How to sort your Apple support strategy

How to sort your Apple support strategy

Last month, we looked at how to build an agile, multi-speed IT strategy based on Apple. And while implementing Apple devices into your business is great, introducing new tech and a mixed platform environment to IT teams who may traditionally only be familiar with PCs often calls for a little extra tech support. Luckily, we can provide comprehensive Apple support strategy for business, as we did with Hachette UK. 

The publishing group originally wanted to consolidate their existing Mac support contracts into one single support agreement that covered both day to day support and project-based work, including helping them transfer five offices to a new, central premises. “As a shared IT function, we’re always looking to improve support for all our end users, so in line with our consolidation into a single office, we decided to consolidate our Mac support as well,” explained Hachette UK’s Director of IT Support, Andy Cobb.

Onsite support at Hachette UK

We now provide a comprehensive support and repair service for Hachette UK, including onsite engineers to handle the Apple side of their service desk, phone and email support in case of escalations, installation and configuration of new machines, deployment to desk and more. This results in more comprehensive, better value support for Hachette’s Mac users, from onsite engineers embedded in the Hachette team. Our team of engineers are all familiar with the Hachette environment, providing a single point of contact for Hachette’s team, with additional resource available at peak times, and are available for staff cover and at times of high workload. Hachette now receive better second and third line support for Hachette’s team, with a managed repairs service for faulty units as well as strategic advice for key projects.

“The key thing for us was the depth of knowledge that Jigsaw24 showed,” said Andy. “We were impressed by the calibre of people who were involved in the [tender] process and their responses, and they already looked after customers who were in a similar position to us. The final thing that was particularly convincing was that the onsite personnel would be part of our team but also enjoy being part of the Jigsaw24 team, and the advantages that gave them in terms of technical expertise to support our users.”

Find out more about how we helped Hachette UK with their Apple support in the video below…

Comprehensive support at News UK

In addition to Hachette UK, we’ve provided Apple support for a large number of businesses over the years. At News UK, we supported over 1000 Macs and 500 iPad devices, as well as helping develop proof of concept schemes for initiatives such as desktop virtualisation and mobile device management. We provided 24-hour onsite and remote support, responding to any Mac query in under ten minutes. News UK received responsive, reliable support for all their technical queries, and were able to continue refining their workflow and incorporating new technologies without overtaxing their technical resources.

Book an Apple Support Strategy Workshop

If you’re currently reviewing and updating your IT strategy, and it includes Apple, talk to us about an Apple Support Strategy Workshop. You can book a meeting with our Chief Technology Officer to focus on your Apple strategy and how to support it, resulting in a bespoke proposal on areas to support your organisation’s growth and goals.

Our Apple Support Strategy Workshops include a discussion of your Apple experience to date, and best practice in Apple deployment and management. We’ll look at:

– Your current Apple estate.

– Your current in-house support employees and their capabilities.

– Your existing management tools.

– Your existing SLA/escalation processes.

– Any gaps in your support (ie not all devices in a management tool for remote access, or too many new starter config builds).

– Your intentions over the next period of Apple growth within the business; core business initiatives of that growth period (whether large-scale refreshes etc); and much more.

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