The view from the front: Avid User Group Cymru

The view from the front: Avid User Group Cymru

Last night we hosted the Avid User Group Cymru’s annual Christmas meet-up, featuring a Q&A with Avid specialist Øystein Riise Næss and news of workflow automation tool (and Avid Alliance Partner) ContentAgent from Owen Walker. 

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who made it – there was a real community atmosphere, and it was great to see people sharing resources they found useful with other local Avid users. (The popular ones, for those who didn’t get them down on the night, were Freddy’s Big List of Relevant Avid Links, the official Avid Blogs and the Avid Editors of Facebook group.)

Coming soon from Avid


Key points that we kept coming back to during Øystein’s informative Q&A included the very welcome return of PhraseFind and ScriptSync, the imminent arrival of Media Composer | Editorial Management, which promises logging, rough cut and asset management capabilities for producers and loggers who don’t have a Media Composer licence. There was also a recap of the improvements Avid have made to the audio tools available on your timeline.

Avid are still in the process of redesigning their audio interface, and one of the best things about the Q&A was that our members got to lodge their requests directly with an Avid specialist in person (though if you have any more, send them in and I’m sure we can pass them on).

We also got an exclusive preview of the newly-remodelled title tool in Media Composer, which looks fantastic following its recent redesign, and the chance to try out some of Avid’s new hardware options, including their latest video over IP solutions.


Want to know more about ContentAgent?

Workflow automation toolkit ContentAgent was a new find for a lot of our attendees, but there was a surge of interest following Owen’s presentation. If you had a question that wasn’t answered, we’d recommend taking a look at the ContentAgent overview here, or getting in touch on the details below if your query is more specific.

Next from Avid User Group Cymru…

It was great to get the gang back together, and we hope to host more meet-ups in the very near future so that our local Avid user community can stay in touch. With that in mind, we’d really appreciate it if you could take this quick, five question survey to let us know what you’d like to see, and which Avid partners you’d like to hear from next time. Similarly, if there are any websites of platforms where you’d particularly like to see the AUGC make an appearance (Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack), let us know in the comments.

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IBC 2017: Avid extends MediaCentral platform with next-generation media production suite

IBC 2017: Avid extends MediaCentral platform with next-generation media production suite

It’s a “groundbreaking modular platform design with innovative user experience delivers a full suite of applications, modules, services, and connectors to drive unprecedented scalability, extensibility, and efficiency,” according the the latest IBC press release. Here’s the news:

Avid, a leading global media technology provider for the creation, distribution, and monetisation of media assets for global media organisations, enterprise users, and individual creative professionals, today unveiled its next-generation media production suite extending from the Avid MediaCentral platform. MediaCentral scales from a team of two to an organisation of thousands, and gives news, sports, post-production, and live broadcast teams the power to create and deliver more content much more efficiently, and in shorter timeframes.

Built on the MediaCentral platform, the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and extensible platform designed for media, the new MediaCentral production suite is completely customisable and modular, featuring a groundbreaking cloud-based user experience; workflow modules and apps for editorial, production, news, graphics, and asset management; and a wide array of media services and partner connectors. Every user is connected in a completely integrated workflow environment and gains a unified view into all their media—no matter where it’s located—on premises, in a private data center, or via the public cloud.

“MediaCentral continues to be a game changer for the industry,” said Dana Ruzicka, Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Avid. “We’ve taken the technology in iNEWS and Interplay, refined over the past 20 years for the world’s biggest media organisations, and have put it all on the platform and moved it into the modern cloud era. What makes this huge is that now any media professional can access these tools. It doesn’t matter how big or small their teams are. They just select the apps they want, switch on the modules they need, and customise their workflow with a wide array of media services and partner connectors. And they have the option to deploy wherever they want—either on premises, in a data centre, in the cloud, or any hybrid combination. Nothing else comes close to the flexibility, efficiency, and agility MediaCentral delivers.”

