Giles Martin on his career, The Beatles and the Avid Pro Tools | S6

Giles Martin on his career, The Beatles and the Avid Pro Tools | S6

After recently sorting out Giles Martin with a 32-fader Pro Tools | S6/M40 for Airborn Productions, the Abbey Road Studios-based production facility he operates, we chatted to the legendary music producer about his career, The Beatles, and why you should always back up your work with Pro Tools (especially if it’s the Fab Four’s master tapes…).

Check out our interview with Giles Martin to hear about his extensive music production career, including his tips on using Pro Tools and the Avid Pro Tools | S6 control surface we provided for him…


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How can root6 and Jigsaw24 help you?

How can root6 and Jigsaw24 help you?

Jigsaw24 and root6 have joined together to create the largest and most experienced audio and video technology services and solutions provider in Europe.

Combined, we have more than 40 years’ experience, working alongside leading creative companies and growing a small army of highly qualified consultants and engineers, so we’re now better positioned than ever to deliver the very best solutions and services for audio and video.

Together, we cover your entire workflow from ingest, editing and finishing to tiered storage and delivery. We also provide root6’s range of industry-standard creative products from top brands, including handy local drives and cables, complete suites and entire network infrastructures.

So how can we help?

The combination of root6’s technical expertise with Jigsaw24’s datacentre, managed service and logistical capabilities means that we can now offer the fastest, most innovative and reliable audio and video solutions on the market, helping you incorporate new technologies ahead of your competitors.

We can provide the full range of the latest products, services and solutions for production, post and broadcasters, allowing you to consolidate existing purchasing and support contracts into a single agreement with one supplier, and drastically reducing the amount of admin your IT and purchasing teams have to slog through.

Our solutions include ROOT6 Technology’s industry-leading ContentAgent solution for media ingest and file workflow management, which makes it easier for non-technical staff to tackle complex ingest, conversion and delivery workflows, including work in the AS-11 standard.

If you want to get hands-on with the latest technology (including DaVinci Resolve, Avid Pro Tools and more), head to our demo facility at 8 Golden Square in Soho to get to grips with the kit and meet our Apple engineers.

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NAB 2017: Dolby announce new Atmos Production Suite and Mastering Suite

NAB 2017: Dolby announce new Atmos Production Suite and Mastering Suite

After Avid’s announcement that the forthcoming release of Pro Tools HD will offer native Dolby Atmos mixing, there was more Dolby news brewing at NAB 2017, with the release of two new software bundles – the Dolby Atmos Production Suite and Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite.

Although theatrical Atmos will still require a Dolby hardware rendering and mastering unit (RMU) in a Dolby-approved room for deliverables, the new Dolby software packages will allow deliverables for domestic use, letting audio professionals create, mix, master, and edit high quality Dolby Atmos content for Blu-ray, digital delivery, gaming and virtual reality. It also appears they have bumped up the the bed tracks to 9.1. Here’s the lowdown from Dolby:

Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite

– Create, edit, mix, and master high quality Dolby Atmos content for Blu-ray and digital delivery.

– Enable Dolby Atmos workflows in editorial and premix rooms with the Dolby Atmos Production Suite.

– End-to-end content production for linear cinematic and virtual-augmented-mixed reality applications.

– Quality control (QC) of Dolby Atmos master files.


– One seat of Dolby Atmos HT-RMU Rendering and Mastering Software for Windows.

– Three copies of the Dolby Atmos Production Suite for Mac.

– Dolby Atmos Conversion Tool.


Dolby Atmos Production Suite

– Allows monitoring of content on your Mac without the need for additional hardware.

– Provides editorial and premix functionality for film and TV content, along with a complete end-to-end workflow for VR content.

– Enables playback and QC of any Dolby Atmos master file type, greatly simplifying QC workflows for high value content.


– Dolby Atmos Renderer application for Mac.

– Dolby Atmos Panner plug-in for Pro Tools.

– Dolby Atmos Panner plug-ins for VR for Pro Tools.

