Why use animation (and Adobe Creative Cloud) for marketing?

Why use animation (and Adobe Creative Cloud) for marketing?

With the way people respond to advertising changing (Newscred report that 87% of buyers say digital content has a large impact on their purchasing decisions), I’ve found myself increasingly using animation as part of my video workflow. 

Why animation for marketing?

There are a few reasons we might decide animation was the best way to communicate a message – it can help make abstract or complex concepts easier to understand than a paragraph of text or a voiceover, or it can help to make dryer subjects more interesting and fun just by adding some graphics with a bit of movement. It also allows us to keep multimedia campaigns visually consistent by reusing spot illustrations that might have been created for a print campaign and turning them into motion graphics for video content.

We find we get some really good response when we incorporate animation, but creating it obviously takes time. Adobe Creative Cloud – a staple of my video workflow – helps ease that a bit.

Why use Adobe Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud was an obvious choice for me when starting out in animation. For a start, I already had a CC subscription for all the other web and print work I was doing, so I had instant access to After Effects, and when I first went to use it a lot of the features came intuitively from being used to working in Illustrator and Photoshop etc. Keeping everything within Creative Cloud has other benefits too – there are dynamic links between all of the apps that I use for animation that keep my workflow totally non-destructive and any aspect of the final product is easily editable at any point of the process.

It’s great for organisation. I keep the bits I need to move independently of each other on separate layers in Illustrator, that way I can have them as separate layers in After Effects too. It means I don’t have to make loads of separate Illustrator files.

If you make any changes to your work, it’ll automatically update in Premiere Pro, taking out the hassle of going back and forth, saving different components multiple times every time you make a change. Creative Cloud gives you a more integrated user experience that’s brilliant for animation. App integration provides me with all the tools I could need to take an animation from initial illustration right the way up to final export.

Adobe Creative Cloud from Jigsaw24

I really would recommend making the move to Creative Cloud if you don’t already have a subscription. Or, indeed, if you’re looking at bringing video and animation in-house for the first time. The Complete package gives you access to all Adobe apps (After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, plus your standards like Photoshop, InDesign and more), or you can just opt for a Single App subscription too. Find out more about buying options for Adobe Creative Cloud here.

Oh, and you can see some of my animation work here at the Jigsaw24 YouTube channel.


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