Completely redesigned and intuitive user experience

MediaCentral now features the completely redesigned MediaCentral | Cloud UX (user experience), an easy-to-use and task-oriented graphical user interface that runs on virtually any operating system or mobile device, and is available to everyone connected to the platform, no matter where they are. Team members can easily collaborate with each other from wherever their work requires — in the same building, across town, or even on a different continent.

Full range of apps to power every part of the media workflow

MediaCentral offers a wide array of optional apps that provide all the capabilities required for high-efficiency media production, from searching and browsing media, researching data and social media feeds, logging, editing, review and approval, publishing and more — all accessed from within the MediaCentral | Cloud UX interface to provide a consistent and unified user experience. MediaCentral apps include:

MediaCentral | Browse Provides easy content navigation and viewing with a familiar web search approach; analysis and details of any asset type, including videos, audio clips, graphics, and documents; and quick forward and backward scrubbing through any clip, with the ability to play back clips anywhere inside the app.

MediaCentral | Search Facilitates powerful global search and filtering, enabling users to index and locate video, audio, graphics, and document content across multiple MediaCentral systems, basing searches on keywords, metadata, and other specified criteria. A powerful phonetic search option automatically indexes content, enabling users to locate relevant clips that contain a specific spoken word or phrase.

MediaCentral | Edit Lets users quickly create edited stories and shot lists, mark in and out points, perform basic editing, scrub through timelines, and add voiceovers right inside of MediaCentral. Users can access and edit projects and media from anywhere, using mobile and internet-connected devices.

MediaCentral | Publish Provides quick and easy one-stop publishing to a variety of OTT, VOD, and social media platforms simultaneously — including Facebook and Twitter — right from within the MediaCentral | Cloud UX web interface. Built-in tools accelerate the process with auto-fill templates, email notifications, and more.

MediaCentral | Research (coming soon) Enables users to monitor specific issues or stories on social communities such as Twitter or Facebook, and quickly integrate social posts or trends into their programming.

Powerful and configurable workflow modules

MediaCentral can be flexibly configured with any combination of workflow modules for basic editorial, production, newsroom, graphics, and asset management. Production teams can combine modules and integrate the apps and services that meet their specific production and workflow needs, with the flexibility to add modules in the future as creative or business needs dictate. MediaCentral workflow modules include:

MediaCentral | Editorial Management Robust and affordable file and workflow management for small to mid-sized creative teams, bringing unprecedented collaborative power, plus project and media sharing capabilities, to any size workflow.

MediaCentral | Production Management Advanced file and workflow management for mid-sized to large production teams, simplifying and accelerating media production workflows.

MediaCentral | Newsroom Management Complete story creation and rundown management for news teams, providing improved workflow efficiency and speed to break news across multiple broadcast and digital outlets.

MediaCentral | Graphics Management Next-generation graphics asset management for news and sports, delivering seamless workflow integration across the real-time graphics production environment.

MediaCentral | Asset Management Advanced media asset management for news, sports, and post-production teams that manages the entire content lifecycle, with easy asset browsing and retrieval across multiple tiers of storage for reuse or repurposing.

Comprehensive suite of media services

MediaCentral offers a comprehensive suite of media services that can be orchestrated to meet almost any workflow need — from content reformatting, distribution, social media integration, indexing, search, and content retrieval, to cognitive analytics and the latest advances in machine learning for deep insights into content performance. MediaCentral services include:

Orchestrate Provides a powerful process management service that can be customised to manage any workflow — from simple batch processing scripts, to the most complex workflows spanning systems, teams, and sites.

Content Transformation Automates file transfers and format conversions; enables users to browse and edit proxy files from any location, and apply edits to the original high-quality masters at any time. Also automates content ingest and output flows, minimising workflow bottlenecks and time-consuming media management tasks.

Audience Engagement Enables content creation teams to collect, filter, moderate, and integrate user-generated content alongside traditional programming.

