U chassis, making it the most robust fast-turnaround tool for live environments.

FastServe | Playout is a file-based ingest and playback server for video clips, images, and motion graphics controlled from a single user interface. Tightly integrated with MediaCentral, FastServe | Playout can accommodate different production needs, including enabling operators to search indexed content on MediaCentral, and drag and drop it into the video server. It is also deeply integrated into MediaCentral | Newsroom Management for lightning-fast turnaround, and it allows playback of media directly from Avid NEXIS without copying the content to local storage first.

With new generation features like support for 1080p and UHD resolutions, and IP I/O, broadcasters can easily manage scheduled ingest, live acquisition, and play-to-air demands, while automating near instantaneous ingest to playback turnaround. When paired with MediaCentral, FastServe video servers accelerate end-to-end 4K sports, newsroom, and entertainment production for in-studio and outside broadcast workflows by orchestrating the ingest and delivery of content into Avid NEXIS storage. This enables instant access across the organization without requiring additional hardware.

Each FastServe video server supports up to eight flexibly configured HD channels including 1080p, or up to four UHD channels, lowering the cost per channel while maximizing efficiency. FastServe supports a wide range of native formats, including Avid DNxHD, Avid DNxHR, and XDCAM HD. FastServe video servers work with legacy Avid Interplay and iNEWS® systems as well as the new MediaCentral.


FastServe | Ingest and FastServe | Live Edit video servers start shipping in Q4 2017, and the FastServe | Playout will be coming in 2018.

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IBC 2017: Avid unveils next gen post-production workflow solutions based on MediaCentral

IBC 2017: Avid unveils next gen post-production workflow solutions based on MediaCentral

Avid have introduced new MediaCentral solutions for post production. Integrating industry-leading Media Composer video editing software with a new cutting-edge collaborative asset management module, new video I/O hardware and Avid NEXIS software-defined storage, MediaCentral for Post is a scalable solution for small and mid-sized creative teams to enhance collaboration and deliver their best work faster, as well as working more efficiently with 4K and other demanding formats.

“The world’s most successful editors and media organisations have relied on Avid for nearly three decades to deliver the film and television programming we all know and love — and the continuous feedback from our user community has culminated in the next generation MediaCentral production suite,” said Dana Ruzicka, Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Avid.

“While others have mimicked our feature set over the years, we’ve taken the entire end-to-end post production workflow to a new level with MediaCentral for Post — with integrated storage, editing, I/O acceleration, and media management. And, it’s not just for large organisations. We’re making the power of MediaCentral available to everyone — from small editorial teams, to global media organisations.”

MediaCentral solutions for post production integrate Media Composer, Avid NEXIS, and MediaCentral | Editorial Management—a new media asset management tool that enables everyone in a creative organisation to collaborate in secure, reliable, and simply configured media workflows from a web browser. Customers can easily scale the number of seats as needed, as well as add incremental media services and modules to grow their capabilities when the work demands it. MediaCentral solutions for post integrate Avid’s industry-leading products in a single open platform, including:

MediaCentral | Editorial Management: Robust file and workflow management for small to mid-sized creative teams
MediaCentral | Editorial Management gives a commanding view into an entire organisation’s media assets. Without needing a non-linear editor, assistants and producers can ingest files, create bins, add locators and metadata, create subclips, and perform other asset management tasks — all from a simple browser interface. Users can collaborate using the new MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer, which provides direct access to MediaCentral content right in the Media Composer interface.

MediaCentral | Cloud UX: Easily collaborate anywhere
The completely redesigned MediaCentral | Cloud UX (user experience), is an easy-to-use and task-oriented graphical user interface that runs on any operating system or mobile device, and is available to everyone connected to the platform. Creative team members can easily collaborate with each other from wherever they are — in the same building, across town, or even on a different continent.

Avid Artist | DNxIV: Complete 4K I/O solution in a portable and affordable configuration
The new Avid Artist | DNxIV video interface offers a wide range of analog and digital I/O to plug into today’s diverse media productions, working with a broad spectrum of professional Avid and third-party video editing, audio, visual effects, and graphics software.

MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer: Add powerful search capabilities to the Media Composer interface
Provides an integrated MediaCentral panel within the Media Composer user interface, enabling users to not only see media outside of their active project, but also drag and drop assets from MediaCentral directly into any Media Composer project, bin, or sequence.