– Dolby Atmos Monitor application.

– VR Transcoder application.

– Session templates and documentation.

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IBC 2016: Avid Pro Tools

IBC 2016: Avid Pro Tools

Avid have made some major announcements at IBC 2016 which introduce a seismic shift in terms of how customers are able to purchase their flagship Pro Tools|HDX and Pro Tools|HD software range of professional audio production products.

Avid Pro Tools | HDX

The Pro Tools|HDX range of DSP cards is now available without having to be purchased as a bundle with an Avid HD I/O audio interface – which means you can now access the world’s most powerful audio processing cards and combine them with your audio interface brand of choice and – even better news – Pro Tools|HDX is now at available at significantly reduced pricing.

Avid PT HDX2 RedNet Logos 2016

Avid Pro Tools | HD software

For the first time ever you can now buy the fully featured Pro Tools|HD version of the world’s most popular professional audio production software as a standalone product, without having to purchase any associated Avid hardware. Pro Tools|HD software is available as a perpetual license, or you can subscribe on a low-cost annual basis and use the software only when you need it – the choice is yours.

Avid Pro Tools 12.6

The new Pro Tools 12.6 software delivers powerful new editing capabilities that give you even more control over your editing workflow and enable you to mix faster and more fluidly than ever before.

Jigsaw24 welcomes these announcements and has already placed orders for significant stocks of the newly available, lower priced products.

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Avid release Pro Tools | S6 v2.2 Update

Avid release Pro Tools | S6 v2.2 Update

Avid have released their latest version of the S6 Software. Here’s a rundown of the new and changed features in v2.2:

Surround Panning on the Master Module, New Views and Controls, Snap to Speaker…


Locked Attention Track Knobs Remembered after Changing Attention, Locking Strips…


Changing Display Module Views From the Surface Soft Keys…


Sum and Intercancel Modes for Monitor Switches Navigation and Display…


Navigating Soft Key Banks from the Numeric Keypad Layouts, new Soft Key Commands…


Those with current Avid support contracts for their S6 consoles should find the update in their Avid Master Accounts, along with full release notes and system requirements.

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Sound 24: Make movies sound amazing!

Sound 24: Make movies sound amazing!

Sound 24 is multi-award winning audio post-production company owned by film sound supervisor and movie industry legend Glenn Freemantle. With a reputation for excellence and a credit list that includes some of the most critically lauded and financially successful movies made in the last 25 years, Sound 24 is deservedly ranked as one of the finest audio post companies in the world.

Sound24 OSCARS 2014

Jigsaw24 recently installed an Avid Pro Tools | S6 control surface in Sound 24’s facilities in Pinewood Film Studios. Once everything was up and running, we caught up with OSCAR and BAFTA award-winning sound designer and re-recording mixer Niv Adiri to discuss the company’s remarkable success, and how using Avid audio products has helped Sound 24 make movies sound amazing!

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Avid Pro Tools | Dock Now Shipping

Avid Pro Tools | Dock Now Shipping

The Pro Audio Solutions team at Jigsaw24 welcome the release of the Pro Tools | Dock, the latest addition to the Avid Pro Mixing family.


The Pro Tools | Dock is a compact, ergonomic, EUCON control surface designed to integrate with the free Pro Tools | Control iPad app, and based on the advanced touchscreen workflows on the Master Touch Module of the award-winning Pro Tools | S6. This system demonstrates Avid’s philosophy that mixers need the best of physical faders, knobs and switches in conjunction with touchscreen technology for things like fast navigation, metering, and on-screen plug-in control – a true hybrid approach. It’s equally adept at editorial and mixing workflow enhancement. And, when the Dock is paired with Pro Tools | S3, you gain complementary and enhanced functionality with the dedicated automation switches, transport controls, weighted aluminum jog wheel, colour-coded Soft Key switches and more…


The image below of the iPad screen shows you the key concept of a ‘super’ Channel view. The Dock’s eight soft knobs can be used to control parameters like EQ, Dynamics, Panning and Sends on the Attentioned (focused) channel – just like the S6 Master Touch Module.  This new ‘super’ Channel view on Pro Tools | Control is also now available in the free iOS app! A better view of the cool, new expanded Channel view can be seen below:

Dock Highlights 1

A highly requested enhancement, that will also be free to all  Pro Tools | Control App users, is the colour-mapped Soft Keys larger view, (pictured below connected to the Dock). The two rows of LED colour-coded buttons on the Dock change colours and map to the Soft Keys in the smaller view on your iPad lining up directly underneath the matching soft button on-screen.