Distribute Simplifies, streamlines, and unifies content distribution across diverse channels and devices, automating file preparation and transcoding in the background.

Cognitive Services Applies the latest machine-learning algorithms to content libraries, automatically indexing content to extract streams of time-based metadata. Allows highly complex searches to be executed in seconds, without time-consuming manual logging.

MediaCentral connectors integrate certified third-party solutions into the workflow

MediaCentral connectors enable easy and powerful integration of MediaCentral workflow modules with over 2,000 partner products from a growing list of more than 600 partners. The industry-leading openness of the MediaCentral platform ensures that creative teams and media organisations can easily integrate the solutions they choose from an array of vendors from the industry’s largest ecosystem, to customise their workflows exactly as they need them.

Next-generation platform engine

At the core of MediaCentral is the next-generation platform engine that delivers centralised administration and media indexing, simplified software deployment, and flexible infrastructure management with the ability to scale from creative teams of two people, to global media enterprises with thousands of distributed contributors.

Key capabilities enabled by the platform engine include:

Centralised system administration Provides a single central space where administrators switch modules and apps on and off, manage licensing, and designate user roles and permissions across the entire platform.

Centralised media index Allows users to easily access any media on the platform, regardless of where it resides. MediaCentral unifies the presentation of all assets in the system, so users can focus more time on creative tasks, without concern about whether an asset is in the archive, in a facility, or in the cloud.

Enterprise software deployment Automates software installation and updates, radically simplifying system deployment and configuration using a template-based approach. MediaCentral | Deploy makes it easy to benefit from the latest software updates without error-prone, time-consuming manual processes.

Flexible infrastructure management layer Enables administrators to dynamically scale resources and add new capabilities, optimising infrastructure elements such as storage, computing power, and bandwidth across an entire enterprise.

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NAB 2017: Avid Artist | DNxIQ unveiled for 4K monitoring and universal mastering

NAB 2017: Avid Artist | DNxIQ unveiled for 4K monitoring and universal mastering

Next-generation video/audio interface offers extensive format support, including 4K monitoring and universal mastering capability, to enable video professionals to quickly and easily meet today’s varied content demands and wide-ranging delivery requirements.

Avid, a leading global media technology provider for the creation, distribution, and monetisation of media assets for global media organisations, enterprise users and individual creative professionals, today announced the availability of Avid Artist | DNxIQ, a new hardware interface that delivers extensive format support, from SD to 4K.

Part of Avid’s commitment to offering the most comprehensive set of tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and optimize media, Avid Artist | DNxIQ enables video professionals to quickly, easily and efficiently respond to rapidly changing content demands and delivery requirements driven from an ever-expanding range of channels and devices that today’s content needs to feed. Avid will showcase Avid Artist | DNxIQ at the Avid booth during NAB 2017 (Booth #SU902).

“Video professionals today have to turn more content around faster to more devices than ever before. And the seemingly unending proliferation of video formats can make this a real challenge,” said Dana Ruzicka, chief product officer, Avid. “With this in mind, Avid Artist | DNxIQ is built to handle any project that walks through the door – SD all the way to UHD, 4K and beyond. It features the most popular connection types encountered in a professional facility, and through its real-time Universal Mastering technology, it can easily deliver final masters for virtually any format and market.”

Built in partnership with Blackmagic Design, Avid Artist | DNxIQ provides broad format support in a sleek yet sturdy configuration that enables users to work more flexibly and creatively. Thanks to the openness of the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, Avid Artist | DNxIQ is compatible with any Avid Artist Suite solution and many third-party creative tools – including Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and more.

“Since the launch of Avid Artist | DNxIO two years ago, we’ve continued to work closely with Avid as an Alliance Partner, and are excited to launch Avid Artist | DNxIQ,” said Grant Petty, founder and CEO, Blackmagic Design. “Our companies are at the forefront of high-resolution technology, and we’re proud that together we’re able to offer video professionals these amazing integrated solutions for creating greater-than-HD media.”