Avid NEXIS innovations: Introducing new Avid NEXIS | PRO and Avid NEXIS | E2 hardware options
Avid NEXIS | PRO can now be scaled to 160 TB—twice its previous capacity — giving small post facilities the ease of use, security, and performance advantages enjoyed by larger Avid NEXIS customers. Additionally, Avid NEXIS | E2 now supports SSD drives to deliver the extreme performance required when working with multiple streams of ultra-high-resolution media in real time.

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What are we looking forward to at IBC?

What are we looking forward to at IBC?

Ready for IBC? Our consultants are gearing up for their annual trip to Amsterdam, where they’ll be getting hands-on with the latest releases, meeting our key vendors and finding out what the upcoming year holds for media and entertainment. We asked the team what they’re most looking forward to…

Jamie Allan, Solutions & Business Development for M&E

We’re looking forward to talking to more people about remote connectivity and new methods of collaboration this year. It’s a hugely exciting area of expansion for us and our customers, with many of our preferred vendors bringing updates to enable more advanced connectivity over long distances via public and private networks.

Having worked on some major connectivity projects recently between clients and datacentres, we’re starting to see the huge benefits of colocating or virtualising systems really come into effect on multiple scales. Hopefully at the show we’ll see more vendors embracing this and bringing new solutions to the table.

As usual with a major trade show, we’re expecting our friends at Blackmagic Design to come with some exciting news. Hopefully a full release version of Resolve 14 will be made available, including all the amazing new features we’ve been playing with in beta since NAB.

In conjunction with this, the audio world is anticipating new hardware for Fairlight mixing consoles that will be tightly integrated with Resolve, allowing us to build end to end collaborative workflows for edit, grade and audio mix all in realtime!

Neal Kemsley, Pre-Sales Technical Specialist

I’m looking forward to hearing what Avid have in store for their NEXIS shared storage for media production users. It would be lovely to see more progress on their storage performance capability tiers, as well as built-in tools for migrating data stored in Workspaces among those tiers. Also on my wish-list are some features that have yet to make it to NEXIS, which were lost in the migration from previous Avid products, such as controlled shutdown from an external UPS system and deletion reporting. File access auditing would also be a valuable addition to the product.

I’m also looking forward to hearing about what’s being planned for their Interplay Production Asset Management system, as well as seeing progress on Avid’s Media Central Platform, which I understand has undergone a significant amount of redevelopment work.

David ‘Saxon’ Greenep, Senior Pro Audio Consultant

As the pace of technologies in the audio world continues to grow, I am looking forward to learning about new tech that will further streamline the process of content creation.

I am expecting to see developments in audio over IP as well as DAW and hardware solutions for both Atmos and VR audio. With the new standards available now from Dolby, I will also be interested to see if there have been further developments when it comes to both speaker specifications and speaker calibration systems.

Phil Crawley, Engineer

Although the rush to IP continues apace, some of our higher-end TV and Digital Cinema customers still need the near-zero latency and uncompressed quality that only SDI provides for UHD/4K. I’ll be paying particular attention to Barnfind’s product refresh with their 12G copper/fibre parts. Additionally, Amulet have refreshed their Teradici2 offerings; they uniquely offer external Tera2 parts as well as a soon-to-be-released update for existing customers to monitor their GUI displays at 4K resolution.

Rupert Watson, Sales Director for M&E

As a reseller questing for the latest useful technology on behalf of our customers, we will be out looking for vendors at IBC who are bringing something new to the processes and practice of production and post-production. As technologies advance and merge, we attempt to understand and assimilate new ways of working and to present them to our customers in ways that allow them to make money and prosper from our pathfinding on their behalf.

David Skeggs, Project Specialist

IBC is poised to bring the next round of HDR (high dynamic range) developments and offerings. Ultra HD or 4K coupled with HDR has put a real focus on accurate monitoring within post-production – I’d say now they are more acute than ever before.
Dolby and the BBC have led the development of two very different standards for creating an HDR image, but how has the industry been adopting these? We await to see what updates the monitor manufacturers bring around the wider colour gamut and greater bit depths. Equally, it will be interesting to see how manufacturers have been adopting HDR within products, supply chains and workflows.