Dock Highlights 2

The iPad and Pro Tools | Control app are also now qualified to work as a wired direct connection to your Ethernet network with two adapters from Apple (the wired Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter + USB 2 to Ethernet Adapter) for connection of an Ethernet cable.

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Avid release EuControl – Workstation 3.4 and Pro Tools | Control v1.0.6

Avid release EuControl – Workstation 3.4 and Pro Tools | Control v1.0.6

With the imminent shipment of the Avid Pro Tools | Dock, this release provides major feature set improvements for the Pro Tools | Control app for iPad, and compatibility for the long awaited Dock within the EuControl software.

The addition of a ‘Channel’ page adds focus on the selected track’s instantiated plugins. Dedicated pages for Dynamics and EQ grant easy access to corresponding parameters.


With a dedicated Pan tab too, we are given access to touch screen panning, from stereo to 7.1 surround.


That’s along with Tabs for Sends, Group assignments and Input. Those familiar with the Avid S6 MTM will recognise the similarities introduced to the Pro Tools | Control app.

The ‘Soft Keys’ page provides a much larger display for the assigned key sets, allowing the user to access more keys on one page, similar to the Artist Control hardware.


Combined with the Avid Pro Tools | Dock, the Pro Tools | Control app provides an extremely powerful EUCON control surface, similar in functionality and workflow to the flagship Avid S6 Master unit.

Further information: What’s New for Pro Tools | Control

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Focus on Focusrite

Focus on Focusrite

Focusrite has long enjoyed an unrivalled reputation for excellence and innovation in sound, when it comes to audio interfaces their range is considered by many to be the de facto, industry standard – the Pro Audio team at Jigsaw24 are major fans and as a fully authorised Focusrite Reseller we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to fit every possible production scenario.

Focusrite RedNet

Focusrite RedNet

RedNet is Focusrite’s flagship range of modular Ethernet-networked audio interfaces that harnesses the power of Audinate’s tried and tested Dante digital audio networking system to bring studio quality sound to any modern audio application. Designed with multiple audio applications in mind – from Live Sound rigs to Multi-room Recording Studios, Houses of Worship, Audio Distribution Installations, Post Production environments and anything in-between – fundamentally RedNet is an extremely scalable, near zero latency audio distribution system that can be used to expand I/O channel count, interface digital components, and/or bridge between Pro Tools|HD or MADI and the Dante audio network.

Incorporating Focusrite’s most advanced AD/DA conversion to date, rock-stable JetPLL clocking and premium multi-layered board circuitry, RedNet is no exception to the company’s philosophy that ‘Sound is Everything’. With every design detail meticulously engineered, RedNet is a step above its I/O competition, providing some of the most transparent and pristine audio quality available – with the added benefit of the systems’ revolutionary networking capabilities.

Focusrite Red 4Pre

Focusrite Red 4Pre Elevated

Red represents the pinnacle of Focusrite’s interface range. Red 4Pre combines four of Focusrite’s digitally-controlled, ‘Air’ enabled, Red Evolution mic preamps with dual Thunderbolt 2, Pro Tools | HD and Dante network audio connectivity. Featuring ‘parallel path summing’ conversion and beautiful yet robust design, the Red 4Pre interface is the perfect balance of form and function, delivering the sound quality and versatility engineers and producers expect from Focusrite.

