NewTek’s iVGA PRO brings audio over iVGA to TriCaster

NewTek’s hotly anticipated iVGA PRO app is here! Debuting on the PC platform this week, the new app allows you to stream audio and video from your PC to a TriCaster, rather than just video.

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This means that you can now add rich media like YouTube clips, Skype calls or speakers in video conferences to your TriCaster inputs and stream them as part of your final presentation, in realtime, with full audio, all over iVGA. You can also record the audio and video as a QuickTime, MPEG-2 or AVI file to play back later.

Another key feature is the ability to choose exactly what it is you’re sharing over iVGA. You can now isolate a region of the screen, a specific application, a webcam feed or a child window as the area that you need to send, and then share that with TriCaster without anyone else seeing the rest of your screen.

iVGA PRO is currently Windows only (we’d recommend giving AirPlay a go if you’re using a Mac), and NewTek recommend you only use it on 64-bit systems, reverting to original recipe iVGA if you’re using older systems.

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