Graham McGuinness, Operations Director for M&E
IBC is set to deliver hopefully more complete versions of some of the previews we saw at NAB earlier this year. Of particular interest will be remote editing and cloud-based offerings from manufacturers looking to meaningfully move significant elements of the post-production process online, and drive its potential development as a managed service model. Coupled with the push to high resolution and HDR, it’s going to be an interesting show as always.
Phillip Boettcher, Technical Architect for M&E
At IBC I’ll be most interested in checking out the latest updates to version 14 of Resolve, including any new tools around collaboration and shared projects. There’s a lot of potential in what we have seen so far from shared project databases and networked Resolve suites, but I would like to see more administrative control for this branch of the product now.With the qualification of a new line of servers for Resolve, it is going to be exciting to see the improvements to performance that v14 will bring on the latest hardware. I am also excited to see announcements from storage vendors, such as Ardis for DDP, and look at ways we can utilise their products to enhance our Resolve solution offering.
Want to meet the team?

If you want to meet up with one of the team to discuss your needs, how new releases could fit into your workflow, or what changes you need to make to take advantage of upcoming technologies like those behind remote collaboration, just get in touch on the details below. Who knows, they may even buy you a beer.

If you want to know more on the biggest and best NAB Show releases, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email broadcast@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter‘Like’ us on Facebook or take a look at our roundup post.

Avid NEXIS 7.6 introduces High Performance Storage Groups

Avid NEXIS 7.6 introduces High Performance Storage Groups

Avid have rolled out the latest update to the NEXIS shared storage system, boosting peak performance to 2.4 GBps. The new updates allows NEXIS | Enterprise users to build shared storage systems of up to 48 Media Packs, giving them nearly 3PB of storage and a maximum bandwidth of 28GBps or 600MBps per Media Pack – enough bandwidth for 375 streams of XAVC-Intra UHD, or well over 1000 streams of DNxHD. 

They’ve also added support for High Performance Storage Group and Workspaces (HPSG). Historically, when you’ve bound together Media Packs in your NEXIS setup, they’ve been optimised for even performance and reliable, consistent bandwidth. The new High Performance bind setting is designed to give a small number of users the maximum bandwidth possible, so if a small number of your team are working on an ultra-high-bandwidth project, you can bind together Media Packs for them to monopolise, while the rest of your team carry on as normal.

Even NEXIS | Pro users can get in on the action, scaling up to 600MBps – 2400MBps maximum bandwidth (it was previously 400MBps – 1600MBps). Pro units will even be able to support HPSG, though not to quite the same capacity as Enterprise units.

Do all my Media Packs become ‘High Performance’ if I upgrade? 

No. The setting for large-scale, predictable bandwidth provision is still the default, but has been renamed ‘Scale-Out binding’. If you want to create a HPSG, you will need to upgrade your NEXIS system to 7.6, then add new Media Packs in the High Performance configuration. Only packs added after the upgrade can be bound in High Performance mode.

Does that mean I need to buy new Media Packs? 

Again, no, but you will need to remove Media Packs from your existing system, unbind them, upgrade then rebind them. If you’re worried about safely migrating your data or backing up your Storage Group while its media is offline, get in touch with us. We have Avid Certified Support Representatives on staff who can advise you on the safest and quickest way to update your NEXIS setup.

Can any Media Packs be bound in this way? 

High Performance binding is available for 20TB and 60TB Media Packs. Avid recommends that you bind together Media Packs of the same size, so for the best possible performance you would bind 20TB Media Packs to other 20TB Media Packs, and 60TB ones to 60TB ones, rather than mixing the two.

Are there any restrictions on the availability of HPSGs? 

A few, High Performance mode is not available on the NEXIS | E5 engine. Mirroring is not supported in HPSGs. Any NEXIS File System can only support one HPSG of up to eight Media Packs (said group will deliver up to 4800MBps performance for its users). For the moment, Avid recommend not adding more than 10 clients to a workgroup, but we understand that to be a conservative estimate which is likely to grow as the system matures.

If you want to know more about NEXIS 7.6, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email broadcast@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Did you spot us at the Media Production Show?

Did you spot us at the Media Production Show?

Our team are back in the office after a whirlwind week at the second Media Production Show. Thanks to everyone who came to our stand, tried out our kit, and helped us eat our way through 50kg of pick ‘n’ mix over the course of three days. 