Focusrite’s 58-in/64-out Red 4Pre includes Thunderbolt 2 connectivity for our lowest round-trip latency, in whatever DAW you use, enabling you to track and overdub with your preferred plug-ins and effects in real time, simplifying your workflow. Drop the Red 4Pre immediately, directly and seamlessly into any Pro Tools | HD system, or use it with existing Avid interfaces, thanks to its twin DigiLink connectors. Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports allow daisy-chaining of additional components such as hard drives and displays. Plus the Red 4Pre is network audio enabled right out of the box, with dual Ethernet ports for Dante audio-over-IP networking, letting you expand your recording capability over Ethernet for up to 64 additional channels anywhere on your network, with low latency – and lower cost. Additional Red or other Dante-compatible components can be connected to the Ethernet ports of the Red 4Pre to provide additional channels irrespective of the interface used to drive the Red 4Pre.

Please link to page 2 of our Focus on Focusrite feature where we cover the Clarett, Scarlett and iTrack interfaces.

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Focus on Focusrite (Part 2)

Focus on Focusrite (Part 2)

Focusrite has long enjoyed an unrivalled reputation for excellence and innovation in sound, when it comes to audio interfaces their range is considered by many to be the de facto, industry standard – the Pro Audio team at Jigsaw24 are major fans and as a fully authorised Focusrite Reseller we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to fit every possible production scenario.

Focusrite Clarett Range

Focusrite Clarett

The Clarett range of Thunderbolt audio interfaces are expandable to up to 26 In / 28 Out, with a two, four or eight ‘Air’ enabled mic preamps. Excellent sound is the quality Clarett owners love most. With up to 119dB dynamic range, superbly low noise, precision 24/192 conversion and eight specially-designed mic preamps with a unique analogue ‘Air’ effect, Clarett 8PreX is the Thunderbolt audio interface that simply sounds great, easily out-performing other interfaces in its class and beyond.

Meanwhile, its astonishing 1.67ms round-trip latency simplifies your workflow and lets you use your favourite plug-ins in real time. Clarett’s ultra-low round-trip latency dramatically simplifies your workflow. Instead of having to build two different mixes – one using input monitoring to overdub, the other using the DAW for playback – the good news is that now, one is enough. Build your mix on the DAW and use it whether you’re overdubbing (monitoring the input you’re recording with the new Focusrite Control software mixer) or playing back, with your plugins in place, all the time. Use your favourite plugins while recording, too – whether it’s reverb on a vocal, a guitar amp simulator, or even virtual instruments live on stage.

Focusrite Scarlett Range

Focusrite Scarlett

The Scarlett range provides a choice of USB audio interfaces to cater for any scenario. From the ultra-compact Scarlett 2i2 to the input-rich Scarlett 18i8, all feature Focusrite mic pres and professional quality conversion. Scarlett offers exceptional routing flexibility, allowing you to route any input signal or DAW output, or a mix of both, to any output. There is also a DSP mixer to allow for latency-free monitoring, all Scarlett interfaces come supplied with a comprehensive software bundle, which includes the Scarlett MixControl low-latency DSP-based software mixer and router, with intuitive one-click presets and Focusrite’s trademark low latency – under 1.4 ms. You’ll also find the Scarlett plug-in suite for VST, AU and RTAS, offering EQ, gate, compression and reverb, plus Ableton Live Lite, the Novation Bass Station soft synth and a Loopmasters sample pack.

Focusrite iTrack_Dock_iPad

Focusrite iTrack

The iTrack Dock is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use, studio-quality iPad recording interface that acts as the hub of your Lightning iPad recording studio. Featuring two legendary Focusrite microphone preamps, along with two line inputs and an instrument DI with plenty of extra headroom, stereo monitor outputs with 105dB dynamic range plus independently-controlled headphone outputs, and a USB port for class compliant MIDI instruments and controllers, iTrack Dock gives you everything you need to record, monitor and control music on your iPad with precision Focusrite digital conversion at up to 24-bit, 96kHz sampling. And at the same time it charges and powers your iPad.

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