Great tech ideas: NewTek TriCaster for houses of worship

Great tech ideas: NewTek TriCaster for houses of worship

If you’re a multi-site or community-focused place of worship, TriCaster offers some exciting new opportunities for you to connect with your congregation. From setting up live streams of services online so that anyone not able to attend in person can still take part to creating videos showcasing successful community events or charity initiatives and sharing them via social media, TriCaster makes it easier for you to reach more people at one time, or for members of your audience to rewatch your content whenever they need it. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s great for houses of worship (or any other venue, to be honest). 

Here’s how it works (diagram courtesy of NewTek):

As you can see, the big benefit of TriCaster is that it’s incredibly simple and lets you work quickly: you literally select a feed from a camera of computer screen, preview it, select it to be broadcast and TriCaster can instantly send it to any displays or projectors in your building or live stream it to the web so anyone who can’t attend can still watch, and record everything at the same time.

This workflow is easy to learn  and the whole shebang can be managed by one operator, so you don’t need a large creative team to deliver content, and it doesn’t matter if new volunteers need to pick up basics quickly! If you do want to make sure someone is your organisation is a TriCasting expert, we have the UK’s only NewTek Certified Operator on staff and can set you up with training. It’ll also work with most cameras and displays, so if you already have AV equipment at your site, you’ll probably be able to plug TriCaster in and go! (It’s always best to check in with our team first, though).

If you’re already a TriCaster aficionado, it’s worth bearing in mind that NewTek have a trade in programme that makes it cheaper then you’d think to upgrade to a larger kit for better coverage, or make the move from SD to HD so that your viewers get the best possible image quality (and you look more professional as a result). If you’d rather lease your kit then buy it, get in touch for details of our exclusive three year 0% finance lease hire offer.

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