The big change this year is that we’ve teamed up with root6 to become the UK’s biggest and best provider of editing, grading and audio solutions. The two of us were manning one stand this year, and had many of our favourite solutions on show, including the Cintel Film Scanner, DaVinci Resolve with advanced and mini panels, the Avid Pro Tools S3 with iPad Dock, Focusrite’s Red4Pre and workstations with Avid Media Composer.


As well as showcasing the Cintel Film Scanner and Resolve, we played host to storage solutions from leaders Quantum, showcasing their StorNext shared storage solution, and LaCie. We were showing ROOT6 Technology’s ContentAgent, which provides a central hub from which to manage and automate all aspects of your file-based workflow.


Highlights of the week include a string of great talks about the future of VR and workshops on cinematography, editing and grading, but our highlight of the week was probably getting to meet living YouTube legend Joe Sugg. We thought it went well but he hasn’t followed us back, so our ascent to social media stardom still seems unlikely.

Over the course of the week, we’ve been asking you to tweet us your best Jigsaw24 stand selfie in order to be in with the chance of winning a Sonos Play:1. We can now officially reveal that the winner is Twitter user @alexchopper1982, who won us over by promising to use his prize to play Jigsaw24 favourite Cotton Eye Joe at every opportunity.


So, thanks again to everyone who came to the stand! Remember that you can always get in touch with us on the details below if you have any questions about the solutions you saw on the stand, or want to know more about any of our services. Until next year!

If you want to know more, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email broadcast@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Free premium plug-ins when you buy Pro Tools before the end of June

Free premium plug-ins when you buy Pro Tools before the end of June

Along with the upcoming release of Avid Pro Tools 12.8, we’re also excited to announce a new promotion. From now until 30th June, when you buy or subscribe to Pro Tools, you can claim a full licence of a Pro Series or other Tier 2 plug-in absolutely free!

So as well as the audio recording and precision editing tools to create your most professional-sounding mixes in Pro Tools, you can now take your mixes even further with Avid’s premium plug-ins, without having to fork out extra. Bring powerful mastering tools to your workflow with Pro Limiter or Pro Multi-band Dynamics, give your mix unmatched depth with Reverb One, and create beautifully detailed mixes with other premium Tier 2 plug-ins.

The full list of Tier 2 plug-ins available includes: Classic Compressors Bundle; Focusrite d2/d3; Impact; JOEMEEK Bundle; Moogerfooger Bundle; Pro Limiter; Pro Multiband Dynamics; Pro Subharmonic; Pultec Bundle; Reel Tape Suite; Reverb One; Smack!, and Sound Replacer.

Any new Pro Tools perpetual licence activations or new Pro Tools annual subscriptions are eligible for the offer, although educational and institution perpetual licences and subscriptions, and Pro Tools | HD perpeutial licences and subscriptions are not available for the offer. This promotion is automatically fulfilled electronically by Avid through your Avid Account.

You’ve only got till 30th June to take advantage of this great offer though, so act now and get a free perpetual licence of any Tier 2 plug-in of your choice when you buy or subscribe to Pro Tools.

Want to know more about Avid Pro Tools? Want to know more? Give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email audio@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news, follow @Jigsaw24Audio on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

What’s new in NEXIS?

What’s new in NEXIS?

Avid have continued their trend of releasing clusters of updates for their NEXIS shared storage system, with recent additions taking us from NEXIS 7.1 to 7.4. Here’s what you’ll be able to enjoy once you’ve updated…

Avid NEXIS 7.1.1

The Avid NEXIS 7.1.1 patch releasencludes an important fix for Avid NEXIS systems with clients that inadvertently attempt to connect through a 100Mbps Ethernet connection. Anything other than 1Gb or 10Gb is not a supported connection speed, and the client would fail to connect. However, beginning with v5.0, the client’s attempt to connect at an unsupported speed caused the Storage Manager to assert and the Avid NEXIS system to become temporarily unresponsive. This fix prevents the system from asserting, and rejects the unsupported client connection. Those clients must modify their connection speeds to connect to Avid NEXIS.

Avid NEXIS 7.2

The Avid NEXIS v7.2 release includes support for adding Media Packs to a mirror-capable Storage Group during a maintenance window (no client I/O to Workspaces in that Storage Group). However, there are a few parameters: the Media Packs must be the same capacity as those already in the mirror- capable Storage Group, and each Engine you are adding to the mirror-capable Storage Group must have the same number of Media Packs as the Engines already in it.

