Your Adobe MAX 2017 roundup

We’ve been working with Adobe for more than 25 years, and are an Adobe Platinum Reseller. That means we’re always super excited for the Adobe MAX conference – Adobe’s annual event promoting the very latest releases and developments – and it’s safe to say this year’s conference delivered.

Adobe announced a ton of awesome new features and fresh innovations, all of which are sure to boost your team’s productivity and help make them more creative than ever. So, without further ado, lets get into it…

The highlights

Brand new apps

Expand your team’s creative capabilities with Dimension for 3D graphic design, XD for user experience design and Spark for visual storytelling, and produce impressive content like never before.

Deeper Adobe Sensai integration

Adobe have further embedded artificial intelligence capabilities across all applications and services, enabling creators to go from concept to completion much faster, and bring the power of advanced technology and deep learning to accelerate the creative process.

Updated Illustrator

Enjoy all-new panel layout, improved font flexibility and Puppet Warp functionality, allowing you to twist and distort your work while transformations appear more natural. And Illustrator now starts up 30% faster, meaning you can get to work even quicker.

Enhanced Photoshop 

Use the brush smoothing slider to remove jagged and wobbly edges on drawings, and the new Curvature Pen tool to create paths intuitively, and then simply push and pull segments to modify them. Save new fonts into your library and share with colleagues, and organise brushes into folders so they’re easier to access.

Adobe Stock additions

Stock’s asset library now includes hundreds of professionally created motion graphic templates for Premiere Pro and After Effects. New filters have also been added, including depth of field and vivid colour options.

More efficient After Effects

Adobe have improved the efficiency of motion graphics creation by streamlining your ability to create data-driven graphics and deliver high-quality VR and 3D results. And it does it all faster than before with GPU performance enhancements.

Adobe Character Animator 

Previously in beta, Character Animator has finally received a full release. This 2D animation tool helps bring still image artwork from Photoshop or Illustrator to life. New features include pose-to-pose blending, new physics behaviours and visual puppet controls. Adobe Sensei also helps improve lip-sync capability by accurately matching mouth shapes with spoken sounds.

Collaboration in Premiere Pro

New deep collaboration features have been introduced to Adobe’s industry-standard video editing application, as well as state-of-the-art immersive 360/VR workflows and responsive motion graphics controls.

One-click access to assets and inspiration

New integrated assets and extended services across Adobe Stock and Typekit, plus expanded education resources to help customers get started.

Adobe Capture improvements 

Simply take a picture of a font you like, and Capture will use Sensei AI technology to analyse and provide you with similar fonts.

If you’d like to find out more about Adobe Creative Cloud and how its powerful apps can improve your team’s workflow and bolster creativity, get in touch with our expert team or visit our Creative Cloud homepage. We’ll also be happy to advise on any financial requirements your team may have, and can discuss Adobe’s different subscription models and find one that suits you best.

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