Introducing the Apple Watch Series 2

Introducing the Apple Watch Series 2

Apple have dug deep for the latest Apple Watch update, adding a white ceramic and Hermes model Watches to the lineup ,while making improvements to internals and functionality across the board. 

Nike have also scored an exclusive Apple Watch Nike Plus designed specifically for running, which we’re far more likely to start doing now that we know the Apple Watch Series 2 will support Pokemon GO.

Internal improvements

Apple Watch Series 2 features a faster processor than its predecessor (it’s dual core and 50% faster), a GPU that doubles your graphics performance, and a GPS chip (to help you use up all that extra battery, and/or track your workout more accurately).

If you don’t fancy getting the latest Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 1 will still be available. New models will get the same dual processor as the series 2, and continue to be available for $269.

The body

The display is Apple’s brightest ever at 1000 nits, which means it should be easily readable in sunlight – also useful on your run.

The nautically minded among you will be happy to hear that Apple Watch is now swimproof, which is excellent if you’re the sort of person who buys the Sport model and uses it for Sport, but is unlikely to impact the Jigsaw24 blog team directly.

It’s resistant to water up to 50m, and new workouts have been added to Health in celebration. Because counting calories burned during swimming is so imprecise, the app is actually designed to learn about your fitness based on your swim performance, and adjust the calories count it displays as it learns more about your metabolism.


Apple have confirmed that this will be winging its way to your wristwatch on September 13th, and be available for pre-order from September 9th. It’s priced at $369. It will, we repeat, have Pokemon GO on. We may never do anything productive again.

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