NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference shows post-production some love

We’ve not talked much about NVIDIA’s GTC in previous years, as it tended to focus on using NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate supercomputing and scientific calculation. However, recently NVIDIA have made a huge push to bring the latent power of their GPUs to bear in the M&E space, where they can be used to accelerate several types of workflow (simulations, rendering and realtime play back of video content among other things). To reflect that, they now have several M&E industry power houses speaking at GTC, making it a very interesting prospect for those looking to leverage NVIDIA hardware to speed up their workflow.

Topics on the slate so far include:

  • High frame rate and 4K workflows (presented by no less than VFX pioneer Douglas Trumbull)
  • Using GPUs to speed up work on pre-viz and dailies
  • Image processing, physics-based effects and GPU rendering in VFX workflows
  • Live broadcast graphics and augmented reality

Interested? You can register here, and snag up to $250 off the ticket price if you book before January 20th.

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