For example, if a mirror-capable Storage Group contains three Avid NEXIS | E4 Engines each with two 60TB Media Packs, you can add another Avid NEXIS | E4 Engine with two 60TB Media Packs to the same mirror-capable Storage Group.

The update also adds: support for macOS Sierra (v10.12.2) clients; support for Avid NEXIS File Gateway software on an AS3000 Server, and open access to Avid NEXIS workspaces using the Avid NEXIS | File Gateway installed on that Avid AS3000 Server running Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 R2. This allows access to Avid NEXIS from clients and infrastructures that do not have the Avid NEXIS Client installed.

The Avid NEXIS File Gateway server and software are available now and documentation is available on the Avid Knowledge Base. When interface checking in relation to redundant controller configurations, the default gateway IP address must be reachable by a ping command, otherwise the interface is disabled. This can cause the Avid NEXIS Engine or System Director Appliance to become disconnected from the network. Before upgrading to Avid NEXIS v7.2, make sure there is a default gateway IP address configured, and that it can be reached by a ping command. For more information, see the Avid Knowledge Base.

Avid NEXIS 7.3

With the arrival of NEXIS 7.3, the Avid NEXIS Client Kit is now available to download from the Avid Download Centre. Avid ISIS and Avid NEXIS customers can download and install the latest Avid NEXIS Client software, which connects to both Avid NEXIS and Avid ISIS (v4.7.5 and higher) systems.

Avid have fixed an issue introduced in Avid NEXIS v7.2 where the System Director was using the ping command to determine the presence and connectivity of the default gateway IP address, and counting on a valid address being configured. The ping command is no longer used to determine the presence or validity of a default gateway address. Avid recommends updating to Avid NEXIS v7.3 from v7.1 or earlier to avoid the possibility of losing access to the interface if no default gateway is configured, or if it is configured incorrectly.

They have also fixed an issue where the hardware status on the Agent was displaying incorrect or no information for the power supplies and fans in an Avid NEXIS | E5, an ‘Edit While Capture’ issue where constant reads of a data chunk led to a delayed write failure.

They have also added support for the following Myricom 10GbE Rev C NICs for use in Avid NEXIS clients: 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2T, 10G-PCIE2-8C-T and 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2S. The Myricom driver bundled with the Avid NEXIS kit works for these NICs.

Avid NEXIS 7.3.1

The Avid NEXIS v7.3.1 release fixes an issue in Avid NEXIS 7.2 and 7.3 where under some circumstances, including intermittent network connections, external user authentication using LDAP would fail. Update all client systems to Avid NEXIS Client v7.3.1 before updating the Avid NEXIS system to v7.3.1. The Avid NEXIS v7.3 client cannot connect to a system running Avid NEXIS v7.3.1 or higher.

Avid NEXIS 7.3.2

The Avid NEXIS v7.3.2 release fixed a timing issue where in some circumstances, an Avid Interplay Media Indexer would assert (blue screen).

Avid NEXIS 7.4

The Avid NEXIS v7.4 release adds support for CentOS Linux version 7.3 as a client operating system. Clients running CentOS and the Avid NEXIS v7.4 client software can connect to an Avid ISIS system running v4.7.5 and higher, and to any Avid NEXIS system. The CentOS client kit is available in the Installers page in the Management Console and also in the Installers_Client\ folder in the Avid NEXIS kit, and is named AvidNEXISClient_el.centos.x86_64_7.4.0_5.bin.

Avid Client software for Linux now displays and connects to more than 10 remote System Directors. Previous versions of the Linux client limited to 10 the number of remote System Director connections (and the number displayed in the Client Manager’s Systems pane). The Client Manager now displays and connects to as many remote System Directors as are configured in the Remote Hosts dialog box.

The release also fixes an edit-while-capture workflow problem involving clients using dual 1Gb connections to the Avid NEXIS.

If you want to know more, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email broadcast@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.


In an Avid environment? Get certified on Avid Nexis, ISIS and Interplay with our training

In an Avid environment? Get certified on Avid Nexis, ISIS and Interplay with our training

Our friends at root6 are Avid Learning Partners, meaning that they’ve got Avid’s seal of approval to deliver training.  