Avid Artist | DNxIQ’s Universal Mastering feature perfectly complements Avid’s Media Composer| Symphony Option, providing real-time format and frame-rate conversion on output and playback. The new interface supports SD, HD, 2K, UHD and 4K ingest, monitoring and output. As well as supporting all major NLEs, it also supports Thunderbolt 3 and PCIe for Mac and PC.


The new Avid Artist | DNxIQ video interface is available now.

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Introducing the Trinnov Audio D-Mon Series

Introducing the Trinnov Audio D-Mon Series

Jigsaw24 welcome the launch of the Trinnov Audio D-Mon Series, a new range of digital integrated monitoring processors, with the acclaimed optimiser room correction and X-Mon replacement capability for an Avid Pro Tools | S6 control surface.

The D-Mon features the Trinnov Optimiser at its core, providing the user with the ability to have perfectly tuned speakers set for the room and an astonishingly accurate listening environment, allowing for faster workflow and higher quality results.

As part of Avid’s third party programme, the D-Mon Series has been developed primarily to meet the Eucon protocol specifications to provide Avid Pro Tools users with a comprehensive alternative to the X-Mon analogue processor for the S6 and S3 control surfaces, and is also backwards-compatible supporting Avid ICON D-Control and D-Command.

The D-Mon is designed to not only replace the Avid X-Mon, but also interface with any DAW studio and act as a console centre section. It offers the user a number of features alongside the optimiser room correction at its core, like switching, routing, summing, assigning inputs to cue, stem mixes, sends for foldback, listen and talkback feeds. The D-Mon is a complete monitoring solution for the modern studio and then some…


D-Mon Series Highlights

– D-Mon|8 (5.1/7.1 studios): 24 Digital I/O | 8 Analogue I/O | 8 Analogue High Definition Outputs.

– D-Mon|4 (Stereo/LCRS studios) : 8 Digital I/O | 4 Analogue I/O | 8 Analogue High Definition.

– Globally acclaimed optimiser for perfect acoustic tuning of multiple stereo up to 7.1 speaker sets, with comprehensive functions and processing for advanced monitoring.

– Compliant with Avid control surfaces, including Eucon (S6, S5, S3), and X-Mon Midi (D-Control & D-Command).

– Full audio routing matrix.

– User-assignable functions (main, alternate, cues, talkback, listen-back, headphones).

– 18×16 internal mixer (D-Mon|8) 12×8 internal mixer (D-Mon|4).

– Digital and analogue inserts.

– Fully assignable intercom control, talkback and listen-back inputs with phantom power.

– Outstanding sonic performance and processing from the world leader in room correction.

Trinnov D-Mon Diagram 2015

Want to check out Trinnov D-Mon yourself? Come on down to our Soho-based ‘Steampunk’ demo studio and hear the D-Mon range in action, fully functioning with the Avid Pro Tools | S6 and our unique JBL Professional 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Premix-capable monitoring system.

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Avid offers first Symphony 6.5 free trial!

Avid offers first Symphony 6.5 free trial!

As the first quarter of 2013 winds down (where did that go?) we say goodbye to some fantastic offers from Avid. But if you missed out on their massive Symphony 6.5 discount because you weren’t sure Symphony was for you, we’ve got good news: there’s a free trial out. 

Avid Symphony and Nitris DX

You can now head over to the Avid site and download a free 30-day trial of Symphony 6.5 or Media Composer 6.5. Okay, so you don’t get access to Symphony’s full complement of Boris Continuum Complete plug-ins, but you can get used to massive timesavers like ScriptSync and PhraseFind, and if you have a Nitrix DX interface you can use the Universal Mastering toolkit to give your projects an extra polish.

Download your 30-day free trial of Media Composer 6.5 or Symphony 6.5 here.

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