As well as delivering official Avid qualification courses (the kind with an exam and a certificate), they have training programmes of their own (no certificate), and can develop bespoke training courses for your team on request (we can make you a certificate if you really want one).

What do these courses cover?

Avid Interplay for editors A four hour ‘essentials’ course for editors who need to interact with the Avid Interplay workgroup environment through the editing application. Designed for those of you new to using a NewsCutter or Media Composer on Avid Interplay. It looks the same but the rules have changed.

Course cost: £375 per person at Berwick Street,or a  £1750 flat fee to train up to six people at your site.

This course is scheduled on demand – just give us a call to book a session.


Avid Interplay System Administration A far more in-depth three day course designed for administrators responsible for the day-to-day operation of an Avid Interplay environment.Covers administrating the Avid Interplay Engine and Avid Archive Engine (if applicable), and how to work with databases in the system. Additional topics include naming conventions, deletion strategies, deletion protection, daily and weekly maintenance, and archiving. This course (or equivalent experience) is a required pre-requisite of the Interplay ACSR path.

Course cost: £1185 per person at Berwick Street, or a £5250 flat fee to train up to six people at your site.

This course is delivered periodically – the next set of dates is to be confirmed.


Avid NEXIS System Administration This classroom course provides an in-depth understanding of how to administer and maintain an Avid NEXIS system. The course covers a range of administration topics such as how to create and manage workspaces, check system status, troubleshoot issues, create and understand user accounts, connect to clients, mount/dismount workspaces, configure a multi-engine system, and deal with hardware failures. The course also covers basic maintenance and troubleshooting of the Avid NEXIS|PRO, E2 and E4 hardware.

Course cost: £400 per person at Berwick Street, or £400 per person if delivered onsite – although this requires a minimum of four and a maximum of six.

This course is delivered periodically – the next set of dates is to be confirmed.


ACSR Avid NEXIS System Support In this three day course, students focus on the installation, administration, and architecture of the Avid NEXIS system, learning to connect, configure, and troubleshoot the system. Lab work and exercises give students practical experience in integrating systems and applying troubleshooting techniques.

Course cost: £1500 per person at Berwick Street (not including the exam).

This course is delivered periodically – the next set of dates is to be confirmed.


Avid ISIS 5000 Administration In this two day course students will learn how to administer their Avid ISIS 5000 system. You’ll review how to replace a failed data drive and configure storage groups and workspaces, as well as learning basic maintenance and troubleshooting on the System Director and ISIS Chassis hardware.

Course cost: £750 per person at Berwick Street, or a flat fee of £3500 to train a maximum of six people at your site.

This course is delivered periodically – the next set of dates is to be confirmed.


Avid ISIS 5000 System Support In this three day course, students focus on the installation, administration, and architecture of Avid ISIS 5000, learning to connect, configure, and troubleshoot the system. Lab work and exercises give students practical experience in integrating systems and applying troubleshooting techniques. This certification course culminates in an exam. Candidates meeting the Avid ACSR Program pre-requisites and who pass the exam are Avid Certified Support Representatives (ACSR) for Shared Storage.

Course cost: £1220 per person at Berwick Street, or £5250 to train a maximum of six attendees at your site.

This course is delivered periodically – the next set of dates is to be confirmed.

Where are the the courses held?

Most courses are held in our new training facility in Berwick Street, Soho, but many can also be provided at your own premises, by prior agreement, if you can provide an appropriate space for us to park our training machines.

Where do I find out more?

You can see root6’s full course list (and get in touch with them) here on their website.

If you want to know more about Avid training, give us a call on 03332 409 306 or email broadcast@Jigsaw24.com. For all the latest news, follow @WeAreJigsaw24 on Twitter or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.


Get journalism students ready for the newsroom with Avid’s iNEWS and Interplay

Get journalism students ready for the newsroom with Avid’s iNEWS and Interplay

Looking to take your institution’s journalism courses to the next level? iNEWS and Interplay from Avid will help prepare your students for life in the newsroom, giving them access to the tools used by top broadcasters across the industry.

Created for broadcasters, journalists and news teams, Avid’s iNEWS is a Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) that will bring your students out of the classroom and into the fast-paced world of news. What better way to prepare for a career in the media and entertainment industry than by getting hands on with the same tools being used in newsrooms around the UK?

What is iNEWS? 

Working together with infrastructure such as Avid Interplay, the iNEWS server lets users create and deliver breaking news, unify entire newsroom operations, and engage audiences across a broad spectrum of TV, web, mobile and social media channels. iNEWS supports all standard wire formats such as ANPA, IPTC, and News ML and allows the consolidated ingest of wires and other sources via serial feed, telnet, email, or by monitoring directories. The iNEWS interface provides a multipurpose front end. Here users can preview videos associated with Avid Interplay sequences directly within iNEWS, perform forward searches across multiple iNEWS systems, and communicate with the rest of the news team.

Journalists can create, browse and edit stories while directly connected to the iNEWS system at the station, but can also work remotely, accessing news content and rundowns via a realtime Interplay Central browser-based interface or using the mobile workflow of Interplay Central native iPad and iPhone apps.

Avid NewsCutter, a news-orientated version of Media Composer, provides direct editorial control over media, cutting broadcast quality pictures and audio that are ready for transmission. The system also plays host to an audio, video, and script-editing tool for journalists, iNEWS Instinct. This is a visual storytelling tool that increases speed, control and creativity of the development of voiceovers/VOSOTs and accelerates newscast production using a script-based format. At the end of the chain is the iNEWS Command automation-assist system. This provides experience of playout of video and CG events, triggering their broadcast based on the order and timing of the events in the newscast rundown.

Why use iNEWS for education?

Unlike many other education solutions, Avid iNEWS isn’t a standalone product. The server software provides the heart of an entire collaborative workflow solution for news content creation and distribution in a broadcast environment, where each component further develops student skillsets.

Colleges and universities are typically using Avid iNEWS to anchor end-to-end Avid workflows. We’ve been working with Nottingham Trent University to bring their student newsroom up to scratch, and they found that having an advanced newsroom onsite allows students to interact with and use news feeds from professional news organisations such as the BBC and Reuters, and provide news services for their communities. Such collaboration and real-world experience furthers the skills and employability of students on iNEWS-based courses, putting them in prime of place when it comes to job-seeking in the news industry.

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Avid introduce new Media Campus licensing options and courses for HE

Avid introduce new Media Campus licensing options and courses for HE

If you’re teaching creative subjects to HE students, you’ll know how important it is to get them using industry standard tools before they’re let loose in the workplace. Avid know this too, and are lauching a new Media Campus initiative to make it easier for colleges and universities to get access to their industry-leading tech. 

The programme is designed to help universities adopt Avid solutions campus-wide, using the Avid Media Central platform to link Media Composer and Pro Tools projects to each other (and Avid NEXIS shared storage) to enable a professional multimedia workflow for production and post.

Media Campus programme

Members of the programme will be eligible for volume licensing on Avid software (to encourage campus-wide deployment), further discounts on Avid solutions including  NEXIS storage, MediaCentral | UX, Interplay, PlayMaker, Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | HD Native, Avid DNxIQ, Pro Tools | S6, Avid VENUE | S6L, Maestro, and more. Your Media Campus membership would need to be renewed annually, the same as your software maintenance contract.

As well as providing universities with software and hardware at a discount, the programme would host regional and campus events to help students build links with industry, support student film festivals and music competitions, and promote the university in the Avid Directory to help recruit new students and connect graduates to employment opportunities.

Middlesex University have been trialling the system and Faculty Technical Manager Daniel Sosnowski said: “The Avid Media Campus program will enhance and strengthen students’ experience with the advanced tools and workflows used by real-world production facilities, significantly boosting their employment prospects. Investing in Avid NEXIS and Interplay | Production has enabled us to facilitate remote access to media and we’ve seen notable workflow improvements as a result.”

Find out how Middlesex and other universities got on in the official press release.

Media Composer | First

And if students want to work on their projects at home, the good news is that they can now get a free, slightly slimmed down version of Media Composer – Media Composer | First.

Following the same model as last year’s Pro Tools | First, Media Composer | First gives users access to four video tracks, eight audio tracks, and a host of built-in visual effects, transitions, colour correction presets and titling templates, so aspiring editors can put their projects together using a toolkit virtually identical to the one they’ll see in the workplace.

Media Composer | First also allows easy sharing, with one-click publishing to popular social media channels